Ban Hybrid Cat Breeding in the United States

Target: Division of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Ban the breeding, sale, and possession of hybrid cats in the United States.

Breeding wild and domestic cats is a growing trend in the United States. While both are beautiful creatures, when the two are combined into hybrid cats and sold as pets, the results are disastrous. These hybrids are not domestic pets and often display aggression towards their owners, sometimes resulting in serious injury. Because these cats do not make good pets, they are often surrendered by their owners to animal shelters or rescues and end up euthanized. The breeding, sale, and possession of hybrid cats needs to be regulated in order to prevent this cycle.

Numerous cat rescues, such as the Wild Cat Sanctuary, see first-hand the devastating results of hybrid cat ownership. While breeders often advertise hybrid cats as having the appearance of a wild cat such as the Asian Leopard Cat, and the temperament of a domestic cat, in reality these cats do conform to the standards expected of them. Owners realize too late that their hybrid cat is still a wild animal. The lucky cats may live the rest of their lives at a rescue but unfortunately, most are either euthanized or released into the wild. Since it is illegal in many states to own a hybrid cat many owners simply release their cat, which has devastating ecological consequences.

Hybrid cats may seem like larger and more exotic looking house cats but unfortunately, they are not genetically programmed to be pets. We need to prevent the unnecessary euthanasia and release of these creatures by ensuring that they are not being sold in the United States. Please ask the Division of Wildlife to ban the breeding, sale, and ownership of hybrid cats.


Dear the Division of Wildlife,

As you are aware, the breeding and sale of hybrid cats has become a growing trend in the United States. Breeders often mix Asian Leopard Cats or Servals with domestic house cats and promise that the result will be a larger, more exotic looking cat with the temperament of a house cat. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Hybrid cats do not make good pets and often display aggression, which leads owners to surrender their animals to shelters or rescues or to release them into the wild. Many of these hybrids end up being euthanized because people have unrealistic expectations for their cat.

In order to prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of these wonderful creatures, we must ensure that they are not being bred in the first place. Since various states and municipalities have already banned the sale and breeding of hybrid cats, many people purchase them illegally and simply release them into the wild when the cat does not meet their expectations. This can have devastating ecological consequences. However, if hybrid cats were banned at a federal level, it would be much less likely that people would continue breeding these cats. Please ban the breeding, sale, and possession of hybrid cats.


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    • Nature produces hybrids all on its own. Where do you think dogs come from? WOLVES! By leaving cats like the SERVAL in the wild, they would soon become extinct. If not for loving people taking the cats and reproducing them in loving homes, and making a new breed, they would soon become extinct. Now becomes of these people, Servals are reproducing in loving catteries where they won’t be hunted and skinned. So who are you to make such a judgement call, having no experience with ANY of the cats in question ? Not too bright are you…

    • Ashley Bolles says:

      You are not the creator either. You leave me and my DOMESTIC Savannah alone and let me worry about my relationship with MY maker, as I’m fairly certain he has nothing against my owning a Savannah and supporting the right to own it.
      My husband is active duty military, because he believes in Americans keeping their rights. I do not miss him over 200 days a year, every year, to have some woman think she can charge into our lives and tell me what animals, domestic ones at that, that I can or cannot own. Oh no, I don’t think so. You aren’t going to be able to get rid of us and our cats that easily.

    • Kat karnes does the phrase go jump n a lake mean anything to u. If not figure it out. Sounds to me that you are mad because your pet sensed what you really are and that is crazy. My Bengal baby is the most loving cat I’ve had. And it will be a cold day in **** before I give her up. She’s is one of my kids and is treated as though she is. You might as well be asking for a ban on children. Trying to band her or her kind is ridiculous. I think you need to concentrate all your negativity towards something else and leave the bengals and savannahs alone. As for breeding them I’m sorry but isn’t that how all animals are created its not the animals fault they are being abandoned its the poor excuse for owners who are all eww I want a pet and two weeks later decide ya Im over it. I say let’s not ban the animal let’s ban stupid people who don’t know how to care for the animals and let’s face it you must fit that category.

  2. Lucy Kelly says:

    Sadly, some ppl must only think of themselves, n not of the animals they claim to ‘love’, or they wdnt buy hybrid ‘pets’. And the damage they do to other animals in the environment when they release foreign species shd be criminalised.

