Demand Justice for Horses and Dogs Starved to Death

Target: Seminole County Judge, Gary Snow

Goal: Send Oklahoma woman to prison for hoarding and neglecting nearly one hundred animals

Sheriff’s deputies in Seminole County have uncovered what they believe is the worst case of animal cruelty in Oklahoma’s history. Dozens of horse carcasses were removed from a private property along with nearly 100 malnourished dogs and horses. This was the property owner’s second offense and could have been avoided if adequate punishment would have been applied the first time. Repeat animal rights offenses must be stopped and abusers such as this made an example.

Carolyn Vaughn, the owner of the property, is a hoarder. Volunteers and deputies rescued 64 horses, 26 dogs, and many other animals from her home. Nearly 30 dead horses were also found. All of the live animals were neglected, malnourished, and near death. Vaughn simply kept them on the property out of sight, hoarding them as objects. Seminole County Sheriff’s deputy David Hanson made a statement saying, “It’s terrible. This is the worst I’ve seen.”

Fortunately, volunteers have done a wonderful job of rescuing these animals. They were given hay and water until they could consume no more and then carefully moved to a medical facility. Each animal will be carefully examined by a veterinarian and then be put up for adoption.

Vaughn is currently in jail and will be charged with violating animal cruelty and violating carcass laws. What is truly troubling about this case is that it could have been avoided. Vaughn had previously been arrested and charged with a felony for operating a puppy mill, but weak penalties kept her out of prison and also allowed her to possess animals again. More and more cases like this are appearing in the news every day and it has to stop. If someone is given the opportunity to abuse animals more than once, the blame falls on the shoulders of the legal and judicial system.

Please sign the petition below to demand that Vaughn be punished to the full extent of the law and is never allowed to possess an animal again.


Dear Judge Snow,

The Seminole County Sheriff’s department recently uncovered possibly the worst case of animal neglect and cruelty in Oklahoma’s history. Carolyn Vaughn was arrested for starving nearly 100 horses, dogs, and other animals. Dozens of horse carcasses were also found.

What is truly troubling about this is that Vaughn had previously been convicted of operating a puppy mill yet was allowed to possess animals again. This horrible event could have been avoided if proper measures had been taken the first time. This is a story that has become all too familiar in news headlines. Please make Oklahoma an example for the rest of the country and ensure that Vaughn will never have the opportunity to harm another animal again.


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  1. As the world was being explored and expanded to what we now call the world as we know today (maybe that wasn’t such a good thing the way the world is today )it was horses and mules (beasts of burden if you will)they were the only means off mobility exploration transportation -they were the only way to move people products as well as discovering new geographical locations finding new places to live work and grow- they gave their lives to go west they sacrificed their loved ones to carry and tote people things to places unknown yet to be discovered that most would say help to shape this wonderful world we live in today?horses and mules faced dangers by carrying supplies and people for people that were adventurous wanted to see more than their own back yard to make their own lives more comfortable for themselves – people always wanting more and more to develop more and more the want for things that made them famous by discoveries of more money to line their pockets with -greed played a big part in the use and down the ones that they love and are love by (isn’t that what we all want ? to die surrounded by our love ones in comfort and dignity)as all beings should -what a world we have become we now chase down our only wild horses left with helicopters until they die or drop from exhausting for greed of money by selling the horses to slaughter or clearing more land for profit -no matter how you look at it torture is and was never necessary against lovely creature that have given use so much in so many ways for so long over the years -how can ?people?live with themselves sleep at night knowing what is actually is happening to the very creatures that help us become free and comfortable in this world that they died over for years helping create the world that we so extensively enjoy without though of how we came to be free and prosperous to live our life -why have we not come to appreciating the very creatures that worked so hard sacrificed so much gave their live to reach this goal( the backbone that was use abused and destroyed for our own greed and means of becoming this world -what kind of ?people?have we become to turn away and pretend to not see the torture instead of coming to appreciate our wonderful gifts we were given to help us all through the development of our world ?estruction of horses and mules – they went to war in our cavalry taking our men into battle too bring freedom to our country and saving many men as well -they really were the backbone in the development of our country -they even became a source of entertainment for the equestrians that also wanted to be famous and the ones that wanted to win the purse of races to again make more money for themselves(they also the winners when growing older are being destroyed after making their owners their money instead of just putting them out to pasture to live out their lives in comfort and dignity (after making their owners their money you would think they could appreciate the input they had in what their lives had become due to their winnings that made their lives so comfortable and prosperous while they cruise in their yachts -now they torture them for things that are not even necessary they bludgeon them to death our young horses (even when there are ways of putting down a horses without torture (their not doing it to take them out of misery due to illness or broken bodies due to abuse) they just do it either out of greed for money or torture out of pleasure in having the control just because they can (that is sick)instead of properly putting them down in a humane way or just letting go back to nature to live out their lives in a natural way to die among their own feeling love isn’t that what we all want !!!

