Demand Justice for 86 Slaughtered Elephants

Target: U.S. Ambassador to Chad, Mark Boulware

Goal: Create harsher penalties for poachers, and create more effective regulations protecting elephants

A brutal killing spree took place in Chad recently, when 86 elephants were slaughtered by poachers on horseback.  Thirty-three of the slain elephants were pregnant females, making the massacre even more devastating. Poachers hacked out their ivory in the worst elephant killing spree since early 2012.

The demand for ivory has not abated, as it goes for $2,000 a kilogram on the Asian black market. Countries like Thailand and China still have thriving underground ivory markets, making poaching lucrative. The constant demand keeps elephants in constant danger.

The Central African elephant population is also rapidly shrinking.  One of the last remaining elephant populations in Africa now faces the danger of extinction. It is estimated that 150,000 elephants lived in Central Africa 30 years ago. Today, that number is estimated to be only 2,000. In order to protect the elephants, justice must be dealt to the poachers who have been driving down the elephant population. Those who poach must be punished, and there must be stricter laws protecting the elephants. Demand that these animals are given the opportunity to survive.


Dear Ambassador Boulware,

The elephant population in Chad is rapidly declining, and the loss of these magnificent animals would be devastating. They face threats on all sides, and some of these are out of human control. Others, however, could be fixed with government intervention and more effective legislation. The poaching that intermittently takes the lives of dozens of elephants needs to be stopped, and in order for that to happen, there must be punishments so harsh that the potential risks outweigh the potential profit made from ivory.

The punishments dealt to poachers must be carried out as well. When a number of elephants are killed, every effort must be made to hunt down the poachers and show the country that only punishment will come from committing such a crime. It is the government’s duty to create such legislation, and the U.S. must negotiate with Chad to begin the necessary dialogue required to create these regulations.

Elephants must also receive increased protection with harsher punishment not only for poachers, but for others who harm the elephants in other ways, whether it be by maiming them, disturbing them, or harming their habitats. As the elephant population dwindles, the governments in which their populations still reside must make an active effort to protect them. The U.S. must begin a discourse with Chad in which these issues are brought up in the hopes that they can be resolved.


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Photo Credit: Brittany H. via Flickr

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  1. alexia abnett says:

    this slaughter of our wildlife needs to end NOW!!! The sub species that did this, need to hang!

  2. alexia abnett says:

    Urrrggghh!! Shoot to kill! This murder has got to stop!!!

  3. Myrna Burdick says:

    Look to who is financing these slaughters. Who is the
    import-export dealer transporting the ivory to Asia?

    The top of the money tree has to be attacked and brought to justice.

    I agree with the man who said to shoot the poachers on sight. Yes, they are probably trying to support their family but if that is what it takes to get by on, you need to use your voice to get the govt. to get more legitament work for its people.
    We need to say NO,NO,NO to the corrupt and inhumane side of China

  4. Stop Killing Elephants because it’s cruel and they are becoming endangered now.

  5. Anne GRice says:

    This sickening vile slaughtering of elephants and other wildlife must be condemned strongly by all nations and poachers must be punished by jail terms. Rangers must be supplied with effective weapons and given the power to shoot poachers on site. Demands for these products by nations must be addressed to educate these wealthy people about their nonsensical and useless uses such as for ivory trinkets ! All ivory products must be made illegal in the countries and governments must take responsibilities for ensuring these items are not sold internally! Possessions of all ivory products, medicine from animal parts must be made illegal with prison sentences! Education is essential to enforce the brutal senseless evil trade with devastating consequences to this planet. The people of Chad and other countries must understand that their short term sick greed from killing their most precious assets will affect their own long term survival for their country as tourism will stop putting their economy at risk.


  7. Traci Brandwood says:


  8. Martin Perlmutter says:

    All of us need to take steps. Chad has to protect its own natural wealth. Appropriate penalties make simple sense. This is eco-terrorism and should be judged an assault upon the State, with penalties of similar scale. Because that’s what it is. Those Jangaweed poachers should not have left Chad alive with their “catch.”

  9. Des Wolfaardt says:

    Nature was first on Mother Earth!

  10. Nancy Mulvihill says:

    This is not eco-terrorism (the definition of that is when environmentalists destroy or sabotage an entity destroying a forest, or polluting, etc.) This is TERRORISM. If the elephants were humans – and I dare say they are superior souls than us, these murdered would either be in prison for hate crimes or in GITMO. These African countries better get off their butts before they have zero tourism, since apparently money is their new god. Were there not some places where poachers were shot on sight? This should be the law in all African countries and hunting safaris banned. Anyone participating in a hunting safari spends life in an African prison. I imagine that life will be very short.

    • alexia abnett says:

      I agree with your comment! A shoot to kill policy as in Zambia and Botswana, would go a long way to deter poachers in SA! But sadly it is the corrupt government that is behind all of the slaughter..not for the country, but to line their own pockets!

  11. elfy schlaeflin says:

    c’est une horreure de faire ca de la barbarie pure et simple c’est eceurant deguelas il n y a pas de mot pour le definir c ‘ette cruoter

  12. Maureen McGill says:

    This has gone way too far soon all the wild elephants and rhinos will have been murdered.
    This is war so the United Nations need to sen task forces to these countries and help the well intentioned governments stop this organised crime.
    China, it seems, does not care less.

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