    • Ashley Bolles says:

      Trust me, my “hybrid” which actually isn’t a hybrid, he is a domestic f4 Savannah, is loved more than you can imagine. What I can’t grasp is why people, such as yourself, claim to love animals, but what do you think will happen to the THOUSANDS of cats effected by this ban? They aren’t just going to simply disappear. They will be taken from their homes and they will be destroyed. How can you support that & call yourself an animal lover?

    • Tundraleigh says:

      Whatever. The hypocrisy of your statements are astounding. I rescued my two hybrids from a horrid backyard breeder. That’s how they came into our lives. In 30 years of rescuing animals, they are the first two purebred animals I’d ever had (but they will not be my last hybrid cats). They are the best, kindest, most intelligent, funniest, most gregarious, loving and wonderful companions I’ve ever shared my home with.

      If you love your cat, you honor its true nature as a territorial, primary predator. You acknowledge that it is a sentient being, and an adult, and you allow it to decide for itself whether it wants to go out into the environment or not. And, you accept that it becomes a prey species as well as a predator. My cats can be eaten just as they can and do prey upon others – a service that we appreciate and depend upon, as they keep our gardens, home and outbuildings free of rodents. They are who and what they are, and I make no efforts to force them to be something else for my own selfish reasons.

      How can you claim to think of cats, and then deny them their true nature? Cats (all cats) are not as domesticated as other companion animals – they’ve only been known to associate with people for 10,000 years, as opposed to around 32,000 years for dogs. Adopting an animal, assuming the commitment of sharing your life with a different species, and then denying that other being the ability and the outlet to be who and what they have evolved to be? That is sick – and I’m speaking for all cats, not just those whose ancestry has closer ties to its wild roots than others. Criminalizing those who disagree with you, that’s rich. Why don’t you spend the rest of your life stuck inside of a building, denied all of the joys of nature immersion or connection to the natural world, and then see if you still share that view.

  3. I’ve had Savannah cats for over 10 years. And my son had a Bengal. They are incredibly lovable, and affectionate, as kittens and as adults. None of them have been dangerous. They have the same behavior as any regular, well cared for domestic cat, other than some enjoying water, liking dogs, chirping, and being a bit more intelligent. Shame on these unkind people for contriving false stories to ban our pets!

  4. Andrew Reddich says:

    What utter stupidity, once again America is the laughing stock of the world, when it comes to rational commen sense!
    The Bengal is the the number one registered recognized breed throughout the world, and has been for several years!
    As many as five decades of breeding has produced a beautiful feline in both temperament and appearance, and your logic is as pathetic, just as the minority of irresponsible owners that don’t deserve pets period!
    Focus your energy on more important topics, like why you have primary school students attending school carrying fire arms, and cancelled weapons?
    I am glad that I am Australian, and not living in the land of opportunity!

    • Ashley Bolles says:

      Hey now! Don’t lump us all in with these crazies. I’m an American and proudly owned by my f4 Savannah! 🙂

  5. I keep seeing the same breed discriminatory propaganda over and over again. Seems that “cut and paste” has taken precedence over proof. Show the data people. How many Savannahs and Bengals are taken into shelters and euthanized. Where are the testimonials of the allegedly huge number of people who have been allegedly injured by these cats? If these cats are so dangerous, how do you account for the large numbers of people who are happy sharing their lives with them? How do you account for the approximately 10,000 people who are on waiting lists for Savannah Cat Rescue? And how do you account for the low number of cats available for adoption from that entity?

    And most of all, who appointed these animal terrorist groups to speak for me, for everybody? They have a right to their beliefs. They do not have a right to force them on everyone who does not believe as they do.

    • Hear hear! It will be a sad day indeed if prothesletising ignorance trumps solid facts and statistics. These cats are no more aggressive than any other cat and, having owned both domestic breeds and Bengals, I can say that hands down the Bengal is more friendly and playful – even more so than my dog!

      Show us the data folk. You simply present as a joke without any stats to back up your wild claims. Even my special ed English class knows how to construct an argument using evidence better than this.

      Where did you think the domestic cat came from in the first place? They didn’t just appear as is, it’s been thousands of years of natural selected breeding – evolution. Or is this the real issue?

    • Tundraleigh says:

      It’s called talking points, and an underlying agenda.

