Petco: Stop Selling Pet Turtles to Meat Farm

Target: Petco CEO Mr. James Myers

Goal: End the deceptive selling of pet turtles to meat farm.

Petco has been deceptively selling surrendered pet turtles to Concordia Meat Farm under the guise of a ‘turtle relinquishment program’ that was introduced as a means for controlling salmonella outbreaks. Under this new program, people are encouraged to give their pet turtles to Petco under the false promise that their turtles will live out their natural lives a the peaceful estate in Concordia, Louisiana. Many people would be disgusted to find out that their beloved pets are actually sold back into the pet trade to be used as breeders, or shipped overseas for turtle meat.

Turtles are a known carrier of salmonella, which is why it is illegal in the United States to sell turtles less than 4 inches wide. However, recent salmonella outbreaks have been attributed to pet turtles of all sizes. Petco reacted to these outbreaks by offering its ‘turtle relinquishment program.’ Petco would like you to believe it has partnered with the CDC in an honest effort to diminish the number of salmonella outbreaks every year, when in fact, the opposite is true. Petco receives pet turtles from people for free and then sells them back to Concordia Turtle Farm, Petco’s turtle supplier. These precious pets are then sold back into the pet industry or are used for breeding programs in order to maintain the supply of 2 million hatchlings, which are sent overseas for slaughter every year. Concordia is the largest turtle farm in the United States and has nearly 200,000 adult turtles at any given time.

Concordia is certainly not the sanctuary Petco advertises it to be. Please express your disgust at Petco’s deceitful program for controlling salmonella outbreaks. Tell it that it can no longer take precious pets away from families and financially gain from the torture and abuse these animals are set to receive. Petco’s disingenuous ‘turtle relinquishment program’ must be stopped.


Dear Petco CEO James Myers,

It was disheartening to hear of Petco’s deceitful ‘turtle relinquishment program,’ which operates under the guise of attempting to diminish the number of salmonella outbreaks each year. The turtles that are surrendered to Petco are beloved family pets and do not deserve the injustice of being recycled back into the pet industry or slaughtered for meat. Taking free turtles from unsuspecting families and then selling them to Concordia Turtle Farm is a deceptive and cruel plan for Petco’s own financial gain.

Please end the disingenuous arrangement set forth in Petco’s ‘turtle relinquishment program.’ Turtles are a known carrier of salmonella, regardless of their size. Being in the pet industry, Petco has a responsibility to maintain the health of their animals and the families who care for them. Petco should not sell turtles of any size, let alone accept them back for free from customers and make a profit selling them to Concordia Turtle Farm.

Tell Petco their ‘turtle relinquishment’ scheme will no longer be tolerated. It is time for Petco to take a serious stance on turtles and  the salmonella risk they hold and phase out the selling of turtles in their stores altogether.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    They make double profits selling them two times, and worse, deceiving the public who think their surrendered pets will live out their lives in peace. Rather these innocent, defenseless, feeling living beings face a horrible death.

  2. Have you guys ever thought about the idea of the turtle have already been dead when they sell them the turtles?.. If the turtle is already dead then they should for sure sell them to food agencies that can eat them. You guys are all so easy to jump on the bandwagon that petco is doing bad things.. Have you ever worked with Petco or bought your supplies from them.. They are the best pet store as a statewide act for Minnesota. I am disagreeing with this story and there is something being hidden.

    By the way, did you know people kill turtles everyday to eat out in the wild? So selling already dead turtles is so bad for Petco to do. If the turtle is going to waste.. it only seems logical to do this in my opinion. Why not talk about that…

  3. Valerie Parks Valerie Parks says:

    Thanks for al the great comments. Just to clarify ‘surrendered pet turtles’ does not mean ‘dead turtles.’ These are live turtles that pet owners have returned to Petco in the belief that their family is in harm of contracting salmonella from their pet. These turtles are then sold back to Cascadia Farms where they will be used in breeding programs or sold back to another pet store. This deceitful, dirty practice must be stopped.

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