Oppose Legislation that Would Increase Animal Suffering

Target: Representative Steve King, Iowa

Goal: Remove amendment to Farm Bill that would perpetuate animal suffering

Iowa State Representative Steve King has recently proposed an amendment to the Farm Bill that would increase animal suffering exponentially. The bill, if passed, will force states to allow meat, eggs, and dairy products inhumanely produced in other states to cross the border into their state even if that particular product had previously been banned. This bill takes away each state’s power to defend animal welfare and stamps out any progress that has been made by individual states to enact more humane animal product production measures.

For example, the state of California has banned foie gras, made from the unnaturally enlarged livers of geese and ducks. However, with the new amendment to the Farm Bill, California would have to allow foie gras produced in another state to be brought into the state, despite the former ban. This amendment is a vehicle for factory farms—most of which torture animals by cramming them into tiny cages, beating and kicking them and cutting off their beaks or tails without pain medication, among other atrocities, prior to slaughtering them—to fight state-level animal protection laws that can be used to prosecute cruelty, thus protecting and furthering their business.

Foie gras in particular is an incredibly inhumane product, nicknamed the “delicacy of despair.” Ducks and geese are force fed through metal tubes that are shoved down their throats, often causing severe neck wounds and tumor-like lumps. King’s motivations for proposing and advocating for this cruel Farm Bill amendment are anything but pure, as Iowa is known as the largest egg-producing state. Urge Iowa Representative Steve King to reconsider his proposed amendment, to consider the consequences for innocent animals whose most promising line of defense at the state level will be demolished, perpetuating cruel and inhumane factory farming practices.


Dear Iowa State Representative Steve King,

Please reconsider your recently proposed amendment to the Farm Bill, an amendment that will perpetuate cruel and inhumane factory farming practices, eliminating the animals’ line of defense and protection at the state level. Think outside of your state of Iowa’s egg-production needs to consider the consequences of such an amendment for animals nationwide.

For instance, in the state of California foie gras is currently banned due to cruel production practices, however if your proposed amendment is passed, they will be forced to allow foie gras into the state despite the previous ban. This means more ducks and geese will be tortured by being force-fed several times a day through a metal tube that is shoved down their throats, causing serious injury and disease. Revoke this cruel amendment, and do not block the opportunity for animal protection at the state or the federal level.


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  1. Kerstin Weitze says:

    Bitte überdenken Sie Ihre kürzlich vorgeschlagenen Änderung des Farm Bill, eine Änderung, die grausame und inhumane Massentierhaltung Praktiken verewigen wird, die Beseitigung der Tiere Linie der Verteidigung und den Schutz auf der staatlichen Ebene. Denken Sie außerhalb Ihres Bundesstaat Iowa-Ei-Produktion benötigt, um die Folgen einer solchen Änderung für Tiere bundesweit zu betrachten.

  2. J Davidson says:

    Disgusting legislators don’t care about the pain and suffering of other living beings. Hope it comes back to them and then they will understand.

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