Demand Justice for Rescue Dog Punched to Death

Target: New Port Richey authorities

Goal: Ensure that the man responsible for punching his dog to death receive the maximum sentence allowed for animal abuse

Recently, a dog became the victim of an extreme act of animal cruelty. This dog was rescued from an animal shelter only to be punched to death by his new owner. Ensure that this man does not get away with his crime.

Gipper, a four-year-old Rottweiler, was in danger of being euthanized. He was adopted and was thought to have a second chance at life. Unfortunately, Gipper’s story did not have a happy ending. Four days after he was “rescued”, Gipper was punched repeatedly in the face by his new owner. Gipper did not survive the attack. His body has yet to be found; his owner refuses to tell the police where he has buried it.

Gipper’s new family claimed that he was “violent” and they were trying to protect the neighbor’s dogs. Witnesses reported that Gipper indeed ran to the neighbor’s yard, but he was only barking at the dogs. Police arrived at the scene and came to the conclusion that Gipper was not attacking anyone and was not a threat. He died an unnecessary death at the hands of someone who was supposed to take care of him and give him a new life.

Gipper’s death was very shocking not only to the animal rescue organization that placed him with his new family, but also the family’s neighbors. Gipper’s new family was considered to be a “dog loving family.” They had passed all the required background checks and even brought their other dog with them to meet Gipper.

While his story should have ended happily, Gipper’s story is a tragedy. Sign the petition below to demand that his owner receive the maximum punishment allowed for animal abuse and cruelty.


Dear New Port Richey authorities,

Recently a man in your community punched his dog to death. The dog, Gipper, was adopted before the was euthanized; he was killed at the hands of his new owner only four days after his adoption.

This man’s crime is completely unacceptable. Police that arrived at the scene came to the conclusion that Gipper was not dangerous and not a threat. Gipper did not have to die, especially in such a painful and horrific way.

Gipper was a 86 pound Rottweiler. His owner killed him with his bare fists. Extreme force was exerted on Gipper if he did not survive this attack. I am urging you to give Gipper’s owner the maxium sentence allowed for animal abuse and cruelty.


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Photo Credit: JUAN RAMON RODRIGUEZ SOSA via Flickr

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  1. And another offender who -despite homicide- won’t be imprisoned.
    I’m so tired of those never ending stories; how many children, animals, older people, disabled and women will have to die until we start to punish offenders for the felonies they’ve committed – REGARDLESS OF THE VICTIM???
    Criminal law is to punish the felonies NOT victims, so where’s the difference between a murderer and a murderer?

    Of course, we can go on like this but then: we should have in mind our kids as victims of psychpaths or even future offenders.
    Our society is teaching them that torturing and killing is alright as long as it happens for human purposes as profit, vanity, entertainment, religion, self-affirmation, nutrition, reducing aggression and even just for fun.

    We still make a distiction between murderers and murderers – too stupid that most of them don’t!!!

    • Thank you for your well structured posting, its sickening that this is allowed.

    • Very well expressed. Extremely sad that yet another dog is murdered at the hands of an obviously callous evil person. If he can do this to an animal there is every probability that he could do this to a child/adult.

  2. Jail The Monster who killed this innocent Dog.

  3. gut wrenching news re the murder of this Dog it saddens me to think he was saved from deaths doors to be beaten to death by a thug, this savage must be guilty of some crime in relation to this savage attack after all if the tables were turned the Dog would be put down. my worry now is for his other animal or any animal he may be allowed to have in his ‘care’.dirtbags like him must be held responsible for their actions & never allowed near any animal.

  4. Michael Guest says:

    Unacceptable. Get the person arrested. Poor animal. Make stronger laws tol protect all animals from unnecessary actions. Spread the word, No abuse or cruelty. Animals are innocent and have no faults of their own. Don’t let this ever happen again.

  5. Susan Lancto says:

    The man who beat Gipper to death is Brian Perry of New Port Richie. The Police Chief is Kim Bogart and her email is There is a Facebook page for local news called “New Port Richie Patch” on Facebook. I don’t think they like the negative PR about their little town, as they deleted my posting (so I hope you will go to it, as well). The officials need to hold Brian Perry accountable. I believe the highest fine for animal cruelty of this type in Fla is $10,000.00. I hope he gets it. He won’t produce the dog’s body, I say put him in jail, until he does. People like this need to be reguired to undergo Anger Management Counseling. Susan Lancto

    • doreen skroski says:

      i say put him in jail with a few really big tough burly bikers with bad attitudes(i love bikers,so dont get pissed,lol) he wont produce the dogs body??? what kind of law do they have down there? the neighbors and or the wife should have stopped this. use a 2 x 4 on him if necessary to stop him, that SOB is mental. animal abuse leads to human abuse and i bet he abuses his wife.

  6. There should be a national/ international database and these monsters should never be allowed to have a pet by any means. The full force of the law should apply here as in every case of animal cruelty. Those that attack helpless animals are just one step from doing the same to children, let us not forget how the sadistic mind and instinct progress. These atrocities must be stopped and the aggressors must be punished to make them pay for what they do and serve as deterrents to other “monsters”.

  7. danielle says:

    for me the owner need to recieve the same treatment like i do to his dog.But it impossible.Then i have to pass the rest of his life in geal and soffering to most possible.

  8. Pure infantile primitivism – what kind of idiotic monsters are able to handle and destroy living creatures in that way is unbelievable – monsters deserves monsterwork too.


  9. cindy mitchell says:

    Psychotic sadistic people do things like this, they are a danger to us all and should be removed from society.

  10. gipper killer needs to be beaten to death now. no prison just the same for this killer now.

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