Demand Justice for Rape Victim

Target: Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan

Goal: Punish those responsible for the rape of Kainat Soomro, a young Pakistani woman

Four years ago, a Pakistani woman named Kainat Soomro was gang-raped by four men at the age of 13. According to her rural towns tradition, Kainat was to be killed because she brought disgrace to her family. The men accused of the rape have beaten her father and brothers and continue to intimidate them, even threatening to kill the entire family. Kainat’s decision to seek justice is almost unheard of in Pakistan, where women are either killed or forced to be quiet. Justice still has not found Kainat, as even the government authorities refuse to step in.

A documentary called “Outlawed in Pakistan” has been made about the Soomros’ struggle for justice, appearing in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and bringing in some much needed international pressure on Pakistan. The filmmakers interviewed the family, who are fully supporting their daughter and refuse to give in to the so-called “tradition” of honor killing. The accused rapists were also interviewed, bewildered by the fact that she dared to speak rather than “stay quiet like a decent woman.” These same men have been acquitted of the crime.

Kainat is not the first, and will not be last victim of Pakistan’s disgusting treatment of women. Pakistan is still in the grip of Sharia Law, which completely strips women of all humanity and discourages them for seeking justice. Those that do seek justice, become outlaws. President Zardari has not yet spoken about allowing women’s rights in his country, and there is reason to suspect he will not any time soon. Pakistan is severely behind the times, and is one of the worst countries to be a woman. Demand that Zardari bring justice to the women who have been victimized, and punish the perpetrators.


Dear President Asif Ali Zardari,

The way women, especially victims of sexual assault, in your country are treated is absolutely disgusting. Kainat Soomro was only 13 years old when she was sexually assaulted by four men in her town, and the worst part, was she was the one to be punished. The pigs who raped her, got off and continue to intimidate her and her family for daring to speak up. The town authorities and even the government refused to step in and help, all because of “tradition.” The same tradition that strips women of any self-worth.

Women in Pakistan have been suffering for long enough. It is never, ever the woman’s fault for being sexually assaulted, especially if she wasn’t even adult. As president, you should be changing the way women are viewed in your country, and punishing the perpetrators and not the victims. The world is watching, and we demand you provide women’s rights, or step down.


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Photo credit: See Wah via flickr

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  1. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    We are now in the year 2013. It’s time the men of Pakistan realise that they are no better than women. The rest of the world knows this, so why can’t Pakistani men understand this simple truth? The people who follow the tradition of blaming women and girls for sexual assaults are ignorant and backward. If a woman is forced by a man, or group of men, then how can it possibly be her fault? If she tries to get away you say she is still guilty and must be killed. I have a better and fairer idea. Why not kill the morons who attack women? They are the guilty ones and deserve to die, not the women and girls. The leaders must change these stupid MAN MADE laws.

  2. J Davidson says:

    This global culture of the right to rape women and then blame them is so totally absurd and egregious in today’s world!!! when will they wake up?

  3. laura caro says:

    she´s been raped once by those monsters, but every day since then by the “Justice” of her country. In many countries “tradition” commits irrational and unfair crimes, mostly against women. Let´s not forget castration, for example: the female genital mutilation is spread along 35 countries in the world. It is estimated than 140 million women are affected with this abominable practice by 2013.

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