Require Disclosure of Genetically Engineered Food Ingredients

Target: U.S. Congress
Goal: Don’t let Monsanto and Big Ag hide their genetically engineered food ingredients from us.

The overwhelming majority of Americans want to know if food is genetically engineered (GE). Some 64 countries – including China, Australia and the entire European Union – already require GE foods be labeled.

We have a fundamental right to know what’s in our food, and the FDA already requires 3,000 ingredients, processes and additives be labeled.

So why is industry fighting so hard to keep ‘genetically engineered’ off the label? Are they worried we might actually know what we’re buying, and choose food whose genetic codes haven’t been tampered with?

Congress can ensure we get the information you want. A bill that would require labeling has been introduced, and debate is happening right now on the Farm Bill that could affect our right to know.

Stop Monsanto and other industry giants from keeping us in the dark! Tell your members of Congress we have the right to know what we’re buying!

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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    We the people have a right to know about what’s in our food and the food supply as a whole.

  2. Amy Rose Murphy says:

    If we can be warned of GE foods in Ireland why cant it be the same in the USA

  3. Jemma McLaughlan says:

    If i’m EVER sold GM foods, unknowingly, i will sue!

  4. How dare you flaw filled loophole filling FDA and USDA
    I know how you get mad when your crop gets stolen by pest.
    But you can use nature… Their is these predators out there and if you put meat near the garden than they will come and kill the pest that take your crop.

  5. You’re goin’ down, Monsanto, ya’ doity rats!!!
    We, Da’ People, are gonna rub ya’ out!!
    It’s coitains for ya’, Monsanto, ya’ hear????

  6. Amy Rose Murphy says:

    May all the goats in Gorey chase you to hell Monsanto

  7. Lucy Kelly says:

    I’m 50 now, and I remember what real food was like. It’s not always what we wish for. I’m against GM, but people need to make sacrifices to save this planet. For example, natural tomatoes go off in 2-3 days. ANY which don’t are GM. GM is EVERYWHERE, now. People need to BUY tomatoes that go off in 2-3 days, or to learn to cook with dried tomatoes, or tomato puree, and so on. Or just to do without them. We must LIVE less than satisfactory lives, or DIE! Because GM is killing us! Laboratory studies proved that the baby rats of parents fed on GM had halved fertility rates, and that when they were in turn fed on GM, their own babies were sterile! We are, in practice, being destroyed. Youtube’s thealexjoneschannel has a lot of information on this.

  8. Veronica-Mae says:


    The Lord in His great wisdom gave us everything we need:
    The birds and beasts, and every sort of tree, fruit, flower and seed.
    He bid us till the soil and of all living things take care.
    The richness of His handiwork was meant for all to share.

    He set the heavens: the shining sun, the gently falling rain.
    They warm the earth and give it life and swell the growing grain.
    There is a season for all things, the rhythm of the years;
    A time for peace and happiness, a time for mourning tears.

    But there were those who did not cherish Nature’s wondrous store.
    They plundered all she had to give and still demanded more.
    They poisoned soil and water to ‘maximise the yields,’
    They ‘factory farmed’ their animals, who should be in the fields.

    They lost the understanding of how things were meant to be,
    With healthy food from healthy soil for a healthy you and me.
    Now science probes still deeper, to manipulate and change;
    And Nature’s perfect patterning they seek to re-arrange.

    They tinker with the web of life so delicate and rare.
    They don’t know what they’re doing but they do not seem to care.
    What? work WITH Nature? not a chance, we’ll beat her in the end.
    But Nature does not want a fight, she wants to be our friend.

    For everything is ordered and we’re part of Nature too,
    If only we could see and understand what we should do.
    We have to be more humble and forget our foolish pride,
    For if we DID conquer Nature we’d be on the losing side !

    Huge businesses are now deciding what we eat and drink.
    Since growth and profit are their gods they do not stop to think.
    They cannot see – they’re blinded by their arrogance and greed –

    @ anti-copyright: Veronica-Mae Soar Jan 2001

    (Under “Creative Commons” you may copy this anywhere it might be useful, provided I get a credit, it is copied accurately and that it is copied for free.
    A copy of where it appeared would be appreciated)

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