Protect Whales From Military Testing

Target: Honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy
Goal: Stop the Navy from bombarding whales with deadly sonar and explosives.

The Navy wants to conduct training with sonar and explosives that could kill thousands of whales and other marine mammals. Intense sonar will bombard whales with noise so powerful that it can cause their internal organs to hemorrhage; high-powered explosives detonated by Navy ships have the potential to fatally injure lungs and other organs. Based on testimony from the Navy itself, there will be thousands of marine animals killed and millions of incidents in which whales and other mammals are harassed and harmed.

Yet the Navy refuses to put common-sense precautions in place that would protect whales during routine training — even though taking such steps would in no way compromise our national security. For example, the Navy could avoid key habitats where whales are known to migrate and raise their young.

Make your voice heard immediately. Sign the petition to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, calling on him to put safeguards in place that will save whales from the deadly impact of the Navy’s sonar and explosives.

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  1. BJ Bolink says:

    What is wrong with this world what purpose is their in testing it on mammals. Instead of focusing on peacefull resolutions we keep on inventing new weapons. Why dont we do away with weapons and kill each other with our bare hands then we will see how eager we are to engage in warfare !!!

  2. Monika Calvert says:

    Please protect these wonderful Whales from Military testing.Doesn’t anybody care about other living beings anymore. What a cruel world we live in.

  3. Laura Pereira de Melo says:

    Please protect these wonderful Whales from Military testing.

  4. KatWrangler says:

    What a world it would be if we put as much effort into positive projects, instead of finding yet another way to kill.

    • Avril Lomas says:

      These wonderful animals are nothing more than co-lateral damage to the war mongers of this world. Why war? try peace!

  5. Robert Kennedy says:

    This is something that we don’t need, no sane person wants and endangers the survival of marine mammals. Why in God’s name would you even consider doing it?

  6. Robert Kennedy says:

    This is a program that is utterly unnecseeary, has no rational justification and which could lead to the extinction of marine mammal species. Why in God’s name would any sane person support it?

  7. all these acts of genocidal warmongering must stop

  8. Michael Guest says:

    This is not acceptable. You can’t do this harmful thing to whales. Pollution and marine mammmals don’t mix. There is no need for this to occur. Save the whales now.

  9. Caroline Hunter says:

    Please don’t do this testing! Why is it necessary? If there’s no hope in hell it can be stopped, then please avoid whale migration/breeding zones. They are endangered enough as it is. This appals me. All so the human “killing machine” can be even more deadly. Disgusting.

  10. Leave our whales and dolphins alone,
    ya’ militaristic skullywags or else
    I’ll make ya’ walk the plank!!!

  11. Linda Burr says:

    Please protect and save the whales. This is their world as much as ours and all we do it seems to me is kill and destroy. I am ashamed of the human race and the way they behave.

  12. “While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal positions on this earth?”
    George Bernhard Shaw

    “Compassion is the chief law of human existence.”
    Fyodor Dostoevsky


    People need to vote unacting dumb authorities and officials acting irresponsibly to futuregenerations out of occupations NOW AND FOR ALL!


  13. Patsy kenward says:

    You do not mess with Nature. It has been found that EVERYTHING living on this Planet share some DNA, so what does that say about us. WE are destroying our relations with this mindless destruction of this PLanet. Wales are elegant creatures who like you and me deserve the right to live. We are so barbaric and arrogant that we believe we are above everything in this planet’s food chain, we we are just a very small part. I do despair at times just how hateful and distructive the Human race is.

  14. Человечество накопило столько оружия, чтобы убивать себе подобных, запасов хватит на ближайшее тысячелетие. И мы продолжаем гонку вооружения. Со стороны-это очень глупо,если не было бы так печально. Человечество сходит с ума. Исчезают многие виды морских млекопитающих и другие виды животных. Нет, нам этого мало. Нужно остановиться и посмотреть правде в глаза, человечество,зашло в тупик. Дальше уже нет пути. Только в ад.

  15. draya bloxam draya bloxam says:

    How dare they do this its not these defenseless animals war to be taking part in. These animals are simply just trying to survive but how can they with all these senseless human beings in our world. We talk so much of the 8 wonders of the world how there is truly nothing else on earth that can compare to how great they are well that is a lie.

    There are thousands of truly unique and amazing wonders of the world some that were here long before us but we are destroying the worlds true marvels everyday. People need to notice what is going on realize the wonders of the world are not anything that was built by human hands the true wonders are nature itself and we need to stop destroying it now!

    Its never too late for change

  16. Paula Revera says:

    Have a shred of decency and common sense…STOP IT!!

  17. Not only cruel but unnecessary. Write your congressman, Senator, President Obama, Chuck Hagel, Ray Mabus. Tell them that sonar kills whales and dolphins, while not detecting new subs, coated with sonar repellent paint. Satellites, drones, smart buoys—these are the technologies they need to use. But we have to tell them that we’re on to the big money in sonar. We can’t just talk to each other and say, “How terrible.” We must get to the people who are in a position to stop this.
    Please write to your local papers. Tell everyone you know.

  18. Catherine Till says:

    Just because humankind is hellbent on destruction does not mean we have to involve other species…the use of such beautiful and innocent creatures in military testing is obscene and a sad indictment on human kind

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