End Orangutan Boxing Matches in Thailand

Target: Government of Thailand

Goal: Stop inhumane orangutan boxing matches at the Safari World theme park

At the Safari World theme park in Thailand, orangutans are forced to put on gloves and fight each other in “fake” boxing matches as an attraction for visitors.  Despite attempts for years to shut down the operation, this outrageously inhumane event continues to this day.  Demand an end to this brutal spectacle by asking that the government of Thailand close Safari World for good.

Since 2005, over 22,000 apes have been sold, killed while being hunted or died in captivity as a part of the illegal trade of primates that still continues to this day.  Huge profits are made selling illegally captured primates to zoos and other attractions around the world at the cost of biodiversity in places like Africa and southeast Asia.  One of the destinations for these captured animals is the Safari World theme park in Thailand.  Safari World drew harsh criticism as early as 2004 when evidence of orangutan boxing matches set up for tourists began to circulate among animal welfare groups.  That year, the government seized 48 orangutans and returned them to their native country of Indonesia.  But in 2010, images of kickboxing orangutans once again began to surface and animal rights activists renewed their charge against Safari World.  Just last month, citizens in Indonesia donned monkey masks to protest the boxing shows that continue to go on.

According to reports, the orangutans at the theme park are dressed in traditional boxing gear and “pretend” to knock each other out, though animal activists insist the chances of the heavy animals knocking each other out is very real.  Winners are awarded food and other rewards but ultimately both primates return to the dark cells where they are illegally kept.  It is time to stop this disgusting display of animal brutality; orangutan boxing certainly stands as the most shameful symptom of the illegal primate trade.  No operation that has repeatedly been cited for such flagrant abuse should be able to continue to exist.  Demand that government officials put an end to the orangutan boxing matches by closing Safari World for good.


Dear Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra,

In 2004, the government of Thailand temporarily put an end to the disgusting spectacle of orangutan boxing that was occurring at the Safari World theme park and returned dozens of primates back to Indonesia.  Yet in 2010, pictures and videos of orangutan boxing at Safari World began to surface once again and many animal activists asked, “how?”  Orangutans wearing boxing gloves, shorts and bikinis are seen fighting in a ring for spectators.  Though Safari World claims the fights aren’t real, it would be extremely easy for these nearly three hundred pound animals to hurt each other.  After the fight, winners are awarded with prizes and then sent back with the other orangutans to their confined cells.

Since 2005, over 22,000 apes have been sold into captivity or killed as a result of the lucrative trade in primates and Thailand has long been identified as having a large illegal market for orangutans.  Though Safari World is perhaps the most offensive offense, over the years, operators of zoos have gone unpunished when they were exposed as having illegally bought orangutans.  If your country wants to truly crack down on illegal industries and animal abuse, the illegal trade and purchase of primates must be curbed.  There is no better symbolic step to show your commitment than to close Safari World for good.  The owners have made too much money exploiting these poor animals.  Take firm and decisive action by closing Safari World and leading the charge to save these poor creatures.


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  1. Until I recieved this e-mail just recently, I had never heard of this going on before and I am utterly sickened!!! Why are the governments of the world not speaking out against this sick, evil cruelty to animals! I know that fucking Thailand would lose a lot of their tourist trade if this were made more public! People from this part of the world have no respect for animals and need to be educated! – or is something in their nature due to the fact that they are so inbred! I hope the bastards die a very miserable death!

  2. And what about their mistreatment of young elephants as well! Maybe they are so cruel and evil because they are all so short and ugly – also due to being badly inbred!!!

    • What a sad and ignorant comment… but then what else to expect from a racist!!! I hope you are vegan to call others “evil” because if you eat meat you also condone and support animal torture.

  3. Christine Jones says:

    Not bad enough that they are losing their homes due to human destruction of their forests for palm oil plantations. Now these dignified creatures have to be subjected to this demeaning “entertainment”. Disgraceful.

  4. Do NOT teach animals what you are doing! Their Natures are completely different from ours. Let them live their own life and have their own culture.

  5. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

  6. This is cruel and this is destructive to the orangutans there are so many left in the wild today–we need to conserve and by conserve they need to be in the wild–their homes are in the wild and they are not wired to be human acting animals…the people who do this to these intelligent apes should have to be sentenced to something just as vile as this is to them..What’s going to happen when we no longer have this beautiful, intelligent species..God gave us a magnificent earth and we are destroying both land and inhabitants…men, animal and plants—-SHAME ON US !!!!!!!!

  7. Christine Bennett says:

    SHAME SAFARI WORLD, SHAME!! This depraved concept of ‘sport’ is indicative of a pathetic mindset.


    Entertainment events should not take precedence over the basic needs of living creatures. SAFARI WORLD TAKE THESE POOR ORANGUTANS BACK TO THEIR NATURAL HABITAT.

  8. Typical untalented low life scum humans who have to use animals in order to get money…

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