Protect Great White Sharks

Target: Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia

Goal: Protect the great white shark from legally being killed

A new $6 million policy has been enacted in Australia to kill any great white shark that is found in the coastal waters. The great white shark is already on the list of endangered animals. Furthermore, there is no evidence that the practice of killing sharks will prevent the attack of humans by sharks.

The great white shark is extremely important in maintaining the balance and health of marine ecosystems. Its role at the top of the food chain plays a crucial role in weeding out the weakest of animals lower in the food chain. Eliminating the weakest of a species of an ecosystem promotes the evolution of the healthiest animals in the environment. Removing the Great White Shark will have repercussions that can be devastating to the ecosystem.

Studies in various marine ecosystems where the Great White Shark population has decreased shows that the ecosystem has declined overall. Millions of years of balance and establishing a healthy ecosystem are at risk of being disturbed if humans are allowed to kill these sharks for no particular reason.

Additionally, Great White Sharks are already hunted for various parts of their bodies. They are at risk of being extinct and have recently been placed on the list of endangered species.

The Great White Shark is crucial for the maintenance of an already fragile ecosystem. Killing this critical component of the ecosystem in its natural habitat is a practice that must be stopped.


Dear Colin Barnett,

The recent enactment of the killing of the great white shark is threatening to the survival of this crucial animal in the marine ecosystem. If these important sharks continued to be killed, the ecosystem is in serious danger of being thrown off of its already precarious balance.

Numerous studies have been conducted in environments where the Great White Shark is already dwindling in population have shown concerning signs. These sharks play a critical role at the top of the food chain. Eliminating these sharks from the food chain can cause the entire ecosystem to be thrown out of balance leading to far reaching consequences that will end up causing more problems in the future.

The killing of innocent sharks along the coastline needs to be ended immediately. If we do not act now, a critical component of the marine ecosystem is at serious risk of being destroyed. A lack of action now will lead to serious consequences.


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Photo Credit: George Probst via Flickr

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  1. Jennifer C. says:

    All animals have a purpose! Please acknowledge that they are on the list of endangered animals!

  2. I agree, all animals/humans/living species make up part of the food chain. Senseless killing is uncalled for. Sharks do not come onto land to terrorise humans, yet humans feel it is their right to go into and onto the water to kill sharks when they attack someone in their habitat. If you don’t want to be attacked, don’t go into shark infested water areas then!

  3. Lucy Kelly says:

    We live in a paradise, so why do we keep destroying it? Personally, I would prefer to remove those who destroy it, rather than see it destroyed. Rarely, we suffer a little in it, but overall, this world is a paradise, and we should appreciate this.

  4. Lucy Kelly says:

    The loss of sharks has led to an increase in jellyfish, which the sharks must have been consuming. As a result, people are now sufferring jellyfish stings, often lethal ones. Stupid people are destroying this world. I would like to determine the genes for adaption to/love of nature, and for disregard or abuse of it, and then deselect as embryoes people who disregard or abuse it. This world is a paradise, and is my inheritance. I do not wish to lose it for the damagingly selfish.

  5. Lynne Brundle says:

    I’m Australian, & I live in here. It’s part of life, we go into their “house”, leave them be. We know the risks – live with it.

  6. Pure infantile primitivism – what kind of idiotic monsters are able to handle and destroy living creatures in that way is unbelievable – monsters are not humans and deserves monsterwork too.

    People need to vote unacting dumb authorities and officials acting irresponsibly to futuregenerations out of occupations NOW AND FOR ALL!

    “While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal positions on this earth?”
    George Bernhard Shaw

  7. douglas howe says:

    if it is true that great white sharks migrate,then these great white sharks that being depleted in australia will eventually affect the ecosystem of south africa.killing off any species due to fear and ignorance is not only wrong but outcomes will affect every species on the planet.i am only indirectly aiming this paragraph at the president of west australia.i am very sympathetic to the loss of life due to these great preditors and very mindful of the danger that exist even in waist deep not fear what is unknown,for science shall reveal many possibilities.

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