Demand Man Stop Administering Painful Tattoos on His Dogs

Target: Ernesto Rodriguez

Goal: Demand that man stop applying large decorative tattoos on his dog.

Animal activists are outraged after seeing photos on Facebook of a dog with a large, intricate tattoo on his belly. The dog’s owner, Ernesto Rodriguez, who is a tattoo artist, commented on Facebook  that he administered the tattoo out of boredom. While tattoos are commonly used on animals for identification purposes, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other animal rights’ groups claim that a small, plain, number or symbol tattooed somewhere visible on the dog is sufficient.  Unlike typical identification tattoos, both of Rodriguez’s dogs have substantial portions of their stomachs covered.

Tattooing can be a stressful and painful process for animals. A large, vibrating needle must repeatedly puncture the first few layers of skin in order to produce a lasting tattoo, which often causes localized bleeding and swelling for several days. Further, the lower stomach where Rodriguez chose to tattoo his dogs is one of the most sensitive areas because the skin covering that region is so thin.

While Rodriguez has claimed since his initial post on Facebook that he administered the tattoo on his dog while it was under anesthesia from a procedure at the vet’s office, skeptics argue that this is likely untrue. Veterinarians rarely release dogs from their office while the dog is still unconscious. Additionally, the reason that Rodriguez had taken his dog to the vet in the first place was to have his ears docked, which is another painful and unnecessary procedure. Rodriguez told CNN that he thinks there is nothing wrong with tattooing his dogs and that he plans to do it again in the future.

Even though tattoos can be a useful tool for identifying dogs, Ernesto Rodriguez has taken it too far. Please sign this petition and ask Rodriguez to stop applying large, painful tattoos on his dogs.


Dear Ernesto Rodriguez,

As you know, many people are outraged by the photos you recently posted on Facebook of your dog’s intricate tattoos. While tattoos are commonly used for identification purposes, PETA and other animal rights’ organizations typically recommend a small number or symbol in a visible location. In contrast, the tattoos on your dogs’ stomachs are large and intricate as well as in a highly sensitive area. These tattoos likely caused unnecessary stress and pain for your animals.

In an interview with CNN, you claimed that the tattoo was administered while the dog was under anesthesia after having a procedure at the vet. However, many animal rights activists are skeptical that this was the case. Veterinarians typically do not release animals from their care while under anesthesia. Further, the reason that the dog was taken into the vet to begin with was to have its ears docked, which is an unnecessary and painful procedure that is only done for aesthetic reasons. Docking the ears of your dog and applying large, decorative tattoos on them are both forms of animal abuse. Please stop tattooing your dogs and treat your animals with respect.


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  1. What bullshit is this?? Tatoos on dogs? Are they crazy? Dogs are natural and don’t need tatoos. That is for people, it is their choice to be stupid. And it hurts terrible. Don’t do this to an animal.

  2. That is crazy put that poor dog through pain

  3. This is cruel and he should be charged

  4. Lucy Kelly says:

    Silly man. How are the dogs? Okay, I hope! He shdnt put them through such nonsense. It’s not for them, obviously!

  5. Linda Sperring says:

    Whwre are the relevant authorities in all of this? It’s cruelty

  6. Judy Whitney says:

    Just what is your problem? A very small tattoo isn’t enough to identify your dogs? Do they have microchips implanted? You can make a choice to have tattoos put on your body. Your dogs can’t. Tattoos hurt. You’re causing these poor dogs unnecessary pain…oh yeah, you really care about them. And cropped ears? Pray tell, what’s the purpose of that? Do you have another agenda? Bottom line…you’re abusing your pets. Those dogs should be taken from you and put into good homes. Do you want your dogs to look “cool”? Are you living vicariously through your pets? These dogs should be loved for who and what they are. Tattooing and ear cropping is NOT LOVE.

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