Find Man Responsible for Throwing Dog and Puppy Off Bridge


Target: Community of Brookwood, Alabama

Goal: Find the man who cruelly threw a mother dog and her puppy off of a bridge

Recently, an unknown perpetrator committed a disgusting act of animal violence. This man was seen dumping a mother dog and her puppy off of a bridge and into the water in Brookwood, Alabama. This crime was witnessed, but no action has been taken to find the man responsible for this crime.

Amy Kelly was on the way to breakfast when she noticed a white SUV near the edge of the bridge. She saw a man throw a suspicious bag off the side of the bridge, then jump back into the SUV and speed off. Following her instinct, Kelly drove down close to the water. She was shocked when she saw a dog floating not too far from a pillowcase.

Kelly immediately jumped into the water and swam towards the dog. She reached the dog and noticed that the pillowcase was moving and squirming. She was extremely stunned to find a puppy inside of the pillowcase. This man not only threw a dog off the bridge, but also her defenseless puppy.

Both the mother dog and her puppy were rescued and are making their recovery at a rescue organization in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, most crimes of this nature go unnoticed. Many animals become victims to heinous acts of animal cruelty such as this. In this case, these dogs were saved thanks to the attention and action of Amy Kelly. Sign and share the petition below to help locate the man responsible for this unforgivable act of animal cruelty.


Dear community of Brookwood, Alabama,

An unspeakable crime has recently taken place in your community. A man in a white SUV was seen throwing a mother dog and her puppy off the side of a bridge and into the water, leaving them for dead. Fortunately, the mother dog and puppy were both saved by a woman named Amy Kelly. The dogs are now recovering at an animal rescue in Connecticut.

While the dogs have been saved and are recovering, the man responsible for this heinous crime has yet to be found. I am urging individuals with any information regarding this situation to report their findings to their local officials.


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Photo credit: Vanessa Davis Ryan via Facebook

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  1. if they don’t get punished now, they well after death !!! make a law no kill of animals anywhere in the u.s.a.


    Pure infantile primitivism – what kind of idiotic monsters are able to handle and destroy living creatures in that way is unbelievable – monsters deserves monsterwork too.

    “While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal positions on this earth?”
    George Bernhard Shaw

    “Compassion is the chief law of human existence.”
    Fyodor Dostoevsky


    People need to vote unacting dumb authorities and officials acting irresponsibly to futuregenerations out of occupations NOW AND FOR ALL!


  3. Wow, that is disgusting and I hope this POS is caught but I am SO glad this story turned out differently than what I was afraid it was going to. Thank you Amy, you are a true hero!!!

  4. Animals are our friends & family. No animal deserves to be misused or abused. Animals can’t talk & protect themselves from evil people. It’s are responsibility to defend these helpless defenseless animals. Harsher punishments should be handed down. How would these people that are cruel to animals get exactly what they do to these poor animals.

  5. Jennifer C. says:

    I signed! This is unforgivable! :(

  6. Maggy Genc says:

    Thank you so much Kelly, wonderful. I signed.

  7. rita lamey says:

    ….and they say the dog is a mans’ best friend?
    This world gets worse with every passing day and I am at times, truly ashamed to be a part of the Human Race. This ‘throw away Society’ we live in, truly knows no bounds. There are no

    borders, there are no ‘lines to cross’ anymore for certain people. In short for some, there is no respect for anyone or anything. One can only hope and pray that there really is a tortuous Hell and hold the belief that Karma truly does promise payback. That and eternal damnation for those vile offenders and the constant, never ending haunting of them by their innocent victims. High time to stop ‘turning the other cheek’, time to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves …. time where scum like this is concerned, to implement Plan B…..’an eye for an eye’…….sounds good to me.

  8. Michae Guest says:

    Unacceptable. That is animal cruelty. Get that person arrested for doing this crime. Pass a law to protect animals from abuse and cruelty everywhere. Animals don’t deserve this unnecessary action, they deserve care and respect.

  9. Kathryn Stein says:

    I hope the photo of the mom dog and her pups is published in the local fish wrapper so perhaps someone will identify the dogs and know the identity of this jerk.

  10. Kathryn Stein says:

    And…thank you so much Kelly for following your instinct and saving these dogs. They should publish YOUR photo in the paper.

    • Billie Hassim Billie Hassim says:

      Hello Kathryn,

      I just wanted to clarify that the picture of the puppy in this petition is the actual puppy that was thrown off of the bridge. Amy Kelly allowed her friend, Vanessa Davis Ryan, to photograph the mother and her pup. Both pictures of mom and pup can be found on Vanessa’s Facebook.

  11. We must as soon as possible to give a name and a face so cruel to a person who has intentionally done an act so cruel to animals,his liability must be punished in an exemplary manner with an indelible stain on his conscience admitted that such a being has one

  12. Thank god for that girl- that SOB should be done in in a really cruel way- he must be found- can’t be that may SUV’s fitting that description in the area- up his

  13. This man needs to be treated the same. An eye for an eye! Find him, tie him down with chains and drown him! I know I am lowering myself to his standards, but he certainly deserves this and nothing less. Thank goodness there was a witness. Too bad for him, the dogs are doing wonderful. Revenge on him!

  14. Josephine says:

    That has to be the most atrocious disgusting human behavior. I honestly hope that he deserves whats comming to him, He needs to be trialed for unspeakable cruelty that his inflicted on these animals. Honestly how on earth can anyone do that to gods creatures, its beyond me.

  15. Leonardo Venegas says:

    Amy Kelly you are truly a hero!!!

  16. I Hope This Sadistic Excuse For a Human Being Is Found And Dealt With a Criminal Felony Animal Cruelty This Was a Deliberate Act Of Animal Abuse And I Thank God That Amy Kelly Rescued This Innocent And Defenceless Mother And Her Baby You Are a True Hero.

  17. Cut off his dick. Ppl will stop doing sick crap if they gotta wonder if its worth losing their genitals. Stupid ppl sure do breed….but not if u just CUT OFF HIS DICK. Thanks.

  18. Erica Starks says:

    I hope the authorities find you before I do. I wouldn’t waste tax payer dollars on this worthless piece of flesh. This idiot should be thrown from a plane into shark infested waters.

  19. Thank you Amy Kelly for being observant seeing the bag toss and taking action to save this mama dog and puppy!!!

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