Close Brutal Puppy Mills

Target: U.S. Congress

Goal: Shut down puppy mills by closing loophole that allows for puppy mill dogs to be sold over the Internet.

Some of the most horrific cases of animal abuse take place in puppy mills, which sell most of their puppies over the internet. The conditions of animals sold online aren’t regulated, so puppy mill owners are not required by law to provide their animals with anything—not even food, water, or shelter. Animals used for breeding purposes are impregnated over and over again in order to maximize profits, and puppies are often sold before they’re ready to be separated from their mothers.

After most states passed laws regulating the trade of animals in pet stores and from breeders, the internet became the new way for abusive puppy mills to continue to make a profit. Puppy mills sell around several hundred thousand puppies online each year, and many of these puppies arrive at their new homes after suffering a number of abuses.

By signing this petition, you will help shut down brutal puppy mills for good.

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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    Gladly signed. These types of cruel places cannot be allowed to continue operating.
    Please sign the petition.
    Care2 is a wonderful site and I hope those unfamiliar with it will explore it and enjoy it.

  2. Not a problem i will gladly hunt them down

  3. it would only be common sense to stop this!

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