Protect Wild Horses in the American West

Target: The Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Find a safe place for wild horses.

The federal government has recently reported that it is running out of untouched land in the west for wild horses to live on. Many of these beautiful wild horses are captured and held in captivity until they can be adopted. At this time more horses are living in captivity, about 50,000 altogether, in holding facilities than are left living in the wild west. Only about 37,000 horses are living in the wild.

The government claims they have no method for reducing the number of horses in the wild, and they are simply running out of room to house the wild horses. They have considered using birth control drugs on wild mares, to reduce the population, however many sources say this method is inhumane, and simply unrealistic. More than $50 million a year in tax dollars is spent on feeding the horses in captivity. Unfortunately, housing the horses in facilities is also proving to be ineffective.

In 1971 the federal government charged the Bureau of Land Management with preserving wild horses in 10 western states. In order to successfully carry out this responsibility, the Bureau of Land Management needs to first start campaigning to encourage more people to adopt the horses that are currently being held in captivity in order to give them better care. Most importantly, however, they must preserve what is left of the wild horses’ natural habitat. Creating an environment that protects and preserves this endangered species is imperative, not only to the horses but also to the preservation of the beautiful natural landscape of western United States.

Sign this petition and encourage the Bureau of Land Management to take action.


Dear Bureau of Land Management Officials,

In 1971 the federal government charged your department with the responsibility of preserving wild horses in the west, and much needs to be done in order for this task to be successfully carried out. Wild horses are running out of room in the western states to live and survive. Most are being captured and forced to live in captivity until they are adopted. This beautiful wild species needs to be protected.

Preserve what is left of the wild horses’ natural habitat: the untouched, natural landscape of the western states. This will not only save this species from one day becoming extinct, but it will also preserve the beauty of this unique part of our beloved country. Also, please make people all over the U.S. aware that there are so many horses in need of good homes. Find ways to encourage people to adopt the horses living in captivity, so that they might have a better life.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    We owe this to the animals who have served us throughout all of civilization, and especially American history. Without our horses we would not have survived.

  2. It’s the BLM that needs to be rounded-up.

  3. What truly is sad that BLM can not seem to manage to preserve the wild horses ( mustangs)effectively, is that this entity of the government is also hell bent on collecting the funds from what ever means possible. In prime example, to sell them out for slaughter… in particular to on man named TOM DAVIS. He is buying them at an astoundingly low rate of pennies on the dollar to relieve the supposed burden off of the BLM. These magnificent horses are then shipped off to MEXICO and/ or to Canada, when after long trips stuffed into containers, without food, water or rest, they arrived sick, confused, or dead already… only to be hung upside down ( still alive) and then often skinned ( alive) for their pelts which are often used in Mexican leather products or labelled ” faux fur” sold back to fashion houses in the USA. Usually still conscious, unable to even cry out, they are then subjected to some pathetic human being hacking into their flesh with everything from machetes, knifes and chain saws. It has been documented many times, that those same low-lifes actually even get some kind of evil thrill in watching the life leave the eyes of these, wild horses that are part of the history and heritage of America. Now here is an AMERICAN government entity not even working to honor these quiet beasts, but giving into greed by the ” ranchers, farmers, and money mongers who simply want the lands they roam or money made from their meat. HORSES ARE NOT FOOD> ANY ONE reading this, keeo fighting for these horses! Several states are trying to get slaughter houses including Oklahoma and several western states! Write everyone you know… tell everyone you know, and DEMAND justice from slaughter and political nonsense of the BLM>

  4. Ths is not stated in the appeal, but I would like to know if there is conflict with cattle grazing at work here?

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