Protest Justin Bieber’s Animal Cruelty

Target: Pop star Justin Biever

Goal: Demand an apology for his cruelty towards his pet monkey

Justin Bieber’s pet Capuchin monkey, named Mally, was seized and quarantined at a Munich airport recently. Tests performed on it in quarantine revealed that it was only 14 weeks old, not nearly old enough to be away from its mother. In addition, Bieber failed to even contact the quarantine center to ask about Mally, and has been allowing the monkey to be in a constant state of stress, because it misses its mother.

The monkey is assumed to have been removed from its mother’s care when it was around 9 weeks old, even though Capuchin monkeys need to be surrounded by their entire family for at least a year. The monkeys are not even considered adults until they are eight years old. Taking a monkey away at such a young age results in immense amounts of psychological stress, as demonstrated in Mally’s behavior. The quarantine center reported that the monkey was “nervous,” and “confused,” and photos of Bieber with the monkey show that Mally would only eat food when coaxed with a stuffed animal meant to replace its mother.

Bieber also had no paperwork proving that he’d gotten the monkey legally–Capuchin monkeys are a protected species, and are often smuggled out of South America and sold on the black market. Justin Bieber must apologize for his cruelty towards this endangered animal.

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Dear Justin Bieber,

Those who live more public lives have a responsibility to set an example for those who may look up to or admire them. This is why the recent scandal involving the Capuchin monkey Mally is important–it is not merely a mistake or a misunderstanding, but an opportunity to either advocate for, or provide an example against, animal rights.

By correcting the wrongs obviously done to Mally, and by publicly apologizing and explaining why this sort of treatment towards animals is wrong, the public will be given a positive example. Those who have been following this development need to see that when animals are mistreated, their owners apologize and make sure the animals then receive better care. Such acts will spark a greater understanding of what animal cruelty means worldwide, and will encourage people to correct their own habits, and be more responsible towards animals. This is why it is so important that an apology be made–so that others will see the cruelty inherent in the mistreatment of domesticated animals.


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Photo Credit: CrazyInsane via WikiCommons

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  1. J Davidson says:

    It is cruel to remove this monkey from its mother and natural family environment, but worse, it encourages the illegal pet trade and domestication of animals ill-suited to be pets.

  2. Julie van Niekerk says:

    Justin Twit – it is not cool to be cruel.

  3. Robert Ortiz says:

    This kid is a selfish spolied brat that cares more about his own wants than about the well-being of animals.

  4. David Bethell says:

    Shocked by the so-called compassionate people who seem so happy and eager to point the finger of hatred and blame. He’s a kid surrounded by Yes men. Have a little compassion guys. Youth is about making mistakes; haven’t we all? Give him a chance to learn before condemning him (and no I’m not a Beiber fan 🙂

    • As long as “people” keep Making Excuses FOR Him—he’ll NEVER Grow Up. By 19 years old–my Father had fought 2 years in WWII–and was married to my Mom. (Back when “kids” were TAUGHT to take responsibility!!)

      If he’s “big boy” enough to have his OWN mansion, drive like an Idiot on the Public Streets—time to GROW UP !! ENABLING celebs to have One foot in “reality-land”…while the other foot remains in “Never-Never Land” is why most of those labeled “Wild Child” end up DEAD. Rules (other than Self Indulgence) just don’t apply to THEM !!)

  5. Maria Valenzuela says:

    Makes me ashamed to be human.,

    • @David Bethell – How about a little compassion for the poor animal. Justin is not two years old – he is growing up in a world where this is considered animal cruelty – he knows better. I think he would be annoyed at you thinking he is an idiot who can’t read or listen to anything. There isn’t a day that goes by where animal cruelty is not the highlight of a topic in the news, on the internet. I don’t care how young he is, kids today are more aware then they’ve ever been, about the difference between right and wrong and no matter how many “yes” men he has, he knows the difference. Kids know the difference, most of them just don’t care!

  6. He is for sure a spoiled brat.

  7. Paula Eggleston says:

    Should be charged with animal cruelty and have the monkey removed to a sanctuary that can properly care for it. Buy another car instead..

  8. He is a vile,fat,ugly ,animal abusive filthbag.His voice is disgusting.

  9. Margaret Melnick says:

    If he was anyone other than Justin Bieber he wouldn’t get away with this. He would be charged with animal cruelty. Just because he is a Pop star the law looks the other way. Maybe a good kick where it would do the most good would smarten him up. If I remember correctly this is not the first time this idiot has be accused of animal cruelty. Did he not abandon a dog at one time? How much more is the law going to look the other way because of who he is.?

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