Protect Remaining Gray Wolves

Target: Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell
Goal: Ensure remaining protections for gray wolves are not eliminated.

The government is proposing to remove all endangered species act protections for most of the gray wolves across the United States. This would be a conservation nightmare. Gray wolves have made a remarkable recovery since the species was hunted to near extinction over 40 years ago. However, the wolves’ recovery is about to be wiped out by the government. Without federal protection, wolf populations will succumb to the same wolf management policies that pushed this species to the brink of extinction in the first place.

We must urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to not allow the destruction of what remains of gray wolf populations. This special animal must be protected in order to ensure the species can recover from years of systematic slaughter. Sign the petition below and demand that wolves retain the federal protections needed to ensure their recovery in the wild.

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  1. This is barbaric, horrific and disgusting allowed and intitated by pathetic people. Since when do we have the God given right to exterminate a species in such a cruel way; a beautiful one at that, here long before we were. And for this to happen in one of the greatest countries in the world where we say we stand for rights, protect the innocent, helpless, who have no voices. Disgusting people. BOYCOTT!! Boycott Boycott all states, their goods, businesses who are allowing this

  2. Carol Lorraine Carol Lorraine says:

    So Sad

  3. Lucy Kelly says:

    What is the purpose of this? It came from nowhere! Wolves have a valuable role to play in nature. All predators have. This makes me sick. It makes me want to die.

  4. Victoria says:

    The brutality is spinning out of control, congress and awareness raising should be used, surely most Americans are against this massacre?

  5. Nick Kondax says:

    I would love to see one of these “brave” hunters be put in a cage with an Alpha wolf without their gun, that would make for a real “ego trip” for them if they survived.

  6. Please urge your members of congress to do the right thing and please pay close attention to those that vote FOR the delisting of this magnificent being. How sad are we as a country that we forget our horrible failures so quickly and with so little thought. Vote for those party members the belive in conservation and act on behalf of the will of the majority of the people and for what is right. Not those who would rather take political donations from a handful of ranchers and antiquated pro-wolf-slaughter advocates and butchers. We fought so hard as a nation to restore this creature into our wild places after they were nearly wiped from north america in total. That was in the 1990’s for god sake and here we go again letting the bad guys run roughshod. Please do more than sign this petiton. Take action! Take to the streets! Organize forms of civil disobedience that respects life and brings attention and sheds the spotlight of shame on memebers of congress who vote with their wallet and not their conscience. Every wolf killed is another nail in the coffin of our humanity. We have so few wild places left. Are we doomed to an existence of strip malls and parking lots!! Please american ACT!!!

  7. The slaughter of gray wolves is shortsighted and disgusting!

  8. MaureenLoCascio says:

    Stop this barbaric scourge now Leave these beautiful animals alone now.This is a disgrace

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