  6. Ok you self righteous aholes need to stop commenting unless you have personal experience with the cats in question, and I can tell by the comments of a couple that you don’t! You just read some sensational article and ate it up with a spoon!
    Savannahs and Bengals are some of the most common and most registered breeds in the TICA! To ban them would kill thousands of amazing pets in happy homes! Wtf for?? Because some nuts made up crazy allegations and posted them on the internet?? Show me some facts! These breeds are some of the best pets you will find!

  7. I have worked with animals for over 12 years, I have fostered various breeds and owned 4 Bengals, overall. I am a certified vet tech and have dedicated my life to cats. I can assure you none of my Bengals ever hurt a soul, try and pet a Siamese (yes I have had and loved one of these as well) on the belly like you can a Bengal and tell me how many scratches you get. I love Siamese and Abyssinian cats just as much as the Bengal breed and to be quite honest the Siamese are far more temperamental. They also happen to be a natural breed, as are the Abyssinians. As I type this I have one cranky 3 year old Aby on my lap, a cheerful 3 year old Aby happily playing…with an ADORABLE and sweet little purr monster of a Bengal kitten. If this is really your biggest worry in life, well, I envy you.

  8. I would easily guess that whomever is involved in this highly sensationalized, poorly written petition has zero firsthand experience with the breeds they are talking about. Don’t even try to feed me a line of crap about how there are so many cats that need rescuing as I already had two when I got my Bengal. Not everyone is you, nor does everyone need to suffer from your misinformation. My Bengal is not only SMALLER than my domestics, it is also MUCH SWEETER than them.

    This article makes plenty of claims about the hybrid breeds with absolutely zero backing. That’s because there is NOTHING behind this but misinformation! I volunteer for a Bengal Rescue group and of the few cats I see, the majority of them are relocated due to CIRCUMSTANCE, NOT temperament.

    Do I love my domestics? Yes. Will I get more Bengals in the future? Definitely, and long before I look at any other breed. If someone really wants something they will break the law, and especially something so poorly guided as what you’re proposing.

  9. Donna Davis says:

    I will NOT support this! I have a Bengal and she is a WONDERFUL cat! Where are the facts to back all this crap that’s being said? Where is the evidence??? I have the evidence I need and it’s my Bengal who is almost 9 years old now. No problems with her, EVER. Makes me absolutely furious someone would even suggest banning her.

  10. Caroline White says:

    I not a breader but I resued a bengal hybrid and shes as lovely as can be shes f4 and compleatly domesticated…. I think these posts come about cus there really after making as much money out there own begals but as this bread is now becoming popular amonst rich n famus where there whiling to pay stoopid money there are some out there that feel threatend by us that have bengals and not breaders but cats are cats and will bread…. hence the cross breads….
    and natrally dont fetch as much so may become popular as suposed to them that perpasly bread them for proffit … its scare monging thats all nothing more nothing less

  11. jayde whittingham-dowd says:

    Incidently, this poorly informed non-hybrid cat owner lists she has a German shepherd and a Staffordshire terrier. These types of dogs have been known to attack and even kill humans (especially children). Just as some irresponsible owners and poorly behaved pets have resulted in these tragedies doesn’t mean that these dogs should be banned, rounded up and euthanised. What you should be petitioning for is responsible pet ownership. I can’t believe someone with a degree education would write such a shoddily researched article.

  12. Lorraine Stevens says:

    I wish to state my opposition to the proposed ban of domestic hybrid cats. The proponents of the ban make many false claims against these cats. Most importantly, I ask you to require evidence from the proponents of this ban before even considering their “facts”. These cats are NOT wild cats. They include Bengals, Savannahs and Chausies. These are domestic cats fully recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) and shown in cat shows all over the US, Europe and Japan alongside other domestic breeds such as Siamese and Persians. All generations of these cats are recognized by the U.S.D.A as domestic cats. These cats are NOT turned away by shelters because of the unlikelihood of their adoption. The Bengal is TICA’s most popular cat. These cats are not unwanted! These cats will NOT mate with ferals and create a “superbreed” of hunters. Early generation males are sterile until the f5/6 generation. Although some cats may be sold to other breeders unaltered, the overwhelming majority are sold as pets and come either spayed or neutered or the owners are required to do so contractually. Unfortunately, a few animal rights groups are attempting to support their call for a ban with widely exaggerated claims. Their “facts” are untrue and unsupported and deserve to be thoroughly investigated. The truth is these breeds are not different from other pet cats. A ban on these cats would have a huge impact on their many owners, breeders and fans who love and appreciate them. It would be tragic if these cherished pets were torn from their families and the only homes they have ever known and either euthanized or placed in cages in sanctuaries.

