Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in New York

Target: New York City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn

Goal: Put an end to the use of horse drawn carriages in New York City

With mayoral elections right around the corner in New York City, the issue of horse drawn carriages has become a sticking point. Animal rights activists sparked the debate after pitching in for a one million dollar ad attacking candidate Christine Quinn, who favors keeping the rides. Thanks to these animal rights supporters, it seems that the welfare of these horses could be an important topic in this year’s elections.

This isn’t the first time the topic has made headlines in recent years or elections. The tradition has received a great deal of criticism because the horses aren’t kept in proper stables and they are also put in danger every day when motorists on busy streets could easily strike the carriage. Simply put, these carriages are no longer necessary and put horses in danger every day for human amusement.

Quinn’s opponent, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, has also spoken up about the issue, throwing his support toward outlawing the carriages. He has stated that he would do so on his first day in office. Quinn is an avid animal rights activist and friend of the Humane Society. Mary Max, director of the HSUS made a statement about de Blasio saying, “He just gets animal cruelty. This isn’t somebody we have to convince.”

While it is wonderful that New York City has a candidate in favor of banning horse drawn carriages, it would a significant step for animal rights if both of the main mayoral candidates sought to outlaw these practices. We must let City Council Speaker Quinn know that this is an important issue for the New York and should be for her as well. Please sign the petition below to show your support for the ban of all horse drawn carriages in New York City.


Dear City Coucil Speaker Quinn,

Horse drawn carriages have recently become a divisive issue in this year’s race for mayor of New York City. In response to an attack ad funded by animal rights activists you opposed the outlaw of these rides, while your opponent Bill de Blasio continues to support a ban on carriages as well as many other animal rights issues.

I strongly encourage you to change your position on this issue. These horses are not cared for properly, are not kept in appropriate stables, and their lives are put in danger ever day on busy New York streets filled with motorists. It is immoral to treat these animals in such a way simply for human amusement. What New York needs is an election in which all of its candidates can live up to the animal welfare standards the city has worked so hard for. Again, please reconsider your position and put an end to this barbaric practice.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    This is not the way to use and abuse horses. Horse and carriage is an an anachronism, and these horses are definitely overworked and mistreated. They do not belong in the city, breathing noxious fumes and pulling such heavy loads.

  2. the horses do not belong in the city. it is to dangerous for them.

  3. Please stop this insane and cruel act now..These Horses were not made to drag half of New York people around.I bet if half of the people knew the abuse issue here, and the neglect they would not even take a horse drawn carriage..It’s time to stop this now, and stop the suffering…Thank you…Janet from Australia.

  4. These horses are NOT abused
    have you gone to see them and there barns
    they are clean /great food//great Hay

    there are so many abused and needing horses out there
    PLEASE help the ones that need it
    like the ones at auctions !!!!

    • Andrew Helton Andrew Helton says:

      A slave may be treated like gold, but they are still a slave.

      Also, many of these stables have had complaints filed against them.

  5. Tracy Pratt says:

    The horses of the NYC carriage trade are dosmesicated and have been bred for generations to work along side their human partners. They need human interaction and the purpose their job gives them to live happy full lives. The only abuse in NYC is perpetrated by so called animal rights activists that spend hours screeching hatefully at them as they work and waving signs spitefully in their faces. They live in barns as nice and well managed as most upscale “show” barns across the country.They are as well cared for, healthy and happy as any other horses in America. Infact I would guarantee them to be more so than horses wasting away isolated, and hidden away alone in fields. Working horses are also safe horses- please do the research. Banning their trade puts 200 + horses in danger in being shipped to slaughter. Contrary to the outright lies of NYCLASS and Peta – there no rescues for these horses to go to. Rescues all across the country are full and cannot take anymore. Please do some research-meet the horses, drivers, and owners/ tour the barns. See for yourself.

    • Andrew Helton Andrew Helton says:

      Domestication does not mean that an animal needs human interaction, nor does it mean that it has the desire to serve humans. Domestication refers an artificial selection in which animals become accustomed to the presence of humans. It also refers to a process of selection in which animals are forced to evolve in a manner that meets human needs. It does not mean that the relationship is symbiotic, but rather, that we have turned them into a means to our own ends. Domestication is in no way intended to benefit the animal.

      Horses are not designed to pull things, nor should any animal be forced to give up its will for our own selfish needs. Forcing horses to pull carriages filled with people around New York in dangerous traffic is beyond inhumane and selfish. If their lives are so glorious then humans should be waiting in line to pull those carriages.

      • Andrew, I would like to ask you a question. How many horse have you owned? How many horses have you taken care of? Because from you comments, it sounds like you have no clue about horses in general.

  6. I wonder how many people against the horse drawn carriages have ever owned a horse? If you have never owned a horse, you don’t understand. You don’t understand that we do this job because we love our horses. Believe me, its not for the money. Everyone thinks we make tons of money. By the time we pay for proper care of the horse, we are lucky to break even. I do not force my horse to do anything. He does it because he LOVES to work. I feel sorry for those who have never had any kind of interaction with a horse. It is one of the most fulfilling things I have done in my life. One of the things I pride myself on is the care of my horses. I may not live in NYC, but I have seen photos and video of where the horses live and I would put my horse there any day. There is nothing wrong with where they live and they are the most regulated in the country. The only abuse they suffer from is the Animal Rights Activists screaming, yelling, and throwing signs in their faces. But, these people have no horse experience and have no clue that what they are doing is abusing them and they don’t want to know. Before you start complaining about the horse drawn carriage business, before you believe all the lies, go to the stables and see for yourself. They have NOTHING to hide. Do see the stables all you have to do is call and ask and they will gladly show you where the horses live.

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