Demand Justice for Girl Beaten and Arrested for Falling Asleep in School

Target: Hoover High School Principal Don Hulin

Goal: Apologize to high school girl who was beaten and arrested for falling asleep in school

Recently, Ashlynn Avery, a high school girl in Hoover, Alabama was beaten and arrested after falling asleep during an in-school suspension. She was given the suspension after skipping class, but fell asleep during it due to medical conditions. She was physically assaulted by a school supervisor and then arrested by a school police officer. There is no reason this girl should have been treated in this way. The school must apologize to Avery for this incident.

Avery suffers from diabetes and sleep apnea, which caused her to fall asleep during her in school suspension. A school supervisor woke her up by slamming the cubicle she was in, striking her on the head. When she dozed off again, the supervisor hit her desk with the book she was supposed to be reading. The book bounced and hit Avery in the chest. She was told to leave the room, and was followed by a school police officer. The officer slapped the girl’s backpack, and when she asked him to stop, he shoved her face-first into a filing cabinet. She was handcuffed and taken to the officer’s car. Once in the car, Avery vomited before being taken to the hospital.

There is no reason a high school girl should have been treated this way. She was clearly discriminated against due to her medical conditions. The police officer in the school violently overreacted, and Avery needed to receive medical attention as a result. This case is another example of abuse committed by school police officers. Schools have the responsibility to protect their students, not subject them to police brutality for minor issues such as falling asleep. The school must apologize to Avery for neglecting their responsibility to her.


Dear Mr. Hulin,

Recently, a student in your school was beaten and arrested for falling asleep. Ashlynn Avery fell asleep during an in-school suspension. She sustained injuries caused by a supervisor and a school police officer. She was handcuffed and hospitalized.

Avery fell asleep because of sleep apnea and diabetes. Her medical conditions do not mean that she should be subjected to such harsh treatment.

I ask you to apologize to Avery. There is no reason a high school girl should have had to face physical abuse from the people who were supposed to protect her. The school has a responsibility to protect its students from harm. By allowing this abuse to happen to Avery, you have failed this responsibility. You must apologize to the girl and her family for this incident.


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    People need to vote unacting dumb authorities and officials acting irresponsibly to futuregenerations out of occupations NOW AND FOR ALL!

  2. Joyce Dillenberger says:

    This is a clear case of student abuse. Both diabetes and sleep apnea can lead to falling asleep at inopportune times. My husband suffers from BOTH conditions and until he got the diagnoses and the help he needed, he too fell asleep on the job and behind the wheel. GET THIS STUDENT THE MEDICAL HELP SHE NEEDS! And then replace these insensitive, ignorant and abusive administrators who have no business being in charge of kids.

  3. Lisette Velazquez says:

    A petition demanding that the persons invilved in hurting her be fired and prevented from working w children. would really be more appropriate

    • giuseppe says:

      Lisette, I totally agree with you! There is absolutely no justification for such oligarchial behaviour by people who are supposed to enlighten and inspire the new generation of citizens.

  4. Dana Ridgley says:

    These people run the school and are responsible for educating students. It is clearly evident that the ones running the school are the ignorant ones who need the education. Require them to attend some clsses to learn how to manage the education of students. They clearly have not learned how up to this time.

  5. Barbara Van Tuyl says:

    In this instance I hardly think an APOLOGY is enough. Both the school supervisor and school police officer should be suspended without pay for at least a month and forced to attend some sort of class or instruction on diabetes and sleep apnea so MAYBE they can learn to recognize these medical conditions and act accordingly!

  6. It something unacceptable that a girl is beaten and arrested just for the fact that he fell asleep during a study session,the school and its teachers are held responsible for this despicable violence abuse and receive sentences appropriate to the case.

  7. Linda Indyk says:

    A parent who engaged in this behavior would have been charged with child abuse and lost custody of their children. Certainly, in many States, these same individuals would have been arrested for assault. It is time to hold school officials to the same standard that apply to other citizens. Arrest them and charge them with a felony. Shame on them for torturing a child with disabilities!

  8. Where are we NAZI Germany? Ummm, ok, if her parents did this, the Civilian Persecution Service would have decended upon her home and FORCIBLY removed her then put her on psycotropic drugs until she was 18. And the parents thrown in jail, but noooo it’s ok for non parent adults to beat kids.

    What the bleep was she harming? I saw kids sleeping in class back in the day all the time. Sheesh, it’s annoying, but they’re quiet, the teacher can still teach, and GENTLY wake up the student and have a “talk”. It’s not the bloody end of the world. For this poor girl, it was pretty close to being so.

    These bloody school staff, are supposed to be acting like guardians, they put the staff who died PROTECTING the kids at Sandy Hook to SHAME!.

    If you want your kids safe and to do well, homeschool them.

    Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states. Gotta work? Have a friend teach, or find a coop. If the child is old enough to be home alone, have him/her self teach. There are tons of free learning sites, books, virtual tours, interactive biology sites, ect. Forget USELESS public school, and get them using their time wisely, learning a USABLE SKILL. A mechanic doesn’t NEED to know biology, a CEO doesn’t either. Kids should be molded according to their strengths, not condemned for their “weaknesses”.

    Harm to another IS a crime, wherever it happens. FIRE THESE PEOPLE REVOLK TEACHING LICENSES!

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