Stop Monsanto’s Ruthless and Damaging Practices

Target: United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

Goal: To protect against any future incidences of genetically engineered crops appearing where unintended.

The genetic engineering of crops in any manner is a difficult topic filled with passionate viewpoints on both sides. The waters of this grow even murkier when factoring in genetically engineered crops for human consumption. Regardless of how one feels personally about the allowance of genetically modified seed crops, one thing is certain: they must be stringently controlled and regulated so as to ensure no one is subjected to them who does not wish to be. Sadly this has not proven to be the case, as genetically engineered grain from the company Monsanto was found contaminating an unwitting Oregon farmer’s fields. The ramifications of this are most concerning.

This is not the first red flag raised by Monsanto. The company exercises dubious business practices earning it the title of “most evil corporation of the year” by NaturalNews. The company’s  ruthless business endeavors, such as the purchase of Delta and Pineland (the leading producer of cottonseed) to allow an overwhelming market share, have led to massive crop shares that have placed Monsanto’s genetic material in roughly 95 percent of commercial soybean and 80 percent of commercial corn crops. Through fiscal bullying and a dominant market share the company has swatted away free-market competition. Even more critical has been the company’s policy of aggressive proliferation of GMO seeds while opposing open pollination. This policy is directly tied to the company’s irresponsible handling of sensitive crop materials, thus allowing genetically modified materials to begin appearing in unintended locations.

Rather than accept accountability Monsanto chief technology officer Robb Fraley declared that sabotage was a strong possibility. The lack of accountability goes hand in hand with the ruthless business practices enacted by Monsanto. Now is the time to stand up against Monsanto and its harmful business practices before the impact on our nation’s agricultural industry becomes irreparable.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

When a company has grown too large and too reckless it is harmful to both the micro-economy of that corporation’s specific field and the macro-economy of the nation itself. Not only does it harm the free market, but also leads to dangerous and irresponsible business practices which stress results over ethics. Monsanto has become a corporate juggernaut in that economically powerful but ethically unscrupulous guise. The company projects an outward message of improving lives and agriculture through genetic engineering to mask the unsavory practices with which it conducts its business.

By buying up massive market shares the GMO-seed (genetically modified) proponent has laid waste to any measure of competitiveness within several crop markets, putting their genes into as high as 95 percent of a given crop (soybean in this case). In any other industry a market share that high would have already resulted in antitrust prosecution. The huge financial power that results from this high share creates a continuing chain, as witnessed by the 2006 purchase of the leading cotton seed producer to allow them to become a dominant force in yet another seed crop market. By pairing unrivaled expansion with the zealous espousing of their pro-GMO stance, the company has also aggressively worked against open pollination.

A result of this reckless and aggressive promotion of their seed has been the unintended proliferation into farms and fields where they were not originally planted. This happened in an Oregon farmer’s fields where the genetically altered Monsanto grain was found interspersed within his own. Rather than accept culpability the company’s chief technology officer alluded to sabotage as a means of separating Monsanto from fault. This cannot be allowed to continue. Monsanto’s reckless and harmful corporate practices must be stopped before they cause irreparable damage to the nation’s agricultural industry.


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Photo Credit: Johannes Jansson via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. laura caro says:

    Monsanto es muchas cosas, pero no santo. Al contrario!

  2. Jean Weiss says:

    I’m sending this to Senators Merkley and Stabenow…
    very well written…thank you!

  3. Emma Williams says:

    Here’s a list of genetically modified foods that yu probably already have in your kitchen:

  4. Amy Rose Murphy Amy Rose Murphy says:

    Now we know without a doubt that smoking and lung and throat cancer are kissing cousins. Because GMOs have been around for 15 years or so, with no long-term studies other than Monsanto’s being done, we only have Monsanto’s word that GMOs are safe.

    • They have done studies on GMO’s look to europe on those… Very scary stuff coming out…. I would move back just due to the GMO’s since there the people said NO and its NOT allowed! ANYWHERE , never mind regulation, take it out !

      ex; zucchini that is GMO to keep pests from eating it and if they do start they die because the GMO’ed it in a way

  5. Veronica-Mae says:

    I have not changed my mind a bit since I wrote this back in 2001- long before most Americans had a clue what was going on. We were not designed to eat this pseudo food, we cannot be healthy on it


    The Lord in His great wisdom gave us everything we need:
    The birds and beasts, and every sort of tree, fruit, flower and seed.
    He bid us till the soil and of all living things take care.
    The richness of His handiwork was meant for all to share.

    He set the heavens: the shining sun, the gently falling rain.
    They warm the earth and give it life and swell the growing grain.
    There is a season for all things, the rhythm of the years;
    A time for peace and happiness, a time for mourning tears.

    But there were those who did not cherish Nature’s wondrous store.
    They plundered all she had to give and still demanded more.
    They poisoned soil and water to ‘maximise the yields,’
    They ‘factory farmed’ their animals, who should be in the fields.

    They lost the understanding of how things were meant to be,
    With healthy food from healthy soil for a healthy you and me.
    Now science probes still deeper, to manipulate and change;
    And Nature’s perfect patterning they seek to re-arrange.

    They tinker with the web of life so delicate and rare.
    They don’t know what they’re doing but they do not seem to care.
    What? work WITH Nature? not a chance, we’ll beat her in the end.
    But Nature does not want a fight, she wants to be our friend.

    For everything is ordered and we’re part of Nature too,
    If only we could see and understand what we should do.
    We have to be more humble and forget our foolish pride,
    For if we DID conquer Nature we’d be on the losing side !

    Huge businesses are now deciding what we eat and drink.
    Since growth and profit are their gods they do not stop to think.
    They cannot see – they’re blinded by their arrogance and greed –

    @ anti-copyright: Veronica-Mae Soar Jan 2001

    (Under “Creative Commons” you may copy this anywhere it might be useful, provided I get a credit, it is copied accurately and that it is copied for free.
    A copy of where it appeared would be appreciated)

  6. Monsanto is evil! Someone should bomb it!

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