Protest School’s Reaction to Native American Student’s Feather at Graduation

Target: Escambia Academy High School Administration

Goal: Ensure that a Native American high school graduate receives her diploma without paying a fine and overturn the discriminatory graduation attire policy.

Like all other high school seniors, Chelsey Ramer recently donned a cap and gown and proudly attended her graduation at Escambia Academy High School in Alabama. When she went to pick up her diploma, however, the school withheld it along with her transcripts and told her she would be charged a $1,000 fine simply because she wore an eagle feather during the ceremony. Ramer is a member of the Poarch Creek Band of Indians and had looked forward to wearing the feather at graduation as a symbol of cultural pride. Her former teacher Alex Alvarez explains, “Being honored with a feather for graduation is a wonderful experience. It’s a lot more than showing off your culture. It has ties into our spirituality as well.”

Two months prior to graduation, Ramer and other Native American students requested permission to wear the feathers from the former headmaster Betty Warren. Warren denied the request and told the students that they would be pulled off the field. The administration then sent out a student contract stating that students would not be allowed to wear “extraneous items” during the ceremony lest they be denied their diplomas and charged a fine. Ramer says she never signed it.

Schools should encourage students to honor their heritage, especially at an event that celebrates the students’ achievements. Not only is the school’s reaction shameful and the fine exorbitant, but the policy itself violates the American Indian Religious Freedom Act. The law states that Native Americans have the right to express their traditional religions, which includes “use and possession of sacred objects.” Sign the petition below to demand that the school grant Ramer her diploma without the fine, issue a public apology, and remove the policy from all future graduation ceremonies.


Dear Interim Headmaster David Walker and the Escambia Academy High School Board of Directors,

Escambia Academy High School, like all other educational institutions, should celebrate the cultural and spiritual diversity of its students and encourage students to honor the heritage. As evidenced by the policies regarding the 2013 graduation ceremony, however, it appears that Escambia Academy has failed to fulfill this responsibility.

Chelsey Ramer joined her fellow students on May 23 to commemorate their achievement of graduating from Escambia Academy High School. As a member of the Poarch Creek Band of Indians, Chelsey was also excited to wear an eagle feather along with her cap and gown. After seeing graduating seniors wear feathers in previous years, she had looked forward to the day when she would be able to share in the tradition. The eagle feather is not an “extraneous item” as described by the student contract regarding graduation attire; it is an honor to wear the feather as a symbol of cultural and spiritual pride. It is because of her steadfast commitment to her beliefs that Chelsey refused to sign the ridiculous contract before the ceremony.

It is unclear whether the denial of Chelsey’s right to wear the feather is due to ignorance or racism. But it is clear that the school’s withholding of her diploma and transcript and the $1,000 fine is outrageous. Furthermore, this type of discrimination is illegal under the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, which guarantees Native Americans the right to express their religions including the “use and possession of sacred objects.” We demand that Escambia Academy give Chelsey Ramer her diploma, rescind the exorbitant fine, issue a public apology, and remove the policy from all future graduation ceremonies.


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Photo credit: BirdingInSpain via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. J Davidson says:

    The native American Indians were the first inhabitants of our country. They were also our first teachers about how to survive here.

    • ElizabethGS says:

      I’d like to know if this High School likewise FINED $1,000 those students who chose to wear a crucifix while they graduated?

      A feather is a feather is a feather. It hardly shows and means absolutely nothing to the principal or those officials of the school, but it meant everything to the Native American graduates. The sheer absurdity of attempting to FINE a student for acknowledging her heritage this way–anymore than one would fine a student for wearing an earring or glasses, is completely beyond me, especially when so many Native American youth are struggling in our modern day society.

  2. Brittany Lieberman Brittany Lieberman says:

    This makes me sick.

  3. sheesh, isn’t this America? She identifies as a First Nations Tribe, as such, she has a LEGAL right to be in posession of that feather! How many people there that day, were wearing crosses on neck chains, or “crossed themselves”, thanking THEIR powers that be?

    will they tell another young lady, to take off her headscarf? These “schools” shame America, and shame their students. Hasn’t this ignorant “school” heard of FREEDOM OF RELIGION-religion, goes where the person goes-it’s INTEGRATED.

    I under stand this “school’s” “when in Rome…do as the Roman’s do” mentality, but this is NOT a uniculture country. The ancestors of those staff, were IMMIGRNTS, HER ancestors were on this land, REnamed America, for millenium. SHE has EVERY RIGHT TO BE PROUD OF THAT. THAT HER TRIBE WASN’T ERADICATED BY ANCIENT OPPRESSORS IS A MIRACLE.

    Then, even after all that time, the “schools” are STILL punishing them, for showing pride, and wearing their SPIRITUAL symbols. The poster above is right, fine all the crucifix wearers, as they too are wearing an “extraneous item” something wearable other than clothes.

    But no, those are “jewelry”, feathers aren’t. Stupid, ignorant staff, they are both RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS, and as such, are allowable under CIVIL RIGHTS. If I go anywhere, and a lady wearing a Habjib? serves me, I DON’T CARE, her state of dress, has nothing to do with me personally. The other day, I went in a gas station, and was surprised to find a tall, dark and handsome, First Nations man, with a 3 foot braid down his back.

    Did I care? no I didn’t. That is who he is, that is what he is, it’s his right to wear his hair long. Gee, I wonder what they would have done, if one of their students had been Maori, with facial tatoos. DISCRIMINATION IN ALL FORMS, MUST BE BANISHED.

    Why couldn’t they just let her have her …pursuit of happiness”? …liberty of freedom of expression/religious/spiritual symbol, and move on with her life after her now destroyed day of pride she EARNED with her dedication and hard work! Fire this person, and have a proper ceremony!

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