Stop Slaughtering Dogs and Cats in China


Target: Honorable Ambassador to China
Goal: Protect dogs and cats in China from a violent and horrific death at the hands of meat and skin traders.

Each year over two million cats and dogs in China are rounded up and cruelly killed for their meat and fur. Many of the dogs are stolen family pets who still have on collars and tags.

Many are crammed – 10 or 15 at a time – into small wire cages. They lie helpless, in contorted positions. They are trucked across the country for days without food or water only to be slaughtered for meat for restaurants or skins for the fur industry.

For companion animals in China, there is no law protecting them from abuse, abandonment or outright torture. In an online poll, 89% of Chinese citizens called for the country to enact anti-cruelty legislation for animals. You can help provide worldwide pressure to achieve this goal.

Please sign the petition to ask China to pass national legislation to prevent cruelty to animals.

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  1. These country’s want to considered civilized yet they will not protect animals from slaughter and the wearing of their skins when their are other humane options for clothing. INSANITY!

  2. Shannon Simpson says:

    They may be “civilized” … but as in Korea and other such contries … they are inhumane to animals and other people (their own) and … they eat these voiceless angels!!! Pray that God can help and that he can provide other people that are unafraid to help. Can you only imagine … and this is such one little corner of the world. This insanity and cruelty and horror is happeneing ever second of every day in every corner of this entire world … we just don’t see it or hear about it!!

    In our own USA … there are still states/counties that “kill” unwanted shelter animals by gassing them, which is horrible rather than spending the money to euthanize them with a needle. And … there are still those shelters animal control places that use a stomach needle (very painful) to euthanize!

    I could go on and on. God bless all of you who care and try to help. These petitions to help some!

    • Shannon,

      as horrific as it is, the number of companion animals in the USA who are euthanized is minscule compared to the 10 billion farmed animals who are tortured and brutally murder every year so they can be eaten.

      please check out to witness a glimpse of the hidden horror behind the flesh, eggs and milk on your plates.

    • Gail Rieck says:

      Sorry, but “people” who could inflict such torture on anyone or anything is NOT CIVILIZED!!! These are sub-human trash. They need to burn in hell…

  3. Terri Drennen says:

    I am totally disgusted by this practice and ANY cruelty to animals in any way. They are at humans’ mercy; and what do they get done to them? They look at them with trust and love in their eyes, only to be killed horribly. There is MORE than enough money in this world to save them, its the improper placement of it that is a big cause of this problem. I certainly hope that our voices, whether they be American, or anywhere else in the world, ALL of our voices be heard to put a stop to this horrible senseless thing.

  4. “So why do Americans think it’s okay to eat pigs, chickens and cows but not dogs? I think the answer is culture. Culture determines why it is acceptable to eat dogs in one culture but not in another. Culture shapes society’s belief systems over time so that eventually we stop questioning whether these beliefs make sense or not and just do as culture and tradition tell us. And sometimes culture becomes so morally bankrupt that we start to defend its violent and oppressive systems rather than its innocent victims. That’s when we seriously need to question how we lost our way and how we can get back on track.”

    • Spencer Warren says:

      To begin, Markgil misses a crucial point: the beyond belief sadistic cruelty of the killing of millions every year: bludgeoning to death, boiling alive, skinning alive, strangling from trees. In South Korea and Vietnam, Thailand, other countries as well. The victims are supposed to ‘taste better’ the worse their suffering. Dogs are butchered alive and conscious outside at least one Peking restaurant according to an account I read.

      All of these depraved horrors would be felonies in Western countries. No, sir, all cultures are not alike, even if you and others are offended by my departure from your standard Political Correctness that everyone and every culture are equal in every respect.

