Forbid Barbaric ‘Animal Crush’ Videos


Target: United States District Judge Sim Lake

Goal: Demand that Judge Lake rethink his recent decision allowing animal crush videos to be filmed and distributed

Judge Sim Lake recently threw out the charges against a Houston couple accused of creating horrific animal crush videos, thus violating the federal “animal crush video” statute. Animal crush videos are a type of pornography that usually depicts a woman wearing high heels crushing or torturing small animals until they die. The couple recently accused, Ashley Nicole Richards and Brent Justice, created particularly gruesome footage.

Richards and Justice filmed and distributed various videos featuring the barbaric torture of rabbits, puppies, kittens, and crustaceans. In one video, Richards tortures a pit bull puppy by taping its mouth closed, and then cutting into its hind leg with a meat cleaver before finally slitting its throat and beheading it. In another, Richards stomps crawfish, crabs, and lobster under her stilettos. A third video depicts her shoving her stiletto heel in the eye-socket of a kitten. 

Richards and Justice were arrested after animal rights activists complained vigorously, and the couple was charged with violating the animal crush video statute. When the case reached Judge Lake however, he threw it out, claiming that there were dangerous implications in the animal crush video statute itself. The statute outlaws all recordings of intentional animal cruelty, claiming that media documentation of an animal being “subjected to serious bodily injury” is obscene.

Judge Lake ruled however, that this could prohibit other activities, like showing the “humane slaughter of a stolen cow.” He therefore ruled that the law was too broad and violated the First Amendment. Demand that Judge Lake rethink his decision and convict Richards and Justice for committing barbaric acts of animal cruelty.


Dear Judge Lake,

The recently thrown out case against Ashley Nicole Richards and Brent Justice needs to be given a second consideration. Under the “animal crush video” statute, their actions are clearly obscene, and therefore illegal. There is no way to argue against the validity of this statement – the acts of gross violence the couple committed and filmed are utterly appalling. These videos are disturbing on every level, and their creation must be halted.

This cannot happen unless Richards and Justice experience the legal consequences of their actions. The time for protesting the statute is not now, when there is clearly obscene activity taking place. Instead, the new statute must be utilized to bring two cruel human beings to justice.

Animals cannot speak, and sometimes our legal system must give them a voice. Richards and Justice committed brutal acts of violence against small animals, and they must face the consequences of their cruelty. Also, others must be dissuaded from creating similar materials so that this practice can begin to end once and for all. The fate of these animals matters, and the statute must be upheld to protect them.


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Photo Credit: WarzauWynn via Flickr

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  1. Shanez Veganess says:

    Is this judge for real? Is he one of the ones who has fetishes similar to that of this disturbing nature. If we have judges in law making decisions like this for society then I strongly feel he is not fit to be on the court of justice. As allowing these evil acts to be ignored with their disturbing, cruel and evil nature is a total imbalance of law and order and justice. This couple need to be prosecuted and the judge needs to be re-evaluated for competency to carry out his duties.

  2. Indefensible acts by such low levels of unconsciousness. It is our job not to fight violence with violence – but to set strict boundaries, accountability for such action and create a better world in which all sentient beings are respected.

    • This sounds like frankenfeinstein’s idea that if a law is made banning guns that criminals will see that nobody else is armed and lay down their weapons. It is pure ignorance. This skank needs a slow and painful death by crushing to set an example to other like minded morons before they move on to killing children or other people. They need to see that the punishment for these heinous crimes is too great to risk getting caught committing the crime. People like this do not learn from a mere slap on the wrist. Much like children leatn nothing from counting at them and giving them time out.

  3. Daniel Natan Testa says:

    You call killing and mutilating domesticated pet’s on film for profit freedom of speech!? That is a disgrace to your profession. You treat the animals as words, like you don’t see them as living, that is subjective opinion, their is an objective written law that this is a crime in 5566, and it’s there for a good reason, please reconsider, or it will be a stain or your career that you let people off who went on to do worse things.

  4. delilah st louis says:

    what’s wrong with these people , especially the judge ????

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