Ensure Videotaping of Animal Cruelty Remains Legal

Target: President of the United States, Barack Obama

Goal: Prevent the passing of proposed bills that would make filming acts of animal cruelty on livestock farms illegal

In 2012, Iowa, Utah, and Missouri all passed laws making it illegal to secretly videotape acts of animal cruelty. Other states are considering similar laws, even though they inhibit animal rights activists. In the last two years, undercover video evidence has led to the sentencing of dozens of people, including workers who inflicted chemical burns upon horses, workers throwing piglets, and a facility that houses living hens among the corpses of those who had already died.

These laws severely hinder animal rights activists’ ability to expose such cruelties. Another piece of legislation declares that once the video has been captured, it must be handed over to the authorities within 24 hours, preventing any group from capturing footage from over a long period of time. Also, another proposed bill would make it so that anyone applying for a job at a livestock facility would be legally required to share any ties to animal rights groups he might possess. Still another, even more extreme draft would place those who captured video of film evidence of animal cruelty on a livestock farm on a “terrorist registry.”

These laws and proposed bills will severely limit animal rights groups ability to gather evidence against livestock farms. Laws should not exist that prevent acts of cruelty from being exposed. Demand that these proposed measures are never passed.


Dear President Obama,

Laws have been passed in Iowa, Utah, and Missouri that prevent the video documentation of acts of animal cruelty on livestock farms. Other laws have been proposed in other states, varying in severity. Some would place violators on a “terrorist registry,” while other require that anyone applying for a job at a livestock farm must disclose any ties to animal rights groups he or she might possess. These laws are being enacted because farmers are frustrated with animal rights activists constantly defaming them in order to convince people to become vegetarian, and their frustration is justified. However, it is not reason enough to justify the enactment of such constricting laws.

These laws will and do seriously hinder animal rights efforts. Acts of animal cruelty do occur on farms all over the country, and it is important that those acts are reported and documented. This is much harder to do when there are laws interfering with the ways evidence is collected. In order to ensure animals are being treated humanely, there has to be pressure from the public. This pressure cannot exist unless everyone is given a glimpse into what conditions are like on farms, and this is only possible if videotaping is possible. If any of these bills progress through Congress and reach the White House desk, it is imperative that they are vetoed. They provide a means for cruelty to continue, and for that reason they must be ended.


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  1. arli burns says:

    We are to PROTECT our God-given creatures, NOT DESTROY THEM!

  2. Brianna Garcia says:

    Obviously when people try to make this illegal the people know they are hiding something. We deserve to know what is being done to the animals within the farms. It absolutely makes me sick to know that people want to make it illegal to videotape animal cruelty. To the farmers: Just do it the correct and proper way!!! Which, entails no abuse, proper shelter with water, and healthy food necessary to ensure the proper nutrients.

  3. I had so much respect for what Obama was doing for America, but when he is the one responsible for the passing of these laws and bills it is hard to see any good in him. What a horrible thing for a person in power to allow, what ignorance and obliviousness this shows on his part! That, or he feels the need to hide what is going on just as much as the farmers do.

  4. We need reasonable people in Congress.

  5. Veronica Price says:

    (Someone commented before this about us having a right to knowing how our food is treated.) Agreed, but it’s not just about what we’re eating. These are sentient animals that far from deserve this. It’s enough that we have a difficult time assuaging their terror and stress when they sense what the ultimate outcome is. And the most frightening part of this is the fact we have many people running around with the first mark of a serial killer but they are hidden behind some slaughterhouses and farms and now this ag-gag…

  6. Marcya Harco says:

    Ações cruéis e violentas com animais, devem ser expostas ao público para que o mesmo tenha conhecimento da realidade por trás da indústria que exploradora os animais.

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