Demand Dairy Industry Label Aspartame in Milk

Target: Food and Drug Administration

Goal: Force the food industry to clearly label the addition of chemical sweeteners on all dairy packaging.

Two of the most powerful associations in the dairy industry, National Milk Producers Federation and The International Dairy Foods Association, have recently sought permission from the FDA to add unnatural sweeteners to milk as well as sixteen additional dairy items. These dairy industry groups want to add these chemical sweeteners to food products without identifying them on the label in any way.

Aspartame, as well as other sweeteners, have long been linked to serious health issues such as autoimmune disorders, seizures, and strokes. Although complaints linked to the consumption of aspartame are no longer documented by the FDA, but somewhere between 75% to 85% of the last documented complaints were in some way tied to aspartame.

Aside from the known effects that chemical sweeteners have on health, the food industry should have an ethical obligation to display and promote easily accessible information to consumers about what they are putting into their bodies.

Now is the time to speak up and demand that all ingredients, specifically chemical additives, be clearly displayed on all dairy food packaging. A failure to let our voices be heard will surely send the message that the food industry can add whatever they see fit to our foods without clear identification. Stop the dairy industry now by petitioning to the FDA for the clear labeling of all chemical sweeteners on dairy products.


Dear Food and Drug Association,

The recent request by the National Milk Producers Federation and The International Dairy Foods Association to add chemical sweeteners to a wide range of dairy products without labeling the additional ingredients must be rejected. Access to information is a right that cannot be denied, especially when the potential for negative results that are so commonly tied to chemical sweeteners is so great.

If the request is granted, a large number of dairy products with be laced with harmful chemicals that have known detrimental effects on health. Despite the official stance of the FDA on chemical additives, consumers should not be denied the right to know what they are consuming. Labeling laws were designed to empower consumers with the information to make informed decisions about what they are purchasing. Allowing these major players in the dairy industry to blindly add chemical sweeteners without labeling is stripping consumers of their basic right to information regarding a very fundamental necessity to life.

Additionally, significant research has shown the link between chemical sweeteners such as aspartame to a long list of health problems. Endorsing the use of these types of chemicals in food items without transparency is not only a violation of a consumer’s basic rights but it is also the promotion of poor health. As a nation already so indebted in critical health issues, the food industry has an obligation to do its part and properly label food items so that consumers can make conscious decisions about what they are ingesting.

This is a plea for the Food and Drug Administration to enforce the clear labeling of ingredients on all packaging. It is their duty to hold the food industry accountable for what products they sell, and the labeling of ingredients is the first step.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    Where is the FDA, and why so weak?

  2. J Davidson says:

    Don’t contaminate our milk and food without warning labels. This deception is unconscionable, greedy and cowardly. There is no telling how many products are dangerous, and this sets a precedent allowing toxic compounds in everything we consume.

  3. They shouldn’t be sweetening milk anyway! Milk is good – don’t fix what’s not broken. And if you’re going to, let us know on the labelling.

  4. WHY do we need sweeteners in milk, tests have shown that aspartame is no good for your health, so why does the dairy industry want to add it to a natural product ?? We all need to drink milk, we need the calcium to ensure our bones & teeth stay strong & healthy & now they want to add something that is not necessary to turn a natural product into something that is unhealthy. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, milk does not need anything added to it & certainly not a dangerous chemical which was highlighted as being so in the use of soft drinks. If you suffer from allergies these things can kill you, think about the babies & young children who can’t get the message across that there is something wrong with what they are either drinking or eating. Why do they want to interfere with it, in the first place, what is it going to do to people who suffer diabetes & have to watch their sugar intake. If it’s not labelled it can cause a multitude of problems to these people & many others who have problems with sugar & other additives. If people want to sweeten their milk drinks, let them so do, but don’t affect everyone else’s health by adding this garbage to our milk. It’s something that is not needed or wanted, so leave it alone..Obesity is also another factor to think of, there are so many over weight people, yet this is adding to the problem of obesity as well. Just leave well enough alone & certainly don’t allow this industry to be able to add anything without labelling it..

  5. Aspartame should be banned from human consumption and restricted to sweetening rat poison. There are many low or no calorie sweeteners that have much less harmful effects on human chemistry than aspartame. Milk should be distributed with no more than pasteurisation or UHT treatment and optional homogenisation and skimming/fat removal.

  6. Inge Bjorkman says:

    Why milk? Why not water?

  7. Thalassa Matthews says:

    Artificial sweetners have been linked with cancer in the past. Why should milk be sweeter anyway? Crazy idea.

  8. Susie Baranski says:

    I’m sorry folks but I find all your comments really pathetic. All these angry people worried about their milk. The Dairy Industry doesn’t give a stuff about you. And you don’t even realize how unhealthy dairy products are. You also don’t seem to mind that millions of dairy cows live miserable, distressing lives (if you can call it a life. Their own babies are deprived of their mother’s milk so that humans can have food which is not designed for us. Please, wake up, get educated

  9. Cows milk is for calves. Humans have no need for milk after they are weened from their mothers’ breast.
    These crooked industries put fear into the public to make them drink it, now they want to make it sweeter so you are more addicted.
    Wake the F*** up people!

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