Stop Abuse at Illegal Puppy Farm

Target: David Nuttall and Ivan Lewis, MPs of Bury Council and Greater Manchester, UK

Goal: Stop the abuse of puppies at Bentley Hall Farm and prosecute the owners for breeding violations

Border Collie, Labrador, and Alaskan Malamute puppies are being separated from their mothers and kept in dark barns with insufficient provisions at Bentley Hall Farm. The owner of the farm sees nothing wrong with the way he is breeding puppies, but many people have complained that puppies bought from this farm have severe aggression problems and often die within a few days. Stop the abuse at this illegal puppy mill and shut down Bentley Hall Farm

Bentley Hall Farm’s breeding license lapsed in August 2011. However, the Bury Council in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom has not yet prosecuted the farm for violating the local breeding act, which carries a maximum punishment of a £2,500 fine and three months jail time.

Despite complaints that puppies from this farm have extraordinary high death rates and aggression problems, owner Richard Speakman has shown no remorse and no plans to obtain a new license, as required by law.

Sign the below petition to stop the suffering of hundreds of puppies every year at Bentley Hall Farm. The owners of this illegal puppy farm must be prosecuted for operating a puppy mill without a license and without humane treatment. We must ensure that the puppies from this farm are removed immediately and relocated to safe environments.

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Dear Mr. Nuttall and Mr. Lewis,

Not only has Bentley Hall Farm been operating without a breeding license since August 2011, but they are also abusing their dogs. Puppies are being separated from their mothers and they are not being provided with adequate bedding of straw on the floor. Many people who have bought puppies from Bentley Hall Farm have reported their puppies dying within days of adoption.

I am urging you to pay a visit to Bentley Hall Farm and investigate the conditions these puppies are living in. You must enforce the relevant breeding license law to ensure that all breeding farms are operating within the law. If your investigation of Bentley Hall Farm confirms the complaints of the public, see to it that the owner is prosecuted with fines and imprisonment. With your help, we can ensure the puppies in this illegal operation are kept safe from harm and delivered to loving families.


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Photo credit: PETA via WikiMedia

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  1. Linda Sperring says:

    If this puppy farm is illegal where is the RSPCA?

  2. Chris Hanlon says:

    Please do a spot check on this illegal puppy farm and do a thorough investigation into the running of it.The R.S.P.C.A is supposed to look after the welfare of animals,why are they not acting as well? These puppies are being let down by the very people who should be looking after them.Thank you on behalf of the animals.

  3. Ritva Janhonen says:

    Why shop when so many are dying in shelters?

  4. make this place shutdown

  5. We will euthanize 10,000 pets today at our shelters and ACC. We will euthanize 10,000 pets tomorrow also, and every day, until our lawmakers enact regulation on the production of puppy and kitten mills. This is costing our government millions of dollars and we need your help. And please don’t give me the prattle of how the USDA is in charge of this, OUR LAWMAKERS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN CHARGE OF THEM. And besides, the USDA has no business having pets under the same regulation (or lack thereof) as slaughter hogs and beef cattle production…we don’t eat puppies and kittens in our country, and they SHOULD NOT BE MASS PRODUCED LIKE THEY ARE. And the conditions that we accept as “USDA approved” for these animals to live in are horrific! PUPPY MILLS ARE GLUTTING THE SYSTEM !
    I guarantee you, if the beef producers were producing a million pounds of beef in a year, and we only ate 1/2 of it and the other 1/2 had to be “disposed of” at great expense to the government, you can bet the USDA would be slapping some major restrictions on beef production. So why don’t they see that we are euthanizing 4 million pets a year, and the puppy and kitten mills are “producing” a majority of them? IS OUR GOVERNMENT REALLY SO “OWNED” BY THE PUPPY MILL INDUSTRY THAT THEY BETRAY THEIR CONSTITUENTS AND GLUT THEIR OWN SYSTEM?

    • This is not right at all. Where is the justice for animals in the UK? Richard Speakman should be charged with animal abuse and fined for each animal they find at his puppy mill. And put to jail as well !We heard a lot of puppy mills, but now we have to deal with ILLEGAL puppy mills as well? Where does it end?

  6. Ruth Rogers Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed! Something better please.

  7. Ruth Rogers Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed! Something better please.

  8. Ruth Rogers Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed! Please sign this petition.

  9. Audrey Muir says:

    For compassions sake close this place down.

  10. furry friend says:

    The rspca and police were there on Thursday and removed every dog.

  11. Well as brother in law to Richard Speakman! I will now vouch that there has never been any abuse to any animal whatsoever, they have bred for years and only because bury council are so lacking in their system and care more about the Asians and other scrotes they seemingly bypass what’s needed, all Dogs live in their own pen with max if two dgs per own they have an acre of walk land and are all exercised daily, all dogs are looked after, this has not been any form of animal abuse to any animal, yes there has been a few pups fall ill but not everything born in this world is perfect. Councils and government should worry about what’s really worth worrying like why kids are sleep on the street yet pakis are getting beds paid for!

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