Ask U.S. Government to Do Away with Latino Label

Target: United States Census Bureau

Goal: End the use of the “Latino” label in broad identification of various races making up the American community

Fifty-one percent of all individuals who currently make up the group described as “Latino” in the United States describe themselves through familial origin in place of attributing themselves to one blanket term. Under twenty-one percent of these individuals actually use the word “Hispanic” or “Latino” to identify themselves. This accumulates to a total of one in every ten individuals clearly stating that they see their heritage as coming from distinctly different cultures, as opposed to the prevailing assertion that there is one shared culture. All of these statistics have resulted from recent poll that was conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center.

The majority of these individuals are shown to resist being placed in common categories: thirty-six percent call themselves white, three percent as black, and fifty-one percent describing themselves as an “Other”. Of those twenty-nine percent of individuals who do in fact identify with the prescribed terms, thirty-three percent state that they prefer the use of the word “Hispanic” over “Latino” as a better term.

The study goes on to include a variety of other factors that further differentiate the varying cultures amongst themselves as well as the general public, including: political leanings, views on sexual preference and abortion, religion, the use of language, and social tendencies. What becomes exceedingly clear is the inability for current racial classifications to adequately account for a large portion of the United States population. The manner in which these various races are currently lumped together fails to do justice to those people whose presence in the community is responsible for the current state of the country. New, appropriate forms of identification must be used in future racial demarcations for economical, political, and social use.

Dear Census Bureau,

The United States government has long used “Latino” and “Hispanic” as single blanket terms with which to describe a large portion of the country’s population. Frankly, these terms are inadequate for the purposes of appropriately differentiating between a series of peoples whose cultural tendencies are exceedingly disparate.

A recent study conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center has illustrated this shortcoming through direct consultation with the peoples in question. One in every ten individuals classified under the term “Latino” disagrees that there is a common culture by which they can be labelled, instead preferring to identify by their individual familial origins. Fifty-one percent describe themselves as “Other”, and of those twenty-nine percent of individuals who do in fact identify with the prescribed terms, thirty-three percent state that they prefer the use of the word “Hispanic” over “Latino.”

Please take these views, expressed by the people who the term is intended for, into consideration. Future instances of racial identification can be improved by a better thought-out system of classification, regardless of 100% all-inclusivity.


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  1. It is wrong to deny the true identity of indigenous people,and Africans through the Americas (north and South). Hispanic was a term created in recent times in the USA for political agendas. It was not created by experts in the field of Anthropology nor it has any historical basis.
    Latin america was a term created by the French. It refers to the similarities between the Spanish and french cultures as well as all the cultures related to the Latin speaking Romans. It was also a political term and it was refering to a European heritage.
    The Hispanic and Latin (Latino) term robs every individual forced to take on the identity despite their true family history. It is wrong to deny and lump together people of European, African boriginal american and Asian ancestry into a fictitious term that was created for the purpose of segragating people. No political reason could ever justify constructing a false ethnicity and stealing the true origins of all peoples.

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