Forbid Barbaric ‘Animal Crush’ Videos


Target: United States District Judge Sim Lake

Goal: Demand that Judge Lake rethink his recent decision allowing animal crush videos to be filmed and distributed

Judge Sim Lake recently threw out the charges against a Houston couple accused of creating horrific animal crush videos, thus violating the federal “animal crush video” statute. Animal crush videos are a type of pornography that usually depicts a woman wearing high heels crushing or torturing small animals until they die. The couple recently accused, Ashley Nicole Richards and Brent Justice, created particularly gruesome footage.

Richards and Justice filmed and distributed various videos featuring the barbaric torture of rabbits, puppies, kittens, and crustaceans. In one video, Richards tortures a pit bull puppy by taping its mouth closed, and then cutting into its hind leg with a meat cleaver before finally slitting its throat and beheading it. In another, Richards stomps crawfish, crabs, and lobster under her stilettos. A third video depicts her shoving her stiletto heel in the eye-socket of a kitten. 

Richards and Justice were arrested after animal rights activists complained vigorously, and the couple was charged with violating the animal crush video statute. When the case reached Judge Lake however, he threw it out, claiming that there were dangerous implications in the animal crush video statute itself. The statute outlaws all recordings of intentional animal cruelty, claiming that media documentation of an animal being “subjected to serious bodily injury” is obscene.

Judge Lake ruled however, that this could prohibit other activities, like showing the “humane slaughter of a stolen cow.” He therefore ruled that the law was too broad and violated the First Amendment. Demand that Judge Lake rethink his decision and convict Richards and Justice for committing barbaric acts of animal cruelty.


Dear Judge Lake,

The recently thrown out case against Ashley Nicole Richards and Brent Justice needs to be given a second consideration. Under the “animal crush video” statute, their actions are clearly obscene, and therefore illegal. There is no way to argue against the validity of this statement – the acts of gross violence the couple committed and filmed are utterly appalling. These videos are disturbing on every level, and their creation must be halted.

This cannot happen unless Richards and Justice experience the legal consequences of their actions. The time for protesting the statute is not now, when there is clearly obscene activity taking place. Instead, the new statute must be utilized to bring two cruel human beings to justice.

Animals cannot speak, and sometimes our legal system must give them a voice. Richards and Justice committed brutal acts of violence against small animals, and they must face the consequences of their cruelty. Also, others must be dissuaded from creating similar materials so that this practice can begin to end once and for all. The fate of these animals matters, and the statute must be upheld to protect them.


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Photo Credit: WarzauWynn via Flickr

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  1. How can this man’s decisions be taken seriously when he thinks this behaviour is acceptable? Does he get his sexual kicks from watching this cruel, sick behaviour? This seems to be the only explanation. Where are the US’s animal protection organisations?

  2. STUNNED. A judge not following the law? is that something new? He should loose his seat and star in a crush video, and then lets see how he likes it

  3. This people need to be locked in the deepest darkest hole we can find and never ever see the light of day again and that INCLUDES THE JUDGE WHO IS OBVIOUSLY A SERIOUSLY DERANGED INDIVIDUAL AS WELL!!! I am of the opinion that ANYONE who thinks this type of behavior is fine needs to be removed from society PERMANENTLY!!

  4. This guy is obviously a vile animal pervert, deranged POS.He needs to have his credials removed immediately and employment terminated.A repulsive,filthy cretin!


  6. Gene Sengstake says:

    All the people associated with crush videos or any other form of animal cruelty need to be taken offline – permanently. Decent people cannot stand by and let kind of activity go unpunished. By this article alone we know it is happening. We cannot depend on making comments and hoping “new statues” alone will solve the problem. One way or another – something needs to be done. It’s too bad the law actually affords protection for the despicable human beings that perpetrate and enable this kind of activity to even exist – – –

  7. Ariel Valyo, DVM says:

    How could a rational, sane person make a decision like this judge? This kind of animal cruelty is so totally sick and it needs to be stopped. For the judge to turn a blind eye to it is despicable. Animals deserve to be treated with kindness and humanely, not slowly tortured and killed in the most vile way possible. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on this judge for not doing the right thing.

  8. How can a judge throw out a case torturing animals,unless he or she is mentally psychotic as well,how can anyone who is human do this evil and think it is alright and sexual,that what I do not get.they are the demons of hell.They should be hunted to extinction,anyone who thinks this is normal behaviour must have something wrong in their makes my heart scream for those poor animals who probably were screaming out in pain and these demons especially a woman can do this without no heart,it must be drugs or something like this,demons belong in a fire so burn them alive.

  9. Paula Eggleston says:

    What kind of a sick world are we living in that this kind of animal abuse is not punished??
    I thought I had seen or heard it all…but this torture of animals for some psychopaths pleasure is beyond belief! At the very least this is animal abuse under any law and these sick people should be punished to the fullest extent.
    Judge Lake you must do something to hold these people accountable for this torture…or you are just as guilty as they are.

  10. Dr. Tony DeLia says:

    I would be very interested to learn what kind of videos Judge Lake watches. Something is not right about this individual.

    • TruthSeeker says:

      Most people in high places are extremely sick evil criminals. That is the reason they are in high places, so they can get away with it. They are called the ‘Untouchables.’ Then there is the Illuminati, which is the highest of the high, except for God, and His only begotten son, Jesus The Christ. There has NEVER been any justice on this earth, only lies, and deception. The bigger the lie, the more people believe it. Atrocities against animals has always led to atrocities against humans. There will NEVER be man-made peace on this earth, and if anyone ever claims differently, they are lying. Satan is the great DECEIVER.

  11. Another animal abuser to the list of so many maybe!?

  12. I hope he doesn’t have any animals at home, I would worry about them too,!

  13. shows any idiot with connections can become a judge…

  14. Mary Curtis says:

    This case is so sickening.please for the sake of animals .please end this sick way of torturing animals .unbelievable nightmare for these poor creatures.end this now .thank you

  15. What’s wrong with you judge? You are not fit to decide anything. Are you going to allow baby crush videos, now? Torturing and killing animals is WRONG.

  16. This judge and this kind of people need to be in the videos to be crushed by the same woman. I think that would be for those abnormalities the super sumo of all. So catch the judge and other judges for other abnormal, mental problems and use them for your pervert minds in the end we normal would need to finalize doing a crush to all of these sexual viewers.

  17. I think those s-o-b’s should be done the exact same way as what was done to those innocent poor animal’s and then some sick bastards god all people like them should all be tortured for along period of time then killed.

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