Limit Damaging Seismic Testing in the Atlantic

Target: Bob Perciasepe, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Limit seismic air gun testing and help preserve delicate oceanic ecosystems for future generations.

Seismic air gun testing is a process that allows drilling companies to see into the Earth’s crust beneath the ocean and find deposits of gas or oil for offshore drilling. During the process, a boat tows a massive gun behind it and shoots a mechanism through the water miles down into the seabed.  The mechanism then sends back data on the make up of the Earth’s crust below the surface. Not only does this process promote dangerous offshore drilling, but also the shot itself drastically disturbs aquatic life.  According to government estimates, the proposed air gun testing in the Atlantic will injure 138,500 whales and dolphins and greatly disturb the welfare of millions more—including those that the fishing industry depends on.  As a result, the use of seismic air gun testing should be greatly limited and used only with extreme caution.

Air gun blasts directly cause the abandonment of habitats, disruption of mating and feeding routines, and even death—especially of fish eggs and young larvae.  If the welfare of oceanic ecosystems is not enough, the consequences of utilizing air guns drastically affect the fishing industry as well.  Following seismic surveys, catch rates of cod declined by 40 to 80 percent within thousands of miles of the blast.

Though the use of air gun testing is necessary for offshore drilling, which has already been approved by the U.S. government, it should not be used lightly.  Please sign this petition and speak for the aquatic life that cannot.


Dear Mr. Perciasepe,

The use of seismic air gun testing to find oil and gas deposits for offshore drilling is being abused in this country.  Government estimates determined 138,500 whales and dolphins will be directly effected by the proposed seismic testing in the Atlantic this year. In addition, these large blasts required to send mechanisms into the earth’s crust will drastically decrease the welfare of millions more.  Oceanic ecosystems are so delicate and so important to not only the US economy, but also the world environment. Seismic testing must be more highly regulated and tightly restricted.

Air gun blasts can lead to the abandonment of habitats, disrupt mating and feeding routines, and can even kill—especially fish eggs and young larvae. Over-utilizing air guns drastically affects the fishing industry as well.  Following seismic surveys, catch rates of cod declined by 40 to 80 percent for thousands of miles.

Though a necessary evil, air gun testing must be greatly limited in order to protect our precious oceans and their irreplaceable ecosystems.


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  1. Mrs Linda J Todd says:

    This is terrible thing to do do to our sea animals! Deafen them , kill them, kill fish eggs, and then it will destroy fishing, and 500,00 jobs. Are you insane to think that this will not do HORRENDOUS damage?

    • No Linda, anyone who believes lies and vitriolic bullshit without checking the true facts and evidence are insane!

  2. Your entire article and petition are both completely false andare based on nothing but scaremongering lies and just plain bullshit. Before ypu spout such idiocy get rid of your car, all plastics, heating and cooling devices, electrical devices including the device you wrote your rubbish on, don’t use public transport and get yourself a horse, goat and pig. Then go live like it is 1816.

  3. Kevin Munday says:

    The person who wrote this article has not the faintest idea about seimic survey work and the effect of sound waves on sea mammals. Infact I would go as far to say that this author is completely ignorant of seimic survey work and the lengths companies who perform such work go to to preserve and protect marine wildlife

  4. Mark Sherry says:

    The WGC air gun test pond that I visited many times was full of aquatic life. The pond was no bigger than an acre or two if that. Had a few aligaters, many frogs, turtles, snakes, and was full of catfish, etc. The guy that ran the facility had a big barrel full of some kind of feed. He would take a coffee can and scoop up some feed and toss it in the pond and the water would boil with fish feeding. He also brought chicken to feed the alligators. He treated them like his pets. The Air guns he tested would run for hours on a 10 to 12 second cycle, didn’t seem to affect the marine life at all. As an added safety measure for marine life, the advancement of soft start on large gun arrays gives marine life time to swim away from being directly in the area of the air gun array before they go to full pressure.

  5. John Gaston says:

    This is absolute nonesense. The companies that conduct seismic operations have developed and changed methods to be friendly to the environment. Great caution and care is taken to protect marine mammals and other marine life. The oil & gas service companies do more for the good of the environment then all of these so called environmental groups combined.

  6. This is a poorly written article full of misinformation. The author John Spina should do a bit more research before writing such garbage. There has been a great deal of work done and money spent to try and prove that seismic testing is harmful, but to date there has been no evidence of it being true.

    Show us some proof John.

  7. This article is complete and utter gibberish without a shred of supporting scientific evidence. The real crime against the earth is continuing to import oil from corrupt third world countries that lack any sort of environmental standards.

  8. This is such a load of unresearched garbage. You give worthwhile causes a bad name and damage the good that some of these petitions can do.

  9. Never read such a biased, un-researched pile of bullsh*t in my life. No research into the subject, if you had you’d find that seismic activities are continuously on the lookout for aquatic life. Think you dug up some research paper from the 80’s and published you details from that. Be a good little boy, go back to school, get qualifications, go to university, and write your own thesis. Then publish it. As for the petition – no chance.

  10. Grant Butler says:

    The moment I see seismic surveys called ‘seismic testing’ I know two things:
    1/ The writer knows nothing about the subject
    2/ They are opposed to it without knowing anything about it.

    Tell the dolphins who like to play in the bow wave of seismic boats that they are being damaged.

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