Don’t Charge Police Officer Who Saved Dog From Euthanasia

Target: Denmark Police Chief Jens Henrik Højbjerg

Goal: Drop misconduct charges against officer Lars Bo Lomholt for saving dog from euthanasia

When Danish police officer Lars Bo Lomholt decided that German shepherd Thor was going to be euthanized unfairly, he took matters into his own hands and stole the dog from the kennel where he was being held.  Mr. Lomholt has since been terminated and faces misconduct charges for taking the dog.  Tell Danish police that Mr. Lomholt should not be punished for his compassion.

Denmark has had an interesting month regarding its dog laws.  Earlier this week, agricultural minister Mette Gjerskov was sent the ashes of a cremated dog in protest of the country’s dog muzzling laws.  The dog’s owner claimed that after he muzzled his dog, his pet was never the same and he ultimately decided to put his American Staffordshire Terrier down. The strange protest came weeks after the dramatic story of officer Lars Bo Lomholt and Thor captured the attention of animal activists and Danish citizens.

It started when Jette, a Danish woman, was walking her German shepherd Thor, a dog she cared deeply for because of how he reminded her of her deceased husband.  A small dog ran out of a nearby house and scared Thor. A fight ensued resulting in the small dog suffering a small bite.  Jette paid a fine but was surprised when, a few weeks later, Danish police officers came to her house and informed her that Thor was an aggressive animal that needed to be euthanized.  Despite attempts by the advocacy group Fair Dog to win an appeal for Thor, plans were made to euthanize him.  That is when Mr. Lomholt decided it was his duty to rescue the dog and stole him from the kennel were he was being held.

Originally, police said that a man posing as a police officer had come in to steal the dog but they have since revealed that it was in fact 20-year-old Lomholt.  They have terminated him from the force and he now faces misconduct charges.  The public has rallied in support for Lomholt and Thor remains safe at an undisclosed location.  Lomholt saw an unethical decision being made and decided to go above the law to do what was right.  Thor’s story, combined with the ashes being delivered to the minister’s office, makes one wonder how much Danish citizens really agree with the laws in place.  Whatever the case, Mr. Lomholt is a champion of animal welfare and deserves to go free of charge.


Dear Mr. Jens Henrik Højbjerg, Police Chief,

When Lars Bo Lomholt walked into the kennel in his officer’s uniform to save Thor from being euthanized, he was making a political statement.  He decided that a dog’s life meant more than any arbitrary law could assign.  And as the details of the case have come to light, he had good reason to.  Despite the fact that Thor was deemed to be non-aggressive by a canine advocacy group, you callously went ahead with the decision to euthanize the dog.  This was a pet that meant more to one Danish citizen than any of us could imagine, a living reminder of her deceased husband’s memory.  Even though she paid the fine given to her, you went one step further and deemed the dog unfit to live.

Mr. Lomholt’s story and the support for him, along with the recent strange protest against Denmark’s dog muzzling laws, makes one wonder how arbitrary and humane these dog laws really are.  Although that is a matter of legislature and you are appointed to protect the law, there comes a point when compassion must take precedent over what has been set forth by the government.  Mr. Lomholt must have felt an intense call to do what he thought was ethical and right to walk into the kennel and steal the dog, knowing that he would likely be fired and charged.  But his compassion for the animal and his owner is one that can be understood and appreciated by all of us.  Please reconsider Mr. Lomholt’s termination and the charges against him.


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Photo Credit: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Applaud this officer for his bravery and compassion for both the owner and the dog, living, feeling beings.

  2. they should find him a better job for being such an upstanding citizen

  3. Leanne Crowley says:

    People reacting against the law because it is to restrictive. Should be more flexable, allow the owner to do a training program. The person with the small dog causing a nauisence too. They should also do a training program.

  4. Eliane Biourd says:

    this young man did a wonderful thing and should be commended not punished for this.

    on the other hand the ididot whose dog ran out and started the whole thing should be fined and reprimanded for allowing his/her dog to be loose, which could have been an accident, but nonetheless this person probably knows the dog behaves this way and should guard against its escaping…!!!

  5. Myrna Burdick says:

    The young officer shows great compassion for an animal that is “accused” of being vicious.

    Other ways to
    determine viciousness might have been to kennel him and have staff evaluate his propensity to violence.

    As said before, the owner of the dog who bolted out of the door, is to blame for creating an attractive nuicense. Many dogs on leash see a dog dashing towards them and their master as a “threat” & often act out of protectiveness

    This officer has a good heart; he needs to be given a 2nd chance.

  6. sylvia hucal says:

    Lars Bo Lomholt you are my (our) hero for saving Thor from being euthanized. You are a very compassionate, caring person and you cared enough to do this. You are special.
    Dear Police Chief . . . this is the kind of men you need to keep on your force.

  7. Dear Lars, congratulations to your heroic act.Police force need more people, like you all over the world.


  9. Julie van Niekerk says:

    Show us the face of the moron that decided to punish a good deed. We are really living in the age of stupid.

  10. petra schroth says:

    mr.lomhold is a hero and i would give him the purpel heart medall,he is one of the less good cops

  11. You did a wonderful thing and I stand behind u 100 %. U r a hero and animals everywhere are thanking u for looking out for them. Saving Thor is like saving so many who have got accused for just doing what so many do protect themselves and their owners

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