People Who Allegedly Starved Multiple Dogs and Cats Need Prison Time

Target: Ansonia and Milford, Connecticut State Attorney Margaret E. Kelley

Goal: Give prison sentence to people who allegedly starved their animals.

Eleven dogs and three cats were allegedly starved and neglected by their owners. Two of the dogs were euthanized because of the reported neglect. Another dog was said to have been unfortunately found deceased. Javon Coverson and Assante Coverson were arrested on multiple animal cruelty charges as well as for not complying with requirements for owning a dog and for not complying with rabies ordinances. Police found and seized the animals after they obtained a search warrant for the house on an unrelated charge. The surviving dogs are currently receiving emergency medical treatment.

Some people in the surrounding community think the Coversons were operating a puppy mill, and police suspect that they have mistreated animals prior to the alleged incident. The Ansonia Animal Shelter is keeping the seized dogs in quarantine because the dogs were diagnosed with parvovirus. Other people are not able to take any animals that may need help to the shelter since the virus is highly contagious to other dogs and can be deadly. Therefore, if the Coversons are found to be responsible for mistreating these dogs, they may also be responsible for other dogs being left to fend for themselves since they are not able to be dropped off at the shelter.

Police have indicated that other people may be charged and arrested after a full investigation is completed. Sign this petition to demand anyone found guilty of this cruelty receive the maximum prison sentence.


Dear State Attorney Kelley,

Javon Coverson and Assante Coverson were arrested on charges of animal cruelty, not complying with rabies ordinances, and not complying with ordinance requirements for owning a dog when police visited their home on an unrelated charge. Police seized three cats and eleven dogs after they allegedly found the animals severely emaciated. Sadly, two of the dogs were reportedly so sick, they had to be euthanized. Reports state that another dog was also found dead inside the home. The other dogs are being held in quarantine because the veterinarian at Ansonia Animal Shelter diagnosed the animals with the parvovirus. Community members are not able to bring any animals to the shelter since the virus easily spreads, making it so more cats and dogs may end up abandoned in the streets as a result.

Police are still investigating the case and have said that more people may be charged and arrested in relation to the reported incident. Neighbors suspect the men were part of a puppy mill operation. Whatever the case may be, anyone who is found guilty of neglecting these innocent animals needs to be held accountable. I therefore demand you recommend that anyone found guilty of neglecting or abusing these animals receive the strictest punishment under law and insist they no longer be allowed to keep animals so that a similar future situation can hopefully be avoided.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ansonia Police


  1. Kill them

    • That is RIGHT!! These A-HOLES going to jail for a little while. They come out and do the same thing. JUST KILL THEM!! Less headache.

  2. These people are counting on lies, and our compassion in allowing them to greet off the hook for what they have done. No! These people need to end their lives the same way they ended the lives of innocent animals. Torture them! It’s the only way to show these scum bags society won’t allow their cruel actions to go unpunished. And the whammy is they must suffer the way they forced other living beings to suffer. They deserve no more and no less. Let them feel the pain and allow others to see the way they are treated on the grounds of the way they treated others!

  3. Nancy Shultz says:

    What happened to the cats? It doesn’t say in the article.

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