Save Land Bridge Between India and Sri Lanka

Target: President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee

Goal: Stop the destruction of the land bridge between India and Sri Lanka

Rama Setu, also known as Adam’s Bridge, is an 18-mile stretch of limestone shoals that spans between India and Sri Lanka that is believed to be thousands of years old. It has been contested whether the structure is naturally occurring or manmade, but regardless, Rama Setu lends much cultural significance to India. Practicing Hindus believe the land bridge to be a sacred place, built by a god to reach his kidnapped wife, while local fisherman rely on the shallow, surrounding seas. Furthermore, many believe Rama Setu to have a certain intrinsic value, as it is an almost entirely unique formation.

However, the Government of India has recently proposed the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project with the purpose of creating a ship passage that could cut nearly 30 hours of shipping time for ships coming into the area. The original intent of the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project was to leave Rama Setu be, and instead search for land-based passages which were deemed more effective. However, the Government of India has more recently approved a proposal to dredge the shallow ocean floor surrounding Rama Setu, stating that there were “no more environmentally feasible options.” Many religious leaders and environmentalists oppose this decision, claiming that it would not only result in offending Hindus who regard the land bridge with reverence, but could also possibly lead to unknown environmental impacts. Some organizations have even gone so far as to state that proper scientific studies were not conducted, and that potential impacts could include increases in tsunami impacts, loss of thorium deposits and an overall decrease in marine health in the area.

Demand that this ancient, important structure be preserved. Not only is it a sacred site to the Hindu religion, often likened to the Wailing Wall or Mecca, but it also provides an invaluable source of livelihood for local fisherman. Furthermore, the impacts of destroying this area are not fully known, and could be potentially catastrophic. Ask the Government of India to stop dredging through the Rama Setu land bridge, and help preserve this culturally significant and unique formation.


Dear President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee,

The land bridge spanning between India and Sri Lanka known as Rama Setu provides both religious significance and economic importance. Practicing Hindus regard Rama Setu to be extremely important to their beliefs, while local fisherman rely on the shallow seas around the area for their livelihood. Furthermore, the land bridge provides a habitat for many species of marine life.

To destroy this unique structure through dredging in order to open up a passageway for ships would result in the loss of one of the planet’s wonders for the sole purpose of economic gain. The potential effects of destroying this land bridge are currently unknown, but could be devastating. Therefore, I respectfully urge you to cancel the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project and cease dredging through Rama Setu in order to preserve this unique and important structure.


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Photo Credit: Planemad via Wikimedia

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  1. What next do Humankind want to destroy? Everything that is good on this planet has to be plundered and destroyed! Don’t DO it!! Leave it alone!

  2. jacob jayachandra says:

    Road & Rail bridge between India & Srilanka

    It have been proposed to construct a Road & Rail bridge between India & Srilanka .
    The proposed project of connecting Dhanushkodi in India and Thalaimannar in Srilanka should be stopped even in planning level .
    The reasons for this are as follows .
    The national monument Rama’s Bridge [Ramer Sethu ] will be fully damaged while digging foundation for this mega bridge . .ie .Even if we dig foundation at least at half kilometer intervals it will require digging mega foundations at 100 places on Ram sethu which will cause colossal damage to Ramer sethu .
    Alternatively if we bore a road tunnel below sea bed, the foundation of Ramer sethu will be damaged and Ramer sethu will collapse .In the above project proposals, the damage to Ramer Sethu will be extensive and colossal than Sethusamudram ship canal project. Also there is a coral reef of 20 to 40 kilometer wide along the alignment of existing Ramer Sethu from India to Srilanka.The entire coral reef will be wiped out if the above projects are executed.

    Hence save Ramer sethu the national monument and International heritage site .
    In this regard UN e-mail ” ” may also be persued .

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