Demand Local Festival Eliminate Cruel Pig Scramble Event

Target: Mark Jewell, President of German Valley, and Donna Smith, German Valley Days Organizer

Goal: Remove cruel pig scramble event from Illinois German Valley Days Festival

The village of German Valley, Illinois holds an annual German Valley Days Festival, celebrating the community. However, festival organizers have decided to hold a “pig scramble,” sometimes called “pig wrestling,” event as a part of the festivities, a cruel game that is torturous to the pigs involved. Typically during a pig scramble throngs of frantic people chase after pigs to grab them and put them in a barrel before a timer runs out. The pigs are often slathered with vegetable oil or another slippery substance to make them more difficult to catch. People grab and squeeze these frightened pigs, being chased by crowds of people in a confined arena with no escape, often being tackled, fallen on top of, or dropped by a contestant.

This cruel festival event often results in joint or other bodily injury for the pig, including broken limbs and backs, and is extremely emotionally traumatic and stressful for pigs, who often squeal in fear and pain. Pigs are extremely sensitive, intelligent, and social creatures who should not be subjected to such unnecessary cruelty and suffering. Pigs should be with their families, communicating with each other, making nests to sleep in comfort, and soaking up the sun, not being chased, tackled, and thrown like a football by senseless humans. Please demand that the organizers of the German Valley Day Festival cancel this event, for this year and every year of the festival to come, and instead replace it a humane activity, of which there are plenty to choose from.


Dear Mark Jewell and Donna Smith,

Please remove the pig scramble event from the German Valley Days Festival. This event is cruel and inhumane, and often results in body injury and emotional harm to the pigs involved in the event. They often squeal in terror and pain, and can be tackled or stepped on to the point of suffering. Many pigs who are subjected to such an event end up with a broken back or broken limbs.

Pigs are sensitive, intelligent, and social creatures who do not deserve to endure such suffering for a senseless festival game. There are numerous humane options for alternative festival games and events that would efficiently replace the pig scramble. Start a new tradition and replace the cruel pig scramble with a humane event at the German Valley Days Festival.


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Photo credit: US Department of Agriculture via Wikimedia Commons

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    Freakin morons

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