      I do not defend killing of any animals for food. But the Chinese and Koreans et al. Kill cows and chickens, certainly more brutally than permitted under our laws. So in cherishing dogs and cats wea

      • i think the whole point is that it is completely unnecessary to kill any animal for food. the fact that compainion animals are protected by anti-cruelty laws while farmed animals have virtually no protection under the law in Western countries just goes to show how deep the disconnect is. check out to witness for yourself a glimpse of lawful, standard industry practice. it is hypocritical to condemn one form of torture and abuse while participating in another.

      • Spencer, I totally agree with you and your comments re: Markgil. I have previously asked him why he keeps bringing up that every culture has its own form of “violent and oppressive systems” but he did not respond.
        I think everyone participating in this discussion knows that there own country is not perfect. I am about to participate in a protest against live shark finning here in New Zealand. We still allow it to happen – unbelievable and we think of ourselves as advanced. But this is not what this blog is about. It is about China and how they treat their animals. As you mentioned western societies have laws and animal welfare organisations that do their best to prevent harm to animals. Sure being slaughtered in an abattoir is horrific and I am certainly not condoning whatsoever. But it certainly beats being skinned alive,
        I think any sane person if asked if they were to be killed would they liked to be stunned first and then slaughtered or would you like me to do it by skinning you whilst fully conscious and still be alive afterwards. How about, would you like to be boiled alive or stunned first ? OMG – I have an anaesthetic just to have a tooth out.

        I would much rather be any animal in New Zealand than one in China.

        I just don’t think Markgil gets it.

    • Amber Dariano says:

      Its not the fact that they eat them its the fact how they treat the animals in no one is the process of the animal’s . The animals are stuff into crates thrown from trucks and skinned alive . I do feel sympathy for eating them at all but I understand that they are food to people . Its how the animals or any living thing is treated that is wrong at that is what people are trying to stop

    • I agree that factory farming is horrible, but what is extra bad about this is the insane level of torture meted out to these defenseless animals. It is disgusting, and the perpetrators are less than animalistic. They are on the level of worms, except that at least worms do not harm, they benefit the earth.

  5. melissa richardson says:

    HI, I have read your comments, and totally agree how cruel these countries are to animals. I do get that we do have some protection of our animals, however, I am sure many animals die in pain when slaughtered to combat our greed for so much meat etc. Why do their own governments allow this horrendous slaughter to dogs and cats?? Well, nothing surprises me about China, with their 1 child policy!!!!! Most things in life are soo frustrating….I think instead of us all throwing our opinions about, action needs to be taken….ask ourselves, what can WE do to help STOP this EVIL???? and do something about it!

  6. Spencer Warren says:

    At least China has growing numbers of humane groups whose protests have saved some dogs. The Humane Society finally is campaigning against these horrors. See their website for news and how to help with their letter campaigns. Also Animals Asia and the Korean Animal Protection Society. The change has to come within those countries. I wish I had the funds to interest a celebrity and organize an advertising campaign. I have thought about creating a charity to raise funds but my health is not the greatest.

    • How feasible is it to put up billboards in those countries with a photograph and caption, “How would you like someone to do this to you?” It would take some diplomacy to get that done.

  7. Markgil…..It’s not culture … There is no other animal like a dog…we ” befriend a dog we love and share with a dog…we have them in our houses and even beds…. They became our best friends…we communicate well with dogs and we love them… They have become part of the family! Would you eat a family member? Obviously you have not had a close relationship with a dog…

    • Eileen, actually we have helped rescue pit bulls for 15 years. one’s connection or apparent lack of connection with someone else should not justify how they treat them. i would not eat anyone else under any circumstance-be they a dog, cat, cow, pig,fish or chicken. perhaps these passages will help to understand this better:

      “Animals are not food – there is no desire to eat them. Even non-vegetarians understand this clearly. For example, an American doesn’t need any will power to keep from eating dog meat – dogs are not seen as food in this culture.
      But when I was in Korea I saw that many men there felt they needed to eat dog to be healthy, and so, since they did eat it regularly and it was a part of their culture to do so, it took quite a bit of will power for them not to eat it.
      We must never underestimate the power of cultural programming. In determining the contexts of our behaviors, aspirations, fears, and wounds, cultural programming is everything! The only reason people are eating animal flesh and cow mammary secretions is the massive indoctrination we all receive at the hands of every institution in our culture.” – Will Tuttle

