End Brutality Against Animals in Kathmandu

Target: Nepali Prime Minister, Khil Raj Regmi

Goal: Stop the horrific treatment and neglect of animals in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is one of the world’s leaders in animal cruelty. The circumstances animals are forced to endure there make much of the world’s cruelty seem like refuge. For a long time economic circumstances were believed to be responsible, but recent discoveries by animal rights activists have raised serious concerns about Nepal’s capital.

On an average day in Kathmandu one can see stray cows, dogs, donkeys, and cats starving. More than 35,000 animals currently live on the streets. Most ultimately starve to death, but many are also killed by hit and run collisions with speeding vehicles that leave the animals to die. Parasites, infections, parvo, distemper, malnutrition, and dehydration continue to run rampant among the populations.

It had always been assumed that the failure to properly take care of these animals was the result of extreme poverty, but a recent video posted online by animal rights activists has led to further investigation of what is perhaps a much more serious problem. The video shows Nepali police shooting a dog for no reason and then beating it to death with bamboo sticks in full view of the public. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident. In fact, it has become quite common. Police and government organizations have even taken to poisoning these animals in large numbers.

The stray population can’t be attributed strictly to reproduction or poverty. Most of the animals have, or had, owners, but were either abandoned or left on the street because the owner believed their utility had ended. In a sense, they are on the streets because their owners do not care or because they believe their life no longer serves a purpose.

At the moment, there is nothing that can be done. There are no shelters, no rescues, and no places to take these animals when they are removed from the streets. Last year police attempted to help by rounding up all of the strays and making owners pay $60 for their return, but most of them were never rescued and the police were forced to release them all back into the city.

These animals should not be forced to struggle every day to survive because of the negligence of the humans surrounding them. There is no excuse for an entire city failing to provide them even basic protection. Please sign the petition below and demand that the Nepali government stop the cruelty now.


Dear Prime Minister Regmi,

Kathmandu is a city of some 700,000 people, yet it has no animal shelters or any means of rescuing animals at all, for that matter. There are currently more than 35,000 animals living on the streets. Most of them will starve to death or die of disease. Some will be involved in traffic accidents harming not only themselves, but humans as well. Police have been caught poisoning hundreds of dogs, senselessly shooting them, and beating them to death with sticks and clubs. There is absolutely no excuse for any of this.

Please do something to help these animals and give them the lives they deserve. They should not be left out on the streets by their owners to suffer and die. Many of your neighboring countries of encountered similar struggles in the past, yet have overcome them by creating a network of rescue operations, shelters, and also educating people about the value of the lives of animals. The same can be done for Nepal as well.


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Photo credit: Siromani Dhungana via United We Blog

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  1. they live in the stone age.

  2. Excuses. Even in “civilized” countries is the same excuse to abandon, neglect animals. If you do not have enough money, there are plenty of restaurants that would not hesitate to give you scraps for your dogs and cats.

  3. Excuses. Even in “civilized” countries is the same excuse to abandon, neglect animals. If you do not have enough money, there are plenty of restaurants that would not hesitate to give you scraps for your dogs and cats.

  4. Robert Ortiz says:

    This is shameful and must be stopped at once!

  5. Leo Mauro says:

    There is absolutely NO excuse for such animal abuse. Always champion animal rights over human wrongs. They depend heavily on tourism in Kathmandu and the rest of Nepal, so the most effective way to protest is to BOYCOTT THEM and let them know WHY.

  6. Ev Velazquez says:

    For this to continue in the 21st century is a total disgrace to the whole human race!!! This is completely unconscionable abuse of animals and cannot be tolerated. Let’s boycott these bastards!!

  7. D. Turner says:

    The Nepalese people have to be ruthless, gutless, soul-less to treat innocent animals so inhumanely. It is appallingly UNACCEPTABLE and they must be held accountable & educated to put a stop to it for all future generations. I will share this petition on facebook, twitter and other social media. I hope others will do the same. This cruel & unnecessary suffering is just HEARTBREAKING!!

  8. basta con esto loco. amen a lops animales

  9. vanessa1717 says:

    i think this is a horrible thing they do not think or what and I have seen that happen with one of my friends pitbull that the police just shot at it and it wasn’t doing anything wrong and it makes me sad because I want to help these innocent animals that are just looking for love and shelter

  10. One reason why police have to eliminate stray dogs in Nepal is that quite a number of local pets are not vaccinated against rabies, and with strays one cannot tell for sure. Wild animals, sometimes rabid, frequently come into the city and bite local dogs so there is a serious problem with rabies among the stray population. People die all the time after bites, and when I lived there twenty-five years back, rabies was a constant fear among locals. I doubt the police like to kill stray dogs, but for public health reasons there is little choice. That they have recently had a civil war and their economy got ruined in the process is not making it easier.

    Generally, Nepalese are not cruel to animals in my experience, and often are quite affectionate towards them, even strays. Note that the reason there are stray cows is that cows aren’t usually killed for meat, similarly to Indian practice. This article seems superficial and even ignorant. It is fine to be opposed to cruelty to animals, but please investigate more carefully as to the reasons for what you see; failing to do so is not only arrogant, but unfair to the animals, as you will be ineffective in trying to better their conditions.

    • Rubbish.. these people are monsters to animals.. why every five years they slaughter thousands of them for kicks… In an unparalleled religious madness, in Nepal, a Hindu festival calls for a mass animal sacrifice which is considered to be the world’s goriest mass killing of animals.

      A few hundred thousands buffaloes, pigs, goats, pigeons, rabbits and chickens are killed as part of the blood-soaked festival held every five years (November 24, 25) to honor the Hindu goddess of power.Animal sacrifice is an everyday occurrence in Nepal. One could visit one of the countless temples and suddenly find oneself witnessing the beheading of a goat, a chicken, a duck, or even a young buffalo. The visitor might catch the last sounds of a dying animal or find oneself wading through a stream of blood.

      The ‘mother of all sacrifices’ is at Gadhimai Jatra in Bara district in the south of Nepal. This festival is held once every five years. Last time 20,000 buffaloes were killed as well as an unknown number of other animals, including rats, snakes, pigeons, chicken, ducks, goats and sheep. The total number of animals killed in the span of just two days was estimated to be 200,000. This year the organisers aim to sacrifice no less than half a million animals. Local communities are being pressured to increase the numbers; each village committee is supposed to pledge one thousand animals. http://www.occupyforanimals.org/gadhimai-festival-in-nepal.html

  11. ella riyu says:

    Stop the cruelty. Stop the torture of animals!!!!

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