Outlaw Animal Crush Fetish Videos and Images in the United Kingdom

Target: United Kingdom Parliament

Goal: Demand that animal crush videos and images be outlawed immediately, and punished severely.

Animal crush videos document the abuse of small animals, such as kittens, puppies, mice and rabbits, for the purposes of sexual gratification. Animals are slowly tortured in horrific ways; they are burned alive, skinned alive, dismembered, nailed to the ground, and otherwise abused. The intent is, most often, to illicit screams of pain from the poor creatures. The majority of animal crush fetish videos involve individuals crushing the animal by stepping on it in high heels or sitting on it.

This gruesome industry has entered mainstream pornography over the years and has become popular in many countries around the world. Undeniably, individuals who take pleasure in the torture of innocent, helpless creatures are some of the most perverse in the world. Whether they are the creators of the videos or their consumers, they must be stopped immediately. Many countries, such as the United States, have enacted legislation criminalizing the creation, sale, distribution, advertising, marketing and exchange of animal crush videos. However, in the UK no specific law tackles this serious issue. Anti-obscenity laws and animal cruelty laws both seem to have failed to make a dent in the animal crush industry.

Any pornography that exploits, tortures, and kills a living creature is disturbing and repulsive. Just as laws exist to protect innocent children, laws must exist to protect helpless animals. Repetitive animal cruelty is often seen as the first sign of major mental and social disorders. Undoubtedly, anyone who finds sexual entertainment in the murder of small animals is degenerate. Sign the petition below to demand that the UK parliament take action against this crime and outlaw animal crush videos immediately.


Dear Parliament Members,

Animal crush videos are a form of severe animal abuse, intended mainly to invoke sexual pleasure. These videos have appeared all over the internet and gained popularity recently in a number of countries. They document small, living animals—such as puppies and kittens—being tortured slowly. These animals are dismembered, skinned alive, burned alive, nailed to the floor, and usually crushed beneath high heeled shoes or sat on.

Undeniably, individuals who take pleasure in the torture of innocent, helpless creatures are some of the most perverse in the world—whether they are the creators of the videos or their consumers, they must be stopped immediately. Pornography that exploits, tortures, and kills another creature is disturbing and repulsive. Laws must be created to protect helpless animals. While many countries have passed bills and acts to criminalize these fetish videos and images, the UK has not. I am writing to demand that the UK Parliament take steps to pass laws that will criminalize the creation, sale, distribution, advertising, marketing and exchange of animal crush videos. This inhumane act must be stopped.


[Your Name Here]

Image Credit: Bjørnli Foto via Flickr.

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  1. Quem é cruel com animais tem que ter morte lenta e dolorosa!!! Pq são malditos!!!

  2. Those sick people should be put in hospice because they are mental sick and they will end up injuring not only animals but kids as well.
    If there is no treatment for them in public hospitals, please send them to electric chairs. The world does not need this kind of people, and our country will be a better place without them around.

    • Francis Kaye says:

      How can such people be allowed to walk our streets? Is it true that their obscene activities are not actually illegal – that they cannot be prosecuted? I think the people who make those videos can be prosecuted under current legislation but possibly not the sick, pathetic, dangerous, scumbags who watch/buy them. Soon, hopefully, they will be and given long stretches in prison.

      • julie blackwood says:

        Francis I agree. We must lobby politicians . I could not believe that this could be allowed to go with no punishment in UK.

  3. Humans have a obligation & responsibility to help protect helpless animals. Even humans who abuse animals are allowed to be put to DEATH. Animals are gifts to humans and some animals are pets for humans as comforters for the emotional pains humans endure. EVERYONE, should go out their way to help feed & protect animals from such abuses. I know you may disagree with me on this, but, sometimes blood is the ONLY LANGUAGE most humans understand and respect. Laws should be more harsh, whatever abuse or death a animal was forced to endure should also be the same EXACT pain or death that human should be forced to go through. Than let’s see how things change. I bet a MAJOR CHANGE would happen.

  4. Lo más del ser humano es que sigue cometiendo crueldades y atrocidades y todas son desnecesarias todas frutos de un ocio macabro e sin ni un sentido; solo el mal por el mal.

  5. Esra Şahan says:

    İnsanlar insanlarla ne halt ediyorsa etsin, nassıl sex yapar, nasıl mutlu olur…..

    HAYVANLARI kendi doğalarında rahat bırakın, bunu seyreden psikopatlar da LÜTFEN tedavi görsün….

  6. Maria Helena Luiz says:


  7. This is brutal and needs to be exposed to everyone and outlawed everywhere and carry a harsh penalty. cruelty for cruelty’s sake is very sick. please share the ifo with your friends and family and some of them will pass it along and or sign the petition. news travells fastest on the bush telegraph (word of mouth) do whatyou can 🙂

  8. Lisa Stephens - Oliva says:

    Disgusting brutality.Too embarrassing to want to admit to being human when this is typical behavior. ENOUGH!!!!!!

  9. kennedy voorhees says:

    How could this possibly allowed? First of all, porn is disgusting and then on top of that, they add abused animals to it?! On what planet is someone “aroused” by hearing screams of pain or seeing the bloody carcass of an innocent animal? Is there any way, at all, that these images could bring joy or sexual pleasure to anyone? The demented people who do this to these animals, and call it a “fetish”??!!! From how I see it, these freaks are using porn and “fetishes” as an excuse for this animal cruelty to be legal. These people are sickening and should put in a mental hospital. Or better yet, lets have some elephants step on them, and when they scream in pain we can say “keep it up, you’re really turning the elephants on!”

  10. Lüthi Hanspeter says:

    Für diese Kranken gilt nur noch Lebenslange Zwangsarbeit unter erschwerten Bedingungen

  11. roderick jerrett says:

    I think you people are fucking retarded and should be caged and tortured just like the animals if I had any say your eye lids would be chopped of and fed to you with a stick through your ass

  12. Legal or not , You dont do that
    (retarded idiots )

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