Demand Elementary School Revoke Suspension for 5-year-old with a Mohawk

Target: Reid Primary and Middle School Principal, Pam Young

Goal: Tell Reid Primary and Middle School to revoke the suspension on 5-year-old boy punished for his hairstyle

A 5-year-old kindergartener was recently suspended for his new hairstyle that the school’s administration stated was too disruptive and disorderly. The boy, Ethan Clos, showed up to his regular class at Reid Primary and Middle School located in Springfield, Ohio with a mohawk and was told to go home until he changed his hairstyle. Clos’ parents and grandmother were shocked at the suspension. The school had no right to force a child to change his hairstyle and stop him from attending school because of it. Reid Primary and Middle School must revoke the suspension and should never suspend a child based on his or her hair again.

According to the superintendent, Gregg Morris, the school’s handbook states that clothing and hairstyles that can deter students from learning and disrupt the environment are viable reasons for sending a child home. Morris explained in a statement that the school’s “dress code and grooming policies are designed to ensure that clothing and hairstyles do not cause a distraction to the learning environment. Hair styling or coloring arrangements which are disruptive or distracting are not permissible.”

Clos’ hairstyle apparently attracted too much attention since most of his classmates wanted to see and touch it up close. Regardless of how much Clos’ hair actually prevented fellow classmates from getting an education, he should not have been forced to change how he wanted to express himself. A mohawk might have negative connotations within society, but it does not mean that a child should be judged and considered distracting based off of this one aspect.

Clos’ parents allowed him to cut his hair because they wanted him to be able to express himself. His parents believe that Clos’ hairstyle was inspired by current celebrity children who have unconventional hairstyles. However, Clos’ mother stated that she would shave his hair before he returns to school but believes that his hairstyle should not have warranted such serious punishment.

Reid Primary and Middle school should revoke the suspension and stop sending children home because their hairstyles might not look like everyone else’s.


Dear Principal Pam Young,

Ethan Clos, a 5-year-old kindergartener from the Reid Primary and Middle school, was recently sent home because his hairstyle was considered to be too distracting. Clos showed up at school with a mohawk that most of his classmates wanted to touch. Due to this fact, the school and the superintendent stated that his hairstyle disrupted the learning atmosphere in the classroom, and had to be changed.

Suspending a student, let alone a young child, for his or her hair should not be allowed because it discourages children at a young age from expressing themselves. Clos should be allowed to wear or cut his hair however he wants. However, he was forced to shave his head just to be able to go back to school. The Reid Primary and Middle school has to revoke this suspension and should stop suspending students for their hairstyles.


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  1. First petition I’ve come across here which I completely oppose. Good for the school! Schools are learning institutions NOT places of fashion statement. With time this young boy will be pressured enough to get all caught up in his looks rather than his intelligence – would have been welcome if his parents allowed him some time to learn first. I hope the school stands it ground and shame on the parents for using sites like this to try and force their way when there exists real issues that need support. With parents like these I feel sorry for this young boy and his future. Good luck to his school.

  2. I completely agree with the school-did anyone eve

  3. I had a pixie at this age. I hated it. But it would’ve been awful if my school shamed me over it. A Mohawk is a legitimate hair style, equal to a boy with long hair, or a crew cut. Singling this young man out is much more shameful than the Mohawk.

  4. I disagree with the school. Seeing that there are so many schools that I know of these days that have no rule against a Mohawk hairstyle. The kid at the time of this report was in kindergartener. So no matter what a kid the young wears or looks like they could all get distracted. A haircut is not a big distraction.

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