Crack Down on Animal Cruelty

Target: Puerto Rican Legislators

Goal: Pass stricter laws to stop the inhumane abuses of dogs in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home of some of the worst recorded dog abuse cases. In 2007, employees of a private animal control company were charged with throwing dozens of pet dogs and cats taken from public housing projects off of a bridge. The suspects were exonerated, but public outrage forced lawmakers to pass a tougher animal protection law in 2008. Despite the passing of the law, many innocent dogs are still being abused and abandoned.

There is a beach in Yabucoa known as the ‘Dead Dog Beach’ because one can find litters of emaciated puppies and groups of feral dogs that were abandoned by the owners to fend for themselves. The recent discovery of a black mongrel puppy found alive with all four legs cut off, leaving exposed bone, is one of the worst cases that has been uncovered in Puerto Rico.

The Rabito Kontento animal rescue group feeds and tries to find homes for abandoned pets. Group members said that on Friday that they had seen the puppy, who they had named “Ocean,” frolicking on the beach with its mother and siblings. Over the weekend, they found the mutilated puppy in a parking lot near a resort in the northern coastal town of Hatillo.

Mariel Rojas, who is in charge of the animal rescue group, rushed the poor puppy to a veterinarian who told her that the puppy’s bones were rotting and the infection too severe to be treated. Ocean was euthanized. It is clear that the animal protection law passed in 2008 is not strict enough to deter people from abusing abandoned dogs. No person should ever feel that s/he can chop off a puppy’s legs and get away with it. It is time to crack down on animal cruelty in Puerto Rico. Sign the petition to urge lawmakers to recognize animals’ rights and prosecute cases of abuse.


Dear Puerto Rican Legislators,

In 2008, you passed a tougher animal protection law in response to public outrage over dozens of pet dogs and cats being thrown off a bridge. Well, this law is clearly not tough enough.

Many dogs and litters of puppies are still being abandoned to fend for themselves. Just recently, a rescue group saw a  black mongrel puppy frolicking on the beach along with its mother and siblings. A few days later, the rescue group saw the  puppy again. Although the puppy was alive, it had all four of its legs cut off, leaving exposed bone. The veterinarian concluded that the puppy’s bones were rotting and the infection too severe to be treated. The poor puppy was euthanized.

Animal abusers in Puerto Rico often get off easily for abusing animals or are not found guilty. Even when people are convicted of harming animals, President of Investigating Officers of Animal Cruelty Iris Quinones believes that the $500 fine  “doesn’t have much of an impact” on abusers. Stop animal cruelty by passing stricter laws and allowing for harsher punishments that can really deter abusers from doing such inhumane things like chopping off all four legs of a harmless puppy.


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  1. Scott Pardus says:

    A leg for a leg and a hand for a paw. The person/persons who cuts off a puppies/dogs paw should lose his/hers hand. They cut off the leg/legs than they should have theirs cut off. These are sick and twisted subhumans and should be treated as such for their sick and hideous crimes!

  2. Mary Ann Clark Mary Ann Clark says:

    Isn’t letting these monsters to continue to live a worse crime than executing them?

  3. Sandra Amici says:

    Punishments for animal abusers need to be severe, like cutting off the person’s leg. Only when these savages can feel the same pain that they inflict on innocent animals will they learn how horrible their crimes are.

  4. Marie K Torres says:

    My parents were from Puerto Rico and though I was born in the US I had the misfortune to live in Puerto Rico for many years. It is this type of human horrors that make me ashamed to even have said I lived there. I know these revulsions happen everywhere, but in an Island that wants to be known for its “progress” and it is always trying to copy whatever is new in the market or in the world, this is appalling. There are many, many good groups of animal supporters, but the government does a joke of punishing those who commit these types of crimes. These animal supporter groups have no real help, no support at all. It is very, very sad. Whoever does something like this to a dog, or any animal for that matter, will certainly have no fear or no regard of doing it to a child or a person. It is so sad that such a beautiful island, which has been the birth of so many great people: Roberto Clemente, Raul Julia, etc. is so deplorable. I am so glad I moved out of there. Dead dogs and cats run over on the street as a daily incident is nothing to laugh about. And this is what the new generation is seeing and learning. So sad.

  5. I am so sick of the lack of strict laws for animal and child abuse. People that harm animals are the true monsters of this world. They say hating is wrong but I truly despise animal abusers. I, myself, would much rather be among animals than most humans. Let the abusers die a slow torturous death as the world’s over populated anyway.

  6. I agree, Punishment for the abusers of animals needs to be very,very severe. In this world today people can this or that offends me and get it changed or stopped or win a law suit in court and have the offense banned.Why in God’s name can’t we get abusers stopped,…WHY???????

  7. What a truly horrendous uncaring country. Does their government not have the facts regarding animal cruelty and its connection to child abuse, spouse abuse, elder abuse and that 71% of serial killers and mass murderers started of their ‘career’ by abusing helpless animals. These abusers are a danger to society and everyone they come into contact with.

  8. I agree with all the above it needs to stop now!!!!!!

  9. Natasja du Plessis says:

    Humans are the most cruel thing on earth, wish God could just take ALL of His four legged children away from this horrible horrible cruel humans and take them to heaven!!!!

  10. Marsha Squibb says:

    This cruelty escalates to children The laws must be changed!!!!!

  11. Alice Knight says:

    How cruel do atrocities need to be before the Puetro Rican Legeslators will move ahead to stop this behavior? The laws passed do reflect one as a human being. I realize it is not up to one person passing the laws, but let your opinion and your heart speak louder than anyone else’s!
    How far would you go to protect a living being? Please punish these abusers. There should not be a place in any society where animals are mutilated and left to die.

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