Close Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in South Korea

Target: Mayor of Seongnam, South Korea, Jae-Myung Lee

Goal: Close South Korea’s largest dog meat market

The largest market for dog meat in South Korea is the “Moran Market” in Seongnam, known for the thousands of animals it brutally slaughters every year. The dogs are sent to the market from all around the country, where they then wait to be killed. Some of the market dogs were even former pets whose owners abandoned them or lost them. After arriving at the market, the dogs are forced to live in cramped cages shoved all together, until a customer chooses them. At this point, the dog is killed as the customer waits, sometimes by electrocution, beating, or being thrown into boiling water while still alive.

These acts are committed right in the market, in front of the other dogs and the public. There is no attempt to hide these brutal killings, even though they are illegal. The hundreds of thousands of dogs slaughtered in the Moran Market are killed illegally, yet no one makes any attempt to stop it. This is because the public simply does not care enough, and their indifference is mirrored by that of the government.

There are a number of laws that would prohibit the raising and killing of dogs for human consumption, yet none of these laws are enforced. There is a small number of animal rights activists in South Korea who have been working to end the dog slaughter, but their small size hinders them. Stand with the South Korean activists and demand that the dog meat market in Seongnam is closed down forever.

Dear Mayor Jae-Myung Lee,

The “Moran Market” that has made Seongnam so infamous must be closed down. There are a number of reasons for this, all of which are equally important. Firstly, the slaughter of dogs for human consumption is illegal in the country of South Korea, and the Market breaks many other laws. These are numerous and include the Livestock Product Sanitary Control Act, which expressly fails to categorize dogs as livestock that can be legally used to make food. Besides this most obvious law, there are also violations under the Livestock Safety Management Act and the Animal Protection Law.

The government must take action and enforce these laws. The dog meat industry is not endorsed by the international community in any way, and South Korea is isolating itself from the rest of the world by continuing to break its own laws and slaughter these animals. Ending the dog meat industry would only increase South Korea’s standing in the world and would earn the respect of many other countries. This is a hard issue to tackle, and it is only fitting that it begins at the largest dog market, in Seongnam. By closing down this market, South Korea will become a country that does not endorse the consumption of dog meat, or the abuse of these animals.


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  3. Terribly cruel!! Please educate these people or is itdevils ?

  4. Pascale Burns says:

    In Asia they do so much of animal abuse and torture. They are the primary culprits in the world for gross animal mistreatment. It must stop! They have to acknowledge that animals have just as much right as humans to be here, and be free. Signing petitions, writing letters and boycotting all items made in Asia might wake them up!


    • Well said, I agree with you there. Trouble is in parts of Asia, the women too have little respect so I don’t hold out much hope for the animals. The thing that bothers me such people are let into our countries and could be living along the road from us – and we are forced to live amongst them and their barbaric ways Someone I knew once brought back to UK a Thai bride – she hated cats and kept throwing his outside – slammed it’s leg in the door and smashed it to pieces.I was chasing around at mid night trying to find a vet. She got conditional discharge by saying it was an accident. Brilliant. How do you change these peoples ways? God knows ? PS I adopted the three legged cat who lived out a very happy life with me!

  5. Audrey Muir says:

    This practice has been going on for years, I support IFAW charity and they were trying to end it years ago. Please keep trying, it is heartbreaking that the world doesn’t care enough to treat all living beings with compassion, it only cares about the money now. Things are worse than ever for all animal welfare.

  6. Please stop this cruel practise of torturing and eating dogs it’s barbaric and inhumane South Korea
    Lia South Africa

  7. Often we happened to read that some people are so fond of eating dog meat after having practiced agony because they say after the meat is much more appetizing,debunk this myth and say no to the slaughterhouses,I hope that one day cannibalism can make them devour between them.

  8. Julie van Niekerk says:

    Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by what is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him?
    -Pierre Troubetzkoy

  9. Linda Bartling-Church says:

    I continue to sign petition after petition to help put presure on other cultures to stop practicing this sick, obscene cruelty to animals. It is illegal and yet their government does nothing to stop it. How can we here in the U.S.A. shut down the “Moran Market” in Seongnam? …..let alone the industry.
    Is any progress being made to change this cultural mentality? What else can we do? Can you put us in touch with the animal rights activists in South Korea, so we can help them directly with donations?

  10. Dante Renzoni says:

    Hearing this makes me sick. Just the fact that the would beat them to death and cook them alive. I love animals and people are free to there opinion but this has to stop.

  11. Don’t forget about cats. There is no preference.

  12. This is horrible torture for these animals please be their voice they have no other choice…a lot of these animals are stolen pets…

  13. deepak singh rauthan says:

    Disturbing to see such sick evil of human still r exist in this beautiful world….shambles humanity….stop this heinous act of killing n eating our frnds


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