Stop University From Torturing Cats

Target: Bill Mellon, Associate Dean for Research Policy at UW-Madison
Goal:  Punish the University of Wisconsin-Madison for torturing cats.

The University of Wisconsin has been experimenting on the brains of cats for several months, cruel and painful experiments that leave most of the creatures involved chronically infected or severely injured. Following a complaint by PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) conducted an official investigation of their practice, which was followed by a citation for violating animal protection laws. PETA’s allegations were officially confirmed in March 2013, and the lab now faces fines. Unfortunately, UW-Madison is still denying any cruel practices, and plans to appeal the citation.

The experiments conducted on the cats involved consisted of planting metal coils into their eyes and steel posts screwed into their heads. This could supposedly measure how cats perceived sounds. To motivate the cats to participate, they were starved for several days prior to being experimented on, so they could be coerced with a small piece of food. According to a federal inspector, there was “a pattern of recurring infections” in the eyes of the cats, including one unlucky cat, NJ, whose eye was so badly damaged that it needed surgical removal. Other cats have died from these procedures. What might be even worse is that though the inner workings of this process have been revealed, there are still cats trapped in the lab, being tortured for experiments that have already been deemed as cruel by the government itself.

At this time, UW-Madison denies that they have done anything wrong, and is still attempting to appeal the conclusion reached by a comprehensive evaluation of their practices so that they can continue to conduct torturous experiments on innocent animals. By signing the petition below you can help urge UW-Madison to stop trying to appeal the citation, accept their mistakes, and move forward. You can help save the lives of animals who need your help right now.


Dear Associate Dean of Research Policy Bill Mellon,

The cruel experiments conducted on cats in labs at UW-Madison have left many innocent creatures with chronic infections, scarring, burns, malnutrition resulting from starvation, and for some, death. These experiments were passed under the guise of forwarding science, but what they have really done is forward the barbaric and inhumane treatment of animals.

Following claims by Peta, University of Wisconsin’s animal testing labs were investigated by the USDA and cited with violating laws regarding animal protection. Instead of accepting that they made a mistake, however, UW continues deny their involvement with inhumane practices. I am writing to urge you to save the animals trapped in your labs-stop attempting to appeal the decision made by the USDA. Please use your power to help innocent lives.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    This university has been torturing animals for decades, and their entire research facility must be investigated and terminated forever. They are uncivilized, there is no justification for such experimentation, and this is not science. Both funders and researchers are responsible for atrocities and actions that are too horrible for words. It is hard to imagine what these hapless living beings have endured. After long periods of torture, they go to their painful deaths only for the monetary motivations of these sadists.

  2. Stopt diese grausamen und unsinnigen Versuche.Ihr seid ohne Herz,das kann doch nicht wahr sein. Ich versteh nicht,wie man so grausam,kalt und verstandslos sein kann. jeder von euch sollte das selbe durchmachen müssen,damit ihr erfahrt ,was ihr diesen armen Katzen antut. Ich verachte euch dafür!

  3. Please stop Torturing innocent animals. PLEASE

  4. özlem çabuk güneş says:

    yapmayın yazık tır günahtır.

  5. crazy wwe fan 1 says:

    how do they feel if we put them for torment like they did it to cat?? I bet they will say oh no HUMAN RIGHTS but what about cat’s rights ? they didn’t realize it at all.

  6. fatma dağaşan says:

    Deney yapılacak sa bu gönüllü insanların üstünde olsun.kendini ifade edimiyor kunuşamıyor diye kedi, köpek, tavşan, maymun…hayvanlarımızı eziyet etmenize müsade etmiyoruz..bu etik deyil bu hayvanlara yapılanın savunması yok..! hayvanları özgür bırakın!! canlarını yakmayın!!!

  7. Marie Solange Mankoch says:


  8. Melanie Visser says:

    Please have a heart and respect all living creatures as you would yourself. Thank you!

  9. Julie van Niekerk says:

    I am writing this letter not because I am a scientist or an intellect or a graduate. This is from a humble human being from the bottom of my heart.

    Mother earth and her inhabitants, humans and animals share this beauty of nature together and the ultimate aim is to live with her in peace and harmony where cruelty is not suppose to be part of it. People have altered it all.

    What a shame that we as humans can face the cruel treatment of animals, whether it is in the laboratory, companies, factories, Circus, Zoos, Puppy mills, Fur industry or individual torturing of animals, wild and domesticated. That includes euthanasia in a cruel way – gassing and heart stick.

    Animals in the laboratories are being tortured and killed in the name of science for the welfare of the human being. Who are we to decide that it is all in order to do cruel tests on these animals, when they scream and try to escape from the danger they find themselves in. They use body language to communicate with the scientist and the abusive person, yet we fail to recognize the cruelty behind this. It is not natural for any animal to be put through trauma deliberately. This earth is their planet too. Looking at nature and unhampered wilderness, I tend to think that this earth is their territory in the first place. We as humans have invaded their space to make way for technology and industries. Technology has put us in a dwindling spiral and thus the reason all the conflict between nations, let alone the animals that have to suffer due to our unethical behavior.

    Ironically, we are so dependent on animals for our survival. Humans fear old age, illness and death and justify the cruel experiments on animals. For how many years should man be the beast and behave like the beast and keep torturing animals that any scientist can see is endless suffering. How does a scientist go home and treat his family with passion and yet the other side of him is none caring towards other forms of life. How can he watch an animal being clamped from head to toe and observe the fear, kicking and “pleading for mercy”. How can he look at the pain and turn his head and have no remorse for his actions towards an animal that experience the same pain as any human.
    Has scientist not gathered enough information and written libraries full of books of all the tests being administered on animals?

    Scientists are still testing for the cure of cancer and aids and many other illnesses. They want to find a cure for all the illness and a tablet to curb old age. What for? We all have to complete the cycle of life. We all have to “depart” one day and make space for the new. It is the natural order of all living things, exactly like the weather pattern. Start educating humans to live a life of ethical and moral standards and see the Aids decline. Teach humans to wash their hands and see cholera decline. We regard ourselves as the higher species and yet we can not obey the basic rules in life. It is time we look at the behavior of animals and their self discipline. They can teach us plenty about pride and dignity.

    Is it not perhaps fame that drives the scientist towards these deeds? Are these tests truly for the human survival? At a new discovery in the lab, the scientist name is on all the billboards, the media coverage and most probably the Nobel price too. Yes, the wealth speaks for it self. Do you want to see real trauma? Ask any very wealthy person to contribute towards charity and observe the devastating pain on his face. He regards his bank balance far more superior than life itself. Humans will do anything to hold on to their status which is so important for his survival. Greed has surpassed humanity………..

    Mans best weapon is his reasoning. We have used it and we have abused it and then we go up in arms because this planet is not a safe place to live in anymore. Cruelty has increased. Crime has increased. Illness is taking lives of young people. Corruption has increased. All this is due to the sad behavior of people that call themselves human.

    What scientist can do is start experimenting on humans and try to find out why some are so cruel and evil and only a handful show dignity towards our planet and our animals. Why am I different than the cruel and evil person? Don’t test on animals to find out why humans have lost the plot! Humanity is on the endangered list and people became used to the idea of being barbaric. The barbaric gene has invaded the human body and filled the cavity of humanity. We have lost our dignity, our ethics, our honesty