Stop Torturing Bears in Pakistan

Target: Pakistan President Asif Zardari
Goal: Stop the brutal “sport” of bear baiting.

In areas of the Pakistan countryside, upwards of 2,000 onlookers assemble in order to catch a glimpse of the cruel spectator sport that is bear baiting. During the event, bears that have had their teeth and claws removed are tethered to a post in the middle of a crowd where anywhere between two to six dogs are released at a time to see if they can get a grip on the bear’s head and bring the animal down. The dog that is successful is declared the winner; if a bear happens to remain standing (which is extremely rare) the bear wins.

The horrific sport of bear baiting is believed to have originated at least 200 hundred years ago and uses exclusively Asiatic black bears, a species found in the wilds of Pakistan—a recent count by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has estimated that a total number of 300 black bears are what remain of the species in the country. Bears are typically picked up as cubs after their parents are killed by poachers. While travelling, the gypsies are either paid for putting on the contests or are paid by landowners who wish to do so. In order to completely eradicate this problem and see to it that no more bears (or dogs, for that matter) are harmed in this way, the Pakistani government needs to lend its full support to the solution.

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  1. Darrell Johnson says:

    Disgusting!! You evil things….. God will have you.

  2. On lopettettava tuollianen ilkeä puuha ei ole oikeen ettei karhu voi puolustaa

  3. Linda Peterson says:

    This is just torture and murder of these magnificent creatures.You take out the teeth and claws and have up to 6 dogs attach the Bear, it doesn’t stand a chance. This is beyond cruel,you are killing just to kill, this is barbaric and sick.

    • we admit thats totally wrong but what about humans what america doing in afghanistan and iraq and what india doing in kashmeer with innocent people? did u ever think about that? why they killing innocent people there ?

    • Mabunda Morpheus says:

      What does Afghanistan and Iraq have to do with it? Do Afghans and Iraqis have their teeth pulled and are they declawed also? I am sick of armed people who rape and sodomize women whining and crying about their state of affairs based on the misery they perpetrate on others. What about the Twin Towers in America? Did innocent people die there or do they not count?

  4. Maria Scourta says:


  5. Maria Vasileiou says:

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!1

  6. Merv Scanlan says:

    I agree with Linda Peterson, just sick and cruel. What have humans become?

  7. soraia lopes says:

    animals freedommmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. soraia lopes says:

    animals freedommmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. Evil Scumbags. Will be damned to hell for sure. I just hope they get their Karma here as well and SOON.

  10. il n’y a pas de mots dans le langage humain pour décrire ces êtres d’un sadisme inouï….Qu’ils n’espèrent quand même pas s’en sortir comme ça ….il subiront un énorme retour de bâton; la loi du KARMA

  11. lori surdam says:

    Where is the “sign” button???

  12. Mabunda Morpheus says:

    Bear baiting also happens in the United States. We are also fighting it in North Carolina.

  13. Helene Beck says:

    I wrote to the Pakistani embassy in my country regarding this matter, and they responded:
    “Thankyou for your email. The Govt of Pakistan is committed to stopping such inhumane practices. The road to achieving this goal is long and difficult due to reasons beyond authorities’ control. However, the efforts are underway and each day more people are made aware and such sports are becoming lesser popular due to Govt’s campaign. Please see the enclosed link. Regards.

    Tribune story regarding animal cruelty sport dated 12 Oct 2013

    Well, they are trying in Pakistan, – or!!??

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