Ban Corporate Sovereignty Over Politics


Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Eliminate corporate power over our government

Business conglomerates have completely usurped the United States political system. This is not a new development, since the inception of the United States business elites have had tremendous power over the political landscape. But it has reached unprecedented heights, and nullified any possibility of a truly democratic republic.

Perhaps the most profound capitulation of public involvement in our government came with the Supreme Court’s decision that established corporations as people (the infamous Citizens United case), and granted corporate entities equal protection of civil liberties as the general public. This decision has allowed for the uncapped financing of political campaigns. Now our elections are simply a blatant auctioning off of political office to the highest bidder. To a degree this has always been the situation, but now it has grown to unacceptable extremes.

We are becoming servants to a sophisticated totalitarian regime. Democratic policies have long been dormant. Disparity of classes are greater than ever. Half of our citizens are poor. The people are lost, and have all but surrendered. Now is the time for a sea change.

Eliminating corporate power over our government will require a bill that addresses the various methods in which money establishes policies. One aspect of the potential bill must be the removal of corporate funding from political campaigns. Politicians should not purchase their publicity, they should be allotted an equal amount of public exposure to get their messages across and participate in civic debates open to all candidates. It is repugnant that business elites have the power to champion their choices for office and disparage their opponents simply due to the purchasing power they possess.

Another initiative within the bill must be the elimination of corporate lobbying power. We’ve recently witnessed the tremendous effectiveness of corporate lobbying power when our Senate chamber failed to pass a mostly tame gun reform bill that was favored by the majority of Americans. Lobbying groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA) rose to the challenge of preventing the will of the people, and we simply cannot allow these trends to continue. Political lobbyists must be prevented from receiving any corporate sponsorship or underpinning, and be made into entirely public organizations, not private.

By signing this petition you will be calling on President Obama to write a bill that confronts corporate power, and taking a step toward democratizing our government that has long mythologized its service for the people.


Dear President Obama,

We no longer have a voice. The platitude of our generation is one dollar equals one vote, and it is strikingly true. You have seen the silencing of the American people. It happened in April when our Senate failed to pass a measure that expanded background checks on gun purchases. It happened in March when Congress allowed for the invincibility of biotech industries. And it will happen this month when the highest court inevitably rules against marriage equality.

The grievances of the American people are so many they cannot be written in one sitting, but our main grievance is the dominion of corporations over our governmental system. Every hindrance of democracy comes in the form of corporate intervention. Our government is bought, we know it is, you know it is. With cases like Citizens United this notion is irrefutable. So where are the attempts to dismantle corporate sovereignty?

This letter is a demand from the American people: ban corporate sovereignty over politics. We insist you create a measure that would a.) eliminate corporate funding from political campaigns, and b.) prevent lobbyists from receiving any corporate sponsorship or underpinning. These are two simple initiatives, and they would only be the beginning of challenging corporate power. If you were to create a bill that made these proposals you would have the overwhelming support of the American people. And then we’ll make some more demands.

Be our servant, be our citizen, be the president that democratizes the nation because it is your obligation to do so.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ad Meskens via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Alexander Riccio says:

    If we want to see any real change in our nation we must persistently target our congress and media outlets. A democratized media is fundamental for true democracy, and a congress that is not bought is just as essential.

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