  13. Any animal is what you teach them to be. Do not blame negative behavior on an animal, blame it on the neglectful human that raised them.
    Did not read the whole article but the first few paragraphs I did read indicates to me that most of it will be statements out of ignorance and could not go further.

  14. Tundraleigh says:

    What outright lies you spread. I am a bengal cat mama and my kitties are the sweetest, gentlest, most affectionate, bonded and loving cats I’ve ever been blessed to share my life with (and I’ve been rescuing cats for 30 years). These are the first two purebred cats I’ve ever had, but they will certainly not be my last hybrids. The love, intelligence and tolerance they’ve exhibited around our daughter have humbled me. They are the best companions we’ve ever had, of any species or breed.

    The truth is that adopting an animal is a commitment. You must go beyond your own expectations of the relationship, and think about the needs and personality of this other living being, who is not a human. That is true of any cat or any companion animal, not just hybrids. Cats have not been domesticated as long as dogs, or livestock. They are territorial, primary predators, and if you want to have a cat in your life, it is your responsibility to provide opportunities for the cat to hunt, climb, stalk, defend a territory, scratch, and do everything that makes a cat who and what they are. That’s your end of the bargain.

    My cats have unfettered access to thousands of acres of wild forests, fields, streams and orchards. Because they are able to experience that nature immersion, they are healthy, happy, well-adjusted, and loving companions. When it is winter and they are stuck indoors, we make time for play. We have also altered our own environment by creating lots of high perches and scratching areas for them. We do our best to mimic the environment which is healthy and fulfilling for a cat. Our cats can get grumpy and edgy during the winter months, though. We all get cabin fever by mid-winter, cats and people alike. That goes for ALL of our cats by the way – the shelter rescues as well as the bengals. A hybrid cat is just a cat. If you can’t handle a hybrid, you are doing something wrong, or perhaps it is just that you can’t actually handle sharing your life with a cat (any cat).

    I am only one person but I will always advocate FOR hybrid cats and against irresponsible or selfish owners who only bring a cat into their home to fulfill their own needs, without any consideration of what the cat requires for a full and satisfying life. A cat is a predator – whether a hybrid or a a rescue off of the street. Their wild nature should be celebrated and encouraged, not legislated out of existence. I don’t want my cats or my children domesticated, and I will do everything in my power to educate society on the wonderful, loving, intelligent and gentle nature of these amazing animals, who are already perfect exactly as they are.

  15. This is a opinion and there are no facts to back up any claims that hybrid cats are vicious, spray throughout the house, have genetic and behavioral problems, or anymore dangerous to wildlife than that of a domestic cat. Sarah you are uneducated when it comes to these unique felines, and WildCat Sanctuary was recently investigated for using donations for personal use. Or is sky diving lessons and sexy underwear somehow related to the cats that reside there. If so, please enlighten us. Big Cat Rescue is not much better.She is running a zoo, and uses sob stories on cats that were a result of her own breeding program. Also, she has just as many violations for not properly caring for her cats and questionable use of donations. She owns her own personal Savannah,so why should I have to give up mine? The truth is these cats are wonderful, energetic,intelligent, naughty,and full of love and personality. Mine do not suffer from IBS, spray, do not suffer behavioral problems,and have never attacked anyone. They get along with my other animals. There are many happy responsible owners that love our cats. We are tired of AR nuts from questionable agencies that lack integrity and decency dictating to us about our animals. The agencies you sponsor cannot even take proper care of their own animals, and use deceit to gain the most donations possible. Why not work on your own image, and get your agencies crap together before you judge us! Better yet, focus on wild cats, and leave us and our house cats alone. By the way, people are beginning to see how messed up all you AR peeps are. You want to mess with our pets, we have friends, coworkers,families. We use social net working sites too. We use it to expose you people for the liars and con artists you are. How can you say you love cats when BCR and WCS want to mass killer early generation hybrid cats or put them in sanctuaries by confiscating them from their loving families? You are the monsters, not us.

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