      “All animals have the same capacity for suffering, but how we see them differs and that determines what we’ll tolerate happening to them. In the western world, we feel it wrong to torture and eat cats and dogs, but perfectly acceptable to do the same to animals equally as sentient and capable of suffering. No beings who pride themselves on rationality can continue to support such behaviour.”- Twyla Francois

      “We send one species to the butcher and give our love and kindness to another apparently for no reason other than because it’s the way things are. When our attitudes and behaviors towards animals are so inconsistent, and this inconsistency is so unexamined, we can safely say we have been fed absurdities.”-Dr. Melanie Joy

  8. Spencer Warren says:

    Dogs lead the blind. They rescue babies from snakes and elderly in snowstorms as I have read in news stories. They help the disabled to live on their own . They bring love to cheer up the elderly in nursing homes. Vile mistreatment of any animal is wrong but the massive savage gratuitous brutality against dogs and others in China, Korea et al brands these countries as totally beyond the pale of human civilization. Their governments are depraved subhumans for permitting this holocaust. Anyone living near Wash Dc please contact me about picketing the embassies. If only we could organize boycotts of Hyndai and Samsung.

    • James Burrow says:

      Dear Spencer,
      As a long haul flight attendant, I’ve experienced this in the Far East myself. I couldn’t agree with you more. The thought of those poor living dogs and cats being skinned alive disturbs my sleep most nights. How ANY human can do this, knowing how unbearable pain can be, is beyond belief. But as you rightly say, these people are SUB human, in fact, sub-human trash that this planet could well do without. Their sole purpose is to bear as many offspring as possible, whether they can afford them or not. They are their own worst enemy – the higher the population, the lower the wages! They are the most heartless filth on this planet, breeding out of control like a toxic bacteria. If only we could come up with a way of eradicating them!

  9. All I can say is….God help all the animals under our care…

  10. for those who believe that unfathomable cruelty and torture is limited to one country or race, please read this:
    “The photograph is of a bull on board a truck being transported for slaughter.The green object is a piece of green chilly which has been stuffed in to ensure the animal does not lie down due to the burning sensation in their eye or eyes. The entire journey of 3 to 4 days the animals are forced to keep standing.The need to keep them stand is to pack more number of animals in the truck….Humans will go to any extent to earn money ruthlessly brushing aside mercy…”

  11. Dogs and cats we befriend! I love my two dogs..very much. They are not pets!
    They are part of our family! They are highly intelegent and full of the same feeling we humans have, love fear loneliness pain and the need to be our protectors!! To kill them to eat to me is horrific! What makes matters worse is….they kill animals inhumanly. Whatever happened to ” mercy “. Those who kill our best friends will have to appear before our God and ask for mercy for themselves. God will remember what mercy they showed the animals in their care. You don’t normally befriend some animals but dogs and cats you do!
    What is this they believe in…the more they suffer they better they taste…is this signed by….the devil!

  12. “I have frequently heard from Americans that we should remain “morally relative” when it comes to acknowledging the rights of animals, suggesting that cultural norms trump an animal’s interest in staying alive. So if the Chinese want to eat dogs, then just let them be and don’t judge them for it. And if we want to eat 9 billion chickens a year, then just let us be and don’t judge us for it. But what is the basis for our cultural biases when it comes to which animals we find edible and which we find offensive to eat? I think if you examine them with any critical thinking, you’ll find that our cultural and dietary norms originate in superstitions and myths that we can no longer even recall. So how are they relevant to the way we live today? If it’s not okay to eat dogs in our culture, why is it okay to eat chickens, pigs, cows, etc? They don’t suffer less than dogs. They don’t want to live less than dogs. They don’t care what our cultural norms are.”-Free From Harm

    • Any animal that puts their trust and complete dependency on us Is subject to a different relationship than any other. They live in our homes, they are part of our family….they are different to all the rest of the Animals. They come under the label of ” special”. ” family”.
      no animal should be treated cruelly and inhumane…under any circumstance!!!

