End Unnecessary Torment of Horses on Premarin Farms

End the torture of horses on hormone drug manufacturing farms.

Target: Ian Read, Pfizer President

Goal: End the systematic torture of horses abused in the manufacturing of the hormonal drug Premarin.

Premarin, broken down into pre-mar-in, is a shortened way to say “pregnant mare’s urine.” And that’s exactly what it is: a collection of the concentrated hormones found in the urine of pregnant mare’s. Pfizer has over 70 farms in the country that systematically abuse these horses, constantly impregnating them, confining them, and tossing their babies to slaughter.  All in the effort to make a product that has viable, humane alternatives.

Every year, hundreds of horses are confined to stalls so small they cannot turn around or even lie down and forced to endure constant pregnancy without ever having the chance to raise their foals in peace. They are strapped with urine collection bags and restricted water in an effort to concentrate the amount of estrogen found in their urine, all to supply the demand for Premarin products. Pfizer manufactures this drug from the urine of these horses. Pfizer also self regulates these Premarin Farms through their own code of practice, virtually allowing them to define their own standards of care. Because there is no minimum of care or scrutiny from outside governing entities, these horse are neglected basic freedoms such as movement, water, fresh air, proper housing or lighting. Their foals are considered “by-products” of the industry and are stolen from them and sent to auction or to slaughter. These horses are seen as merely machines for this dirty industry, constantly pregnant and abused for eight to nine years until their bodies can no longer be impregnated, when they, too, are sent to slaughter.

It is time for Pfizer to end this cruel systematic torture of these majestic creatures. There are numerous, humane alternatives available to women who wish to suppress the unwanted side effects of menopause. Along with simple lifestyle changes, there are also several herbal remedies on the market as well as synthetic and plant-derived forms of Premarin that don’t involve the unnecessary anguish and  suffering of thousands of innocent horses. Please tell Pfizer their cruel methods for making a drug that is humanely available will no longer be tolerated; end the prostitution of these beautiful creatures once and for all.


Dear Ian Read,

I was shocked and disheartened to learn that Pfizer still inflicts needless suffering and pain on thousands of horses every year in order to produce the drug Premarin. I understand this drug is used to alleviate the symptoms associated with menopause. However, there are numerous, viable alternatives available that don’t involve the abuse and suffering of animals.

The horses imprisoned on your more than 70 Premarin Production Farms endure years of painful confinement. Being housed in stalls too small for them to lie down or turn around, constantly impregnated and denied adequate water, never given the chance to enjoy sunlight or a painless existence. These horses are treated as mere machines, only good for the eight or nine years they can continue to produce foals and the highly coveted estrogen in their urine. They are forced to endure the anguish and pain of having their babies stolen from them soon after birth to be sold at auction or to slaughter. The injustice inflicted upon these creatures is immeasurable and intolerable.

Please shut down your Premarin Production Farms and opt for producing synthetic or plant-based, humane alternatives.


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Photo Credit: Jean-Michel Baud on Fotopedia

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  1. Aysha Besher says:

    It must be Mother Nature fighting back that women using Premarin get cancer and die painfully.

    • My mom died last year from a very aggressive form of BREAST CANCER. It was very painful and hard to watch. She was on premarin for years.

  2. J Davidson says:

    These horses never lie down to sleep. They are kept in an upright position for their entire lives. Imagine if you could never lie down and sleep. Horses need this as we do.

  3. Kathy Schnell says:

    Why does it have to be horse urine? Why can’t it be human urine. Offer pregnant women a job producing estrogen rich urine. There would be a never ending supply and it wouldn’t be full of horse medicines that aren’t good for people. But it would screw up your god damn business plan, wouldn’t it?

  4. paula Martin says:

    Why must we make everything on this planet suffer horrible conditions just to make the all mighty dollar- to the makers of this crap, you need to take this completely off the shelves- we women do not want what your selling- i am sure that there are better ways to help women that doesn’t include you abuseing poor animals, shame on you- you know your drug is killing women and yet you continue to do this, is there not enough law suits for you to quit killing us to make your money? I will never support you or your company and you will never get my business!

  5. i can’t believe what i am reading.. where do they find any of this necessary.this is cruel without a doubt and does need to be stopped how would these people(aka animals)like it if they where treated this way they are a living breathing horse that has the right to run in the fields and feel the earth under there feet to feel love and and be loved not used as some kind of machine to push out young for slaughter.. they need shut down. immediately

  6. Gail Lanigan says:

    I had no idea and I am shocked at my own ignorance of this incredibly cruel procedure. How it is allowed to continue in a country like the US a country that prides itself on human rights, but where are the rights of animals? These horses are suffering and it is allowed to continue, its beyond comprehension. I am shocked, dismayed and sickened that our Government allows this to continue. Horses are so very beautiful and we are so very lucky to have them as part of our world.

  7. Lisa Mayer says:


  8. Lisa Mayer says:


  9. You people there, why don’t you just go and blow the damn factories-farms or whatever they are called. Poor sweet horses are better dead than living this. OMG makes me so wild- I so HATE people and what they do to animals.. And Why horses- why..? Isn’t it enough what fkn people do to pigs,cows etc.. how could it go to horses too. I so want to chain up all those dumb week discussting women who are treated with this,together with the manifacturers of it- farmers and all of them revolting idiots- chain them up and treat them Exactly how they do to the mares.. do not have words to express my anger….
    Don’t write on FB and stupid petitions – they do Not work. Just go and Blow the damn places up…
    And that stupid letter to the president of Pfizer- “dear Mr..” what dear is this dick..? Is not dear and is not mister for sure – is an revolting monster that deserve NO respect in any way at all. Why god damn muslims or terorists do not go and blow this places instead of each-other..uuuuuhhhhh….

  10. Patrice Seltzer says:

    I took this drug for 30 years and never knew of the torment the horses were put through. I feel so bad about it. So, where are the animal activist groups. The Doris Day animal groups are a strong group. Are they helping to end this torture? I don’t understand how this torture can continue. What can be done about this?

  11. Truth Teller says:

    None of this is true. Where are the references to these facts? Haven’t any of you learned you can’t always believe what you read? And for the person saying “premarin causes cancer” How about you read the facts. Premarin has never shown to cause cancer. Why the uneducated make the most noise baffles me.

  12. Louise toro says:

    Use pregnant women to get there urine. House them clothe them feed them and pay them . Leave the animals alone. Use prisoners not animals for testing everything. Keep women prisoners pregnant. Where is ASPCA PETA our government. Phizer and all others you are disgusting dirtbags and if the law one stop you God will!!!!!

  13. How can we educate women on a grand scale.? We need to educate our medical industry, but unfortunately, our doctors get “kick backs” from the pharmaceutical companies. This practice has a long history. I feel as though we are banging our heads against a brick wall. We are talking about a multi-million dollar industry. Money vs. animal care and kindness. You know who is going to win. I don’t know how i can help, but We must make these companies and the medical field face the truth. This is inhumane treatment….and i agree with the person that suggested that female prisoners should be “tapped” for their urine. Aren’t we paying for their keep. They should be paying us for keeping a roof over their heads and three meals a day, which is more than many people in our society can lay claim to…..but i digress. btw. I signed. Did you?

  14. Kylie Collins- Penkhus says:

    I want to know who is heading up a class action case against phizer & it’s above the law practices. I too suffered from estrogen produced breast cancer. The Horses suffering from the production of this carcinogenic product are the unwitting victims of this GREEDY UNLAWFULL COMPANY…..THEY NEED LEGAL RESTRAINT!
    Please contact me if anyone knows an attorney handling this suit.
    Thank you

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