Don’t Let Pet Owners Tattoo Their Pets

Target: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

Goal: Stop the recent trend of pet tattooing before it becomes severe animal cruelty.

Recently, a North Carolina man, Ernesto Rodriguez,  put a tattoo on his pet pit bull. The mark was not for identification purposes, but rather it depicted  a crest that represents the dog’s bloodlines. The animal was sedated for the process, but after a picture of the tattoo was posted on Facebook, Rodriguez received more than a few negative responses. While the mark arguably qualifies for animal cruelty, many consider it to be a harmless practice. Nevertheless, if pet tattoos become trendy, it may give rise to serious animal abuse. Urge the ASPCA to recognize this potential trend and work to ban pet tattoos before they become a bigger problem.

Those who oppose pet tattoos claimed that the ink mark is a form of abuse because animals cannot give consent and are helpless to stop the procedure. Others, such as Rodriguez, see tattooing as a harmless process. As a tattoo artist, Rodriguez may be responsible in administering a tattoo, but the appeal of inking an animal is still problematic. First, if this becomes a trend, irresponsible pet owners who like the idea may attempt to tattoo animals themselves and bypass sedation for convenience purposes. This may lead to severe injury and ultimately animal cruelty.

When considering the legal implications of pet tattoos, a line must be drawn. If a single tattoo is permissible, then multiple tattoos may also be, and it is a well known truth that many people do not stop at just one tattoo. Covering an animal in them would likely inflict pain or discomfort at the least. Since animals cannot always communicate pain in the same way as humans, there is also the risk that abuse is occurring without our knowing.

While it is debatable whether or not one tattoo, or two or three, constitutes animal abuse, it is best to stop this practice before it gets out of hand. There are many irresponsible pet owners, and there are many people who are attracted to the idea of tattoos. Putting a permanent mark on an animal may seem like a harmless form of entertainment, and perhaps even a joke, but allowing pet owners to ink their animals poses a danger if it were to become a popular trend. Urge the ASPCA to discourage pet tattoos before they become popular.



Recently, a man from North Carolina put a recreational tattoo on his pet pit bull. This process arguably constitutes animal cruelty, and I would like you to recognize the severity of pet tattoos should they become a popular trend. While this particular pet owner may have administered the tattoo responsibly, other pet owners who attempt the same thing may inflict pain or lasting discomfort.

Animals must be treated with respect, and it would be best if pet tattoos were outlawed to prevent the possibility of increased animal abuse. Please work to make this happen.


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PhotoCredit: Facebook/Ernesto Rodriguez

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Unbelievably stupid, and the money would be better used by a charitable organization– one for animal rights.

  2. THIS IS AN ANIMAL ABUSE ISSUE and I know just where I will give the owners a matching tattoo- lucky you caught me on a “polite” day –

  3. Michelle Wood says:

    Unbelievable. Some people are just idiots!
    “Man is rated the highest animal, at least among all animals who returned the questionnaire.” ~Robert Brault

  4. Well to Start I’m a Responsible Pet Owner,I LOVE all animals !!! Faving said that what is going to happen when this ban takes affect ? Are people going to go under ground ! Just like with many other things like pot for instance. The Government cant regulate it so pep. buy this on the blqack market with no regulaions! None at all. So People wont have to use any anesticia,or clean enviroment,the proper tatoo tool’s. So are we just going to force them to hide this and inturn are we just causing these pets more cruelty by doing this petition!!! Maybe If the Goverment just regulates this prosess they/we can control the amount of Pain,discomfert,after efects like infections,gangreen,deformatys. Regulating will give the gov. more say in the treatment of animals/pets. They would have to go to a lic. Tatoo place that has all the proper equipment,supplys,MEDICATION’s Ext. NOW BEING I a Lover of all animals I opt for the Latter!!! If we are REALLY animal lovers PLZ Think about this and remember not to be blinded just bacause we don’t agree with pet-tattoo’s (keep an open mind if for nothing else for the safety of these Pets ) Because I really dont think we are goint to stop it anyway just force it to be done the wrong way.

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