    • Any animal that puts their trust and complete dependency on us Is subject to a different relationship than any other. They live in our homes, they are part of our family….they are different to all the rest of the Animals. They come under the label of ” special”. ” family”.
      no animal should be treated cruelly and inhumane…under any circumstance!!!
      God help them all…

      • Eileen, while i appreciate your passion and compassion for dogs and cats, the fact that you view companion animals differently than other aniamls is much more about you and your perspective than it is about them. when it comes to suffering, torture and murder, a cow is a pig is a fish is a dog is a child-we ALL suffer and die the same. please check out this video if you would like to help expand you awareness in this area:

        “All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?”-Buddha

  13. “You know how much you love, respect and want to protect every dog and cat in the world? You know how much your heart breaks when you see a picture of a dog in a shelter who is going to be killed? You know how you feel when you see photos of piles of dead dogs and cats who are going to be used for fur? You know how enraged you get when you see a photo of a dog or cat who has been beaten to death? That’s how vegans feel about all animals. Every animal who is exploited and murdered for food, clothing, entertainment and “research.” We don’t distinguish between dogs and cats and other animals. If you allowed yourself to feel the deep suffering that billions of animals endure for your pleasure, you’d be vegan, too. And you might understand why vegans work so hard to end the animal holocaust.” —Gary Smith

  14. What do you replace protein with to be a vegan? I’d like to be a vegarian!!

    • Eileen, there are foods that contain complete protein in themselves and are also quick and easy to prepare or add to other foods: chia seeds, buckwheat, quinoa, edamame, hemp, Ezekiel bread, Quorn, seitan (if you can eat gluten), tofu.

      Other non-complete proteins can be quickly rustled together such as PBJ sandwich and refried beans on a tortilla.

  15. Vegetarian….spell correction does it every time…

    • Eileen,

      thanks for thinking about living a more compassionate life. there is myth about veganism and protein-in truth, all plants have protein which is where the animals who eat them get theirs. in truth, if you are getting enough calories, you are getting enough protein. in the western world, the majority of diseases are cause by the consumption of protein, specifically animal based protein. here are a few sources which may help you feel more secure about making the switch:

      “It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.”

      “Kaiser Permanente Encourages Plant-Based Diets-The healthcare company’s peer-reviewed medical science journal tells physicians to promote plant-based diets to patients.

      To address the rising cost of healthcare and skyrocketing rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, medical publication The Permanente Journal recently released an article encouraging physicians to advise patients to reduce meat, dairy, and processed food consumption and implement a plant-based diet.”

    • i have the same problem-thank goodness for spell check!

  16. I feel greatly for all animals especially abused ones…we are horrific people who can do these things. Even some teens I’m sure… When hearing about abused animals try their hand at it and especially if. THEY are abused at home by parents or by other kids…they learn to have a mean streak and take it out on the weaker, the ones who cannot stand up for themselves….like children and animals…cruelty begets cruelty I’m sure… If only they would put a good jail time for those who do such horrific to whatever animal…maybe that would help a bit.. In the long run it will be God who deals with this crime….

  17. I remember there was restaurant in french who serve fish fried and servedstill half alife. These atrocities are not limited to asian. Get real people. And start clean our own mess


  19. sabine bécoulet says:

    Stop the massacre

    • Maryke Heath says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. In South Africa there is an enormous amount of animal cruelty, but it is normally passed as ignorance and no, or very little punishment is given. Can I act ignorant not knowing the I have to pay my taxes? No!


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