Stop the Slaughter of Dolphins in Japan

Target: Japan Airlines & Air China
Goal: Stop airlines from transporting dolphins caught at the Taiji hunt and slaughter.

At the beginning of September of every year, Japan’s dolphin hunting season starts and does not end until March. Thousands of dolphins and porpoises are murdered in the Cove of Taiji for their meat. These dolphins are cruelly captured and led into the cove and killed ruthlessly by local fishermen. Some are captured and confined in small cages until they are sold. Despite protests worldwide, Japan’s dolphin market is still flourishing and it must be stopped.

Dolphins that are lucky enough to not be slaughered at the cove in Taiji, Japan are captured and shipped to faraway countries to be forced to perform in animal enclosures. The money generated by the sale of these captured dolphins to foreign countries helps fund the annual dolphin slaughter at Taiji. At the heart of this operation are the airlines that fly the dolphins from Japan to their new enclosures. Specifically, Japan Airline and Air China transport most of the dolphins that have been captured.

By pressuring these airlines to stop transporting dolphins on their flights, we can take a major step towards shutting down the dolphin slaughter. If the killers cannot sell live dolphins to foreign lands, much of the money that funds the slaughter will dry up.

Let’s tell Japan Airlines and Air China that we will not stand for their support of the dolphin slaughter.

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  1. Nico Thenu says:

    I heard ones a story of a brave samurai who said he would not throw away honour, just because other people would not respect it anymore. The people who used the simple way and threw away the honour were forgotten.. and the samurai? He was remembered and even respected long after his death. Why I am telling this? I know that the people of Japan are strong and proud and that they will point to the bio-industie many protestors of the killings of Dolphins and whales are benifiting from by buying this kind of cheap meat. The question is if the inhumane slaughter from animals in the bio-industry give others the reason for backing up the other inhumane slaughter.. Are the Japanese as the brave and wise samurai, or like the weak people that were forgotten?

  2. David King says:

    There are many documented examples of dolphins succouring umans and other animals. To kill them indiscriminately or to kidnap them brings huge shame on to the perpetrators. Eating their meat is proved to be dangerous to brain development, so there can be no justification for this horrific dolphin slaughter. It recalls the disgraceful behaviour of the Japanese during the second world war when they treated their prisoners in totally shameful fashion.

  3. Roger Brenton says:

    The words don’t exist to adequately describe my hatred and loathing of those morons who kill such beautiful creatures for their own personal gain. The governments involved are just as reprehensible while they stand by and do nothing to stop the slaughter.
    Compassion is supposed to be what marks us out as different from animals – I don’t think so.

  4. Humans are by far the WORST invention ever made, we should be ashamed of ourselves for doing these egregious acts against our animal friends and the worst offenders are the ones that ALLOW it to happen such as the Captive Industry (who ONLY care for the money these beautiful, intelligent, sentient beings bring in for them) or simply the citizens of the Countries who idly sit by who KNOW about it and say nothing! Yes,I am ashamed to be called “human”

  5. Anna Fox says:

    Why is this so offensive to people when all across the USA and Europe billions of animals each year are raised in concentration camps and carted off to be brutally slaughtered for our greedy consumption?

    • Victoria says:

      That is true but it isn’t a matter of setting one living creature, or for that matter one nation , against another? We shoud be striving to stop all incidents of gross inhumanity dolphin slaughter, foie gras, trapping and factory farming

    • It’s ALL offensive, Anna!!!!People NEED to speak up for all injustices against ALL animals!!

  6. If they can’t see the rest of the world are looking at them and say no to this and we are angry and sad for this evil killing of the dolphins which part of no don’t they under stand.The Dolphins can’t fight back they got no hand’s no leg’s.these people they must be Mentally sick if they can’t see the sign from the rest of the world .Murderes.

  7. This is not only the japanes -Dolphins -but the worlds dolphins they are not allowed to take what is not theirs.This is very much in our face to think that the japanese think they are more than the rest of the world. So they can do what ever.While we are sitting and looking at the blood bath they are doing.

    And haven’t they done enough of bad stuff Nuclear Plant disatser for many years to come apperently they don’t care what they have done to the sea and now they even triumph with blood bath of dolphins and where they have made the sea sickening, they just go on and on killing the rest of the worlds stuff in the sea ,they do not care what they did before nor after how arrogant of them.Poor people who have to live in the country who want to help who have to look at their own kind. Destroying that little they gor left for their children and the worlds children to come.The Japanese, Their reputation is as low as it can get .They just do what ever they please with the sea we get it now. What ever have the Dolphins done to you.Wake up the world is looking at you right now.Haven’t you done enough.

    Should we feel sorry for you when you don’t feel sorry for other beings.

  8. Lia Lopes says:

    Inhumane cruel & brutal-has to stop NOW Hopefully we will persuade the (I.O.C.) Independant Olympic Committee to award the 2020 Olympic games to a more deserving country,caring and protecting of animal rights.Shame to Japan!

  9. Dear Readers,
    Only when a United Nations resolution has been approved and the world condems these horrific practices will Japan stop. If you can’t get a sort of Political stick so to speak to give this movement clout, all protests will stay protests. Nations only change their bad ways under GREAT political pressure, and it must be done over a couple of years, otherwise its all in vain.

  10. This is horrific and must stop. Your ancestors are frowning upon you as they see a world devoid of compassion toward all living things and a destruction of our seas and our planet. This will bring bad omens to Japan and to all of mankind who have the hubrous to belive we have a right to wipe out all the creatures and natural places this planet has left. The japanese culture has much to offer but in thousands of years they have not learned anything if this hunting of whales and dolphins continues with no concerns that we are destroying our seas and our planet and our hamanity alike. For shame. shame on all of us for allowing this to continue.

  11. Keith Lanni says:

    The people who do this and allow this to happen should be subjected to the torture inflicted upon these dolphins. These are wonderfully intelligent, brave creatures who have been known to help humans in the past. This is the way we repay them?? Japan disgusts me on this issue.

  12. ELIZABETH says:

    they r savages

  13. Christina Malm says:

    Japan! It’s shameful! horrible! The world repudiate this cruel massacre of dolphins! We urge to STOP NOW!!!

  14. hijos de puta…

  15. Victoria C. says:

    Dolphins use in aquariums have been abused and hunted down before capture for decades, I have been recently suspended from twitter after taking part in a tweetstorm against Taji dolphin slaughter and aquariums, despite not being aggressive or anti Japanese, just raising awareness like many Japanese activists do who want to stop this atrocity. This amounts to a lack of free speech when bullies and sexual content are allowed on twitter but animal voices not allowed to share petitions as much as they should be?


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