Protect Blue Whales from Oil Companies

Target: Australian Environment Minister Tony Burke
Goal: Don’t allow oil and gas companies to destroy blue whale habitat.

Blue whales migrate to Australia every year to feed. However, each whale’s visit to Australia could be their last, given the extensive oil and gas exploration in the region. Oil and gas companies are proposing to expand operations in search of new and undeveloped sources of oil and gas beneath the seafloor. This exploration involves shooting high-powered air-guns in order to conduct seismic testing in search of oil and gas deposits. The deafening noise from these operations can drive whales away from their feeding ground and leaves them vulnerable to starvation, disorientation and death.

By signing below, you will tell Australia’s Environment Minister Tony Burke that you want to make Australia a safe haven for whales, not a death trap.

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  1. Patricia Hall says:

    It is about time governments around the world took environmental concerns seriously. Oil and gas exploration is killing our sea life and the blue whale is such a magnificent creature. The animals in our seas need protecting as much as those on land.

  2. What kind of earth are we leaving to our children, to YOUR children??? Please do things for a better, not for money as one day, because we’re killing little by little all species, even humanking, no one will be left to spend it!

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