  2. says:

    I have always thought since the early 80’s.. if the starving, with no water or clean water, money,medication, medical services, were to stop breeding the problem would end. We keep on giving and the problem grows.. why? Because of them breeding like wild rabbits – its not rocket science.. why bring multiple children into the world knowing you cannot provide and they will more than often die?? Doesn’t make sense.. SEX = MORE POVERTY.. these people know the score and still breed!!

    • I couldn’t agree more.You have written everything that I have been saying for years and years.

    • Sue Griffiths says:

      You are judging these people on the way we live. When our folk become old or to some burdensome we put them in old people’s homes and visit them now and again when we have time in our busy lives. They are not really respected as they should be. The starving people you are talking about live differently. They haven’t got access to contraception even if they wanted it. They respect their elders and don’t turf them out when they are old. They look after them their selves. The elderly there look after the youngsters while their children try to work to feed everyone. The reason they have many children is because lots of children die before their 5th birthday. They need their children to look after them when they are old. They don’t see this as a burden. They see it as a privilege.

    • Tillie Hatcher says:

      It is easy for you to just spout the words, but have you tried to help any of these families you are referring to? Yes, there are excuses that are not valid and some stay on the government system and do wrong. But you have taken the Human out of HUMANITY. The person that said, (paraphrased, They take care of and respect their elderly) as many use to do. But for the US and other places, many of these people keep things going. Let me ask you, if the sanitation person didn’t take your garbage from your house or neighborhood, what would your life be like? If the trenches were not dug to lay your sewer pipe in, where would your waste go? I’ve heard all the garbage about mentality of people that want large families, and that is what it is garbage. These so called breeding people, have made you look at your life and think it is better. Well maybe it is not, just because your toaster works, you can go to the doctor, and you have a bank account…does not in any way make you happy. Poor, does not make unhappiness, many times it makes love, appreciation, respect, and understanding. Anyway, this is OFF THE SUBJECT OF ABUSED ANIMALS, unless you think all financial disabled or large families abuse animals???

  3. Christine Stewart says:

    Animal hoarders that neglect and starve animals to death are just as bad as the sadists who abuse and beat animals- this woman needs to go to jail.

  4. this lady should never own a animal again.

  5. Tillie Hatcher says:

    So sad, this animal did not get this way over night and can’t tell you how he/she feels and what has been done unless test are administered. We know that is not going to happen, if they won’t take the animal before it gets in this condition, they sure are not going to test to see what happened to it. If this woman has lived here very long, I can almost assure you there is enough evidence buried on her property to convict her, let alone the abused live animals. I wonder, is she going to get nothing because a lawyer pleading insanity? Too bad if convicted-jailed or insane asylum, her meals will be brought to her and she will have nutrition and won’t suffer like this poor horse.

  6. Cynthia dsouza says:

    Shoot that fucking bitch

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