Don’t Allow U.S. to Halt Protection of Gray Wolves

Target: United States Department of the Interior

Goal: Continue protection of gray wolf and surrounding ecosystem

A decades-long effort to help the gray wolf population recover may end, as federal wildlife officials have drafted a plan that would lift protections for this endangered species. Scientists have warned that a removal of this protection would effectively lead to the extinction of the gray wolf and have a negative impact on the ecosystem. Protect the gray wolf population today – demand that the drafted bill be rescinded.

The draft, proposed by the U.S. Department of the Interior, would lift protections for gray wolves across the lower 48 states. The draft claims that the estimated 6,000 gray wolves that live in the Great Lakes and Northern Rockies are enough to prevent the species from going extinct. They claim that the presence of gray wolves in the West Coast, parts of New England, and elsewhere is unnecessary for the survival of the species.

Yet, these top predators are essential the lower 48’s ecosystem and nothing proves this better than the effects of the return of wolves to Yellowstone National Park. Forests could finally grow after decades of over-grazing because gray wolves helped to keep elks at bay. The return of these forests, especially along riverbeds, allowed for an increase in songbirds and biodiversity. Beavers, after decades of forced relocation, could return to their stream-side homes and build dams from forest materials. As Jeremy Hance points out, “scientists have worked hard to make the case that wolves are key to these ecosystems, [yet] many still oppose the animals’ reintroduction.” Part of this has to do with a stigma concerning the danger of wolves. Though people are highly frightened of wolf attacks, they are extremely rare occurrences and often are a result of a human invading a wolf’s territory, not the other way around.

Protect this endangered animal that not only has a historical significance, but is essential to the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem. Demand that the U.S. Department of the Interior discard their draft proposing to drop gray wolf protection.


Dear U.S. Department of the Interior,

Your draft that proposes to eliminate protection for the gray wolf is a dangerous one. Not only are these wolves an important part of North America’s historical wildlife, they are a fundamental part of an ecosystem. By removing protection for the gray wolf, you are condemning this endangered species to extinction. If the gray wolf becomes extinct, forests will lose protection from over-grazing elks. Beavers will suffer from the over-grazing because they will not have materials to build their homes out of. Biodiversity will drop and plants and both tree-dwelling and tree-feeding animals will lose resources.

It seems as if this draft is based on an illogical fear of wolf attacks as well as the need to protect ranches and satisfy hunters. Wolf attacks are extremely rare and often the result of a human stepping natural bounds, rather than a wolf wandering into a residential area. In addition to this, rather than allowing natural habitats to suffer due to the lack of an essential predator, the government should be helping ranches design effective ways to protect their livestock.

Please reconsider your actions and contemplate the larger ecosystem you are negatively impacting by allowing the extinction of this important mammal. I urge you to discard the draft that drops protection for gray wolves.


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Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

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  1. Myrna Burdick says:

    We need the government to protect the wolves! The ranchers don’t need help in protecting their herds, they go out of their way to create “attractive prey” situations so that they can get rid of a sick cow while shooting an animal that is trying to feed its family.

    If they truly want to protect their herds which graze our open spaces belonging to the state, they need to buy herding dogs which protect flocks. Better yet, build a fence around their own property and keep the cattle from straying.

    We produce far too many food animals. Ask any butcher in a grocery store what is done with meat not sold —-it goes into the garbage.

  2. Gov’t please listen to this, as humankind progressed through time; we have had so much guilt of making 356 different animals go extinct because of farm issues… Is this really okay? A wolf; an animal that DOES have a soul and emotion to understand what it is doing… IT IS TRYING TO SURVIVE just like us…. What gives you a right to judge such a creature… Remember, our loyal dog friends are from their ancestor the wolf.

  3. Michael Guest says:

    This is not okay. These wolves have been suffering, killed, and dying in huge numbers. Now’s not the time to be standing by over wild wolves. I ask and urge you to please keep the protections in place for the wolves. They desperately need them to survive. And they do deserve better. Please do the right thing before it’s too late. Save our Wolves!

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