End Canadian Seal Slaughter

Target: Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Buy out the commercial sealing industry in efforts to end the horrific slaughter of baby seals.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals are killed in Canada for their fur. Ninety-eight percent of these seals are younger than three months old, and they are often bludgeoned to death and then skinned. Commercial fishermen take part in sealing between fishing seasons to subsidize their incomes. However, on average, less than five percent of a sealer’s income comes from the seal hunt. In addition, the demand for seal pelts has drastically decreased in recent years. Humane Society International is demanding that the Canadian government implement a federal buyout of the commercial sealing industry. This one-time buyout would compensate fishermen and vessel owners for their sealing licenses and any lost income, and invest money in more sustainable economic alternatives. Urge the Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end seal slaughter once and for all by implementing this federal buyout.

Many countries around the world have banned the seal products trade in efforts to pressure Canada into ending seal slaughter. These countries include those in the European Union, Russia, the United States, and Taiwan. In addition, animal welfare groups around the world have launched campaigns to boycott Canadian seafood products to force the country’s seafood industry to end commercial sealing. However, despite these efforts, the horrific and outdated act of sealing is still happening. Paired with the impacts of climate change, sealing poses a serious ecological threat to the survival of harp seal populations. Seals should not be cruelly bludgeoned to death for the purpose of fashion.

A recent poll shows that 50 percent of Canadian sealers would support a federal buyout, as they are aware of the decline in the sealing industry value. The federal buyout would subsidize fishermen for their lost income from seal hunting and put the taxpayer money, originally used to fund sealing, into developing humane economic alternatives. Economists have noted that a federal buyout would cost Canada less than the costs needed to continue the commercial sealing industry. Sign the petition below to urge the Canadian government to end this needless slaughter today.


Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I am saddened to see that seal hunting is still occurring in Canada. This barbaric industry is inhumane, unsustainable, and highly outdated. As you may know, commercial fishermen take part in sealing in between fishing seasons to subsidize their incomes. However, on average, less than five percent of a sealer’s income is from sealing. This five percent can be compensated in the form of a federal buyout. The Canadian government can pay fishermen and vessel owners for their sealing licenses and any lost income. The taxpayer money that is used for sealing can be invested into a more sustainable economic alternative.

Economists have noted that a federal buyout of the commercial sealing industry would cost the country less than the costs needed to sustain the industry. In addition, many countries have already banned or are in the process of banning the trade in seal products. More and more people are also boycotting Canada’s seafood industry. Overall public opinion of sealing is negative, as many people believe that baby seals should not be clubbed to death for the sake of fashion. I would like to urge you to end the sealing industry once and for all by implementing a federal buy out.


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Photo credit: Matthieu Godbout via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Syd Henley says:

    Rather than using tax payers money, just make it totally illegal to kill seals, handle seals or have any commercial dealing dealings with seal products.
    Naturally such a law would have to allow the indigenous people to kill limited numbers and make use of the seal products for personal food and clothing etc., as seal hunting is and always as been their means of survival in their harsh environment.

  2. i believe this has to be the kind of animal cruelty i’m a animal lover and activist and i’m damm proud of it i’m also in 4 animal pertection 2 i created the last one i created was for ocean animals i created it because of this of whale dolphins and Seals plus their young dolphins and whales are being slaughterd seals and their young are being slaughtered this souldn’t be legel its unexceptable inexcusable souldn’t be tolerated either its just plan barbaric.

  3. quit killing baby seals you cowards.

  4. Dizem por ai que o Brasil é o povo do terceiro mundo, acorda Canadá que pais é esse????

    • Valdir, aqui os animais não está em melhor situação não, olha o caso dos cavalos, a partir de Junho o Brasil vai abater (Em Minas)mais de 1000 cavalos e jumentos por dia para exportar a sua “carne” para a Europa. TODA A Produção vai ser realizada através da compra de cavalos de corrida que “não servem mais” ou de carroceiros. Caso queira saber como os cavalos são mortos procure a pagina no face Diga Não ao Abate de Cavalos para consumo de carne. Está na pagina do grupo Cadeia para quem Maltrata Animais. Veja como esses animais são mortos, ou melhor assassinados e me diga se o Brasil não é um pais de terceiro mundo.. Então, Valdir, não vejo diferença entre focas, baleias e cavalos.. Todos querem viver, NENHUM deles merece morrer..


  6. JOHN1234561994@LIVE.CO.UK says:


  7. Eu odeio todos os amaldiçoados que imputam o sofrimento aos que não podem se defender…miseros covardes…são serpentes do demonio , merecem um fim bem triste, que sofram muito mais do que fizeeram os animais sofrerem! se não pagarem aqui , responderao a Deus !

  8. Iam a swedish voice for this animals that canada is slaughter Iam spreeding this

  9. I just cannot,imagine,WHERE they find,such vile retards,to do this.they cannot be normal/human.I hope they get the same treatment,some day.And as for the PM.well he does not care a bit.vote him out.

  10. I can’t believe that it is legal for this site to spew these lies. First of all we don’t club baby seals. It’s been illegal to kill whitecoats in Canada for 15+ years.

    This, like many people against the seal hunt continue to spew lies and you people eat it up. The best are people who live nowhere near the land, have no concept of where there food comes or what it’s like to live off the land, call people who do, barbaric because they kill animals for food & their livelihood.

    Now if you are a vegan and totally against killing all animals, then there’s nothing I can say to you and I accept that. But if you eat meat or are ok with people eating animals and you complain about some Canadians killing seals then you are a hypocrite. The seal is one of the only animals that is killed humanely, that when it is killed virtually all of it is used, very little if any is wasted. But then again, it’s bad to kill a seal but ok to cut chickens’ heads off or worse put them in cages and cut their beaks off. Most of you need your head examined.

    Europeans have a ban on seals and US restaurants boycott Canadian seafood products while in Germany, they hunt deer every year for fun and many of these same US restaurants serve foie de gras where they force feed ducks so they become big and fat before they kill them and you morons are complaining about killing seals, naturally in their environment.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if half your statements here were true but they are a pack of lies. Same with the comments here. Not to mention some of them are borderline racist and unbelievably ignorant.

    I am Canadian and I am sick and tired of animal rights groups lying about the seal hunt so they can get money from ignorant fools that know nothing about living off the land. They don’t brand ugly chickens on their websites because they wouldn’t get any donations.

    Before you start calling us cowards & neanderthals and accuse us of killing baby seals do a bit a research and stop being so ignorant.


  11. Selene Rossi says:

  12. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    Torture and Execution for money

  13. Paul Pelletier says:

    Canadians love to lecture the rest of the world by what of civilized and good country they are – obviously the proof is the seal hunt! Disgusting! Hypocrites!

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