Ask Janet Jackson to Stop Endorsing Fur Industry

Target: Janet Jackson

Goal: Support cruelty-free fashion by ending partnership with luxury fur maker Blackglama.

Janet Jackson, the world-renowned singer and celebrity, is endorsing Blackglama, a luxury fur maker, for the third year in a row. Blackglama sells fur-farmed mink products, ranging from coats and jackets to gloves and other accessories. The fur industry is known for its inherently cruel nature and should be phased out of the fashion world. Ask Janet Jackson to stop promoting the suffering of minks by ending her partnership with Blackglama.

Mink farms typically breed female minks once a year. The surviving young are then killed and skinned when they are about 6 months old. The breeding minks are kept for four to five years, continuously breeding and reproducing. These animals are kept in small inadequate cages in order to cut costs for farmers. This crowding and confinement is stressful for minks, who are naturally solitary creatures. Their distress is shown through self-mutilation and physical deterioration. Although minks have been bred for decades for the fur industry, they still have not been domesticated and suffer greatly in captivity. Slaughter of minks is also inhumane, as most fur farms only care most about preserving the quality of the fur. Fur farmers will employ slaughter methods that keep the pelts intact but cause extreme suffering for the animals. Some slaughter methods include gas chambers, which are not 100 percent lethal, causing animals to regain consciousness in the process of skinning, and electrocution.

The use of fur in fashion is outdated. There is no reason why other living creatures are suffering at the expense of human superficiality. By endorsing Blackglama, Janet Jackson is approving of the fur industry and sending this inhumane message out to her fans. As a well-known celebrity, Janet Jackson has the opportunity to make a difference for the better and take a stand against the slaughter of animals for fur. Sign the petition below to urge Janet Jackson to end her partnership with Blackglama.


Dear Ms. Jackson,

I recently heard about your decision to continue a partnership with Blackglama, a luxury fur company. As you know, Blackglama sells a variety of fur-farmed mink products, ranging from jackets to gloves and accessories. Unfortunately, the fur industry is extremely cruel and inhumane, and I would like to encourage you to support cruelty-free fashion.

Fur farmers typically have one goal in mind: high profits at low costs. In order to achieve this, fur farms cage thousands of minks in small inadequate cages. This causes extreme stress and discomfort for the minks, who are naturally solitary creatures. This overcrowding also causes the rampant spread of diseases and other health concerns. Female minks are bred once a year, and their young are killed and skinned at 6 months old. The breeding minks are then kept for four to five years, continually breeding and reproducing. Not only is this unnatural for minks, it is also inhumane. The slaughter of minks is also inherently cruel, as some slaughter methods are not 100% effective, causing the individual animal to suffer greatly.

Animals should not suffer at the expense of human superficiality. The use of fur in fashion is outdated, and the slaughter of animals should not be publically displayed. As a well-known celebrity, you have the opportunity to make a difference for the better and take a stand against the cruel fur industry. Please cancel your partnership with Blackglama.


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Photo credit: qmnonic via Flickr

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Nothing glamorous about fur, rather it is an obscene display of the worst animal cruelty and abuse. Please stop these horrors towards innocent, defenseless, hapless, sentient living beings!!! There are plenty of superior alternatives to fur, and just as or more fashionable.

  2. Denise Travillion says:

    PLEASE Janet Jackson, EVOLVE!

  3. kelly whiteway says:

    anything for a buck, Ms. Jackson? Was never much of a fan of your music but even less of a ‘fan’ now…your endorsement of fur reflects poorly on you.

  4. I’d like to think you’re better than this.

  5. Ashleigh Walton says:

    Ugly! Ugly! Ugly!

  6. Please. Show the world that you are much much MUCH higher than this. From this place….. You can only go up!

    I can’t e en believe this is. Something you do! Please don’t!!!

  7. Faux fur is a less expensive animal, I’m sorry to say, it’s another lie. But as for Janet Jackson, has a life of privilege and adoration made you unable to comprehend the feelings of animals? Prehistorically, wearing fur was necessary. Today, it is not. Do you not know the violence and excruciation inflicted on these animals? Watch Woody Harrelsons fur p s a. One of the strategies of death is absolute sexual violence. So, if you can indirectly condone this, that makes YOU pretty NASTY, MS. Jackson.

  8. Ms Janet,
    pls STOP this madness…..ur brother Michael Jackson would hv freaked out to learn this…..STOP killing these beautiful creatures for the sake of wearing fur….u’d rather see them die just to wear this??
    where has it gone ur sense of humanity towards GOD’s other living creations….

  9. Beth Hamer says:

    And my opinion of you was always, “Janet is so sweet”. My opinion has gone from sweet to disrespect. How disappointing and unnecessary. With so many trying so hard to do their part to stop animal cruelty, and then there are people with money and influence promoting it and wearing blood on their bodies. Shame on all of you. Monsters.

  10. Nadine Hemy says:

    Are you really that cold, Janet? You need to watch a video of anal electrocution…some of the fine workmanship that goes into the making of each and every fur coat, before you make a shameful endorsement like you did.

  11. Miss Jackson,
    You are better than this, stop advertising furs! If you’re going to say “This is purely business” Then may God bless your rotten soul. Don’t be like Cruela Devil.

  12. Chantelle Landon says:

    I have been a long term fan of Janet almost as long as I have her brother Michael & to be honest since I heard about this, I have become absolutely disgusted with her!

    It is bad enough that her music has taken a nose dive this past decade (seriously there’s only been a handful of good songs) but now these past few years her attitude has changed!! And now she (for the past few years) has been promoting furs, are you seriously kidding me Janet????

    Your brother would be seriously pissed off with you as I am!! I always looked up to you & Michael as a kid, now I look at you with utter disgust & disappointment!! Come on girl, you’re better than that!! surely?? look I know losing Michael can’t have been easy, boy oh boy it hit me HARD!! so I can only imagine your pain.. there is no need for THIS though!! Grief should not screw up your conscience & decency!!

    I lost my best friend & auntie, and was very violently assaulted (all within a few weeks of each other) and then lost my soulmate a few years later & I haven’t lost my moral compass & my compassion for others, especially those without a voice of their own & those from minorities who get trodden on by evil people!

    On the contrary, I still support everything I always have, I still stand for what I have always stood for!

    My heart may have been ripped to shreds by grief & my life changed by it & by my horrific abuse, but it has not made me go against everything I have always stood for, so why you changed? explain it will ya? because I am dumbfounded as much now as I was when I first heard about you promoting furs!!

    I am really seriously mega disappointed in you janet!! I can forgive the sucky songs, but NOT this!!

    come on now, think about Michael.. what would he say??

    yeah I am NOT his relative you are, but as a fan of 29 years I think I KNOW him more than enough to say I KNOW he would be pissed off with this!!

    You seriously need a massive rethink girl!!

    Come on.. where is the old Janet I grew u admiring? what did you do to her? where did she go??

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