Punish NYPD Officer Who Shot a Dog for No Reason

Target: New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly

Goal: Fire and prosecute NYPD officer for unnecessarily killing a New York City resident’s dog

The New York Police Department has been praised for keeping NYC safe. New York City has a lower crime rate than most large American cities, much lower than the crime rate in Washington DC, for example. But there have also been complaints about NYPD racial profiling, invasive searching, and police brutality. One woman reports that an NYPD officer shot her dog in a park for no justifiable reason.

Trisha Ratz and her sister were walking their dogs in a public park and two of them started to scuffle. They separated the dogs, but then a police officer pointed a gun at them. They told the officer that they had it under control, but she allegedly screamed at them to step away from the dogs and then shot at them. Trisha’s dog, Baby Girl, ran away from the officer, but was hit.

The officer wouldn’t allow them to search for the dogs for a while after she finished shooting. The police told her that they didn’t know where Baby Girl was. Later, Ms. Ratz and her sister asked some kids to help them look for Baby Girl, and they found her lying in a pool of blood in the back of a police vehicle. The police offered to take her to a vet, but they ended up taking her to a facility where there was no vet. Ms. Ratz and her brother got Baby Girl to a vet over an hour after she was shot, but that wasn’t timely enough. She died of the injuries 5 days later.

This is insane, on many counts. First of all, the dogs were not posing a threat. Dogs scuffle with other dogs all the time, and their owners had taken control of the situation. Baby Girl was running away from the scene when this officer shot her. Also, the police were incompetent. They claimed to not know where the dog was, and then they took her to a facility with no vet on duty. Worst of all, the officer opened fire in the middle of a park. She could have shot anyone.

The New York Police Department needs to train officers on how to handle animals. But this situation doesn’t even sound like the animals needed to be handled. So, we urge NYPD Police Commissioner Kelly to fire and press charges against the officer who shot Tricia Ratz’ dog.


Dear Mr. Kelly,

We are sad and disgusted that an NYPD officer shot New York resident Trisha Ratz’ dog, Baby Girl. As Trisha tells the story, she and her sister were walking their dogs, and the dogs got into a minor scuffle. An NYPD officer approached them, and they separated the dogs. The NYPD officer shot Trisha’s dog, Baby Girl, as Baby Girl was running away.

The police officer would not help them search for Baby Girl, or even allow them to search for a while. Neighborhood kids found the dog in the back of a police vehicle, after the police had told Ratz that they didn’t know where she was. When the police offered to take them to a vet, the vet wasn’t even on duty. Baby Girl died five days later of her injuries.

Your officer opened fire on an animal that was not a threat in the middle of an open park. Not only is this unethical, it is illegal. We urge you to fire and prosecute the officer who did this. We also urge you to train officers in how to handle animals.


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  1. victoria says:

    idiot cops, why the hell do they keep hurting animals

  2. Shelley Krayer says:

    People who do things like this harming of animals should receive the harshest punishment possible; something like the equivalence of the death penalty for humans.

  3. It seems to me that the officers who do this sort of thing are acting out of fear. If they harbor so much fear why are they the ones entrusted with keeping us safe? We need more negotiators with badges, not more guns for shooting innocent animals.

  4. Is her father a cop or did she screw her way into the force? Either way, she needs to be fired before she shoots a child and tries to hide that body also. No second chances. You can’t train idiots.

  5. rosarita fogliazza says:

    Ma che diavolo hanno nella testa i poliziotti americani? Sono una massa di bastardi, hanno bisogno di cure psichiatriche !!

  6. stop a la souffrance des animaux que justice soit fait car ils leurs manquent que la parole o animaux

  7. It seems these days U.S cops like to shoot at dogs. The last petition I signed was about a cop getting the wrong address and shooting a dog there!

  8. Judi Roselli says:

    There is no excuse for this horrific act by the Police Officer. I would hire an attorney and fight to sue them in court, for the senseless killing of a family pet that was on a leash. She was not attacking or lunging the officer, so the officer had no reason to fire at her. The officer also lied of the whereabouts of the injured dog & was the person that caused her death by not allowing the owners to take her to a animal hospital that could have saved her. There are so many wrong doings against that officer, she needs to be removed from her job and arrested for shooting a gun at a harmless animal in a public place. She should also be sued in civil court for the replacement fee to allow the owner to purchase from a shelter or adopt another pet. I pray justice will be served in this very sad case! As part of the officer’s punishment she should have to volunteer at an animal shelter for a specific amount of time before she is allowed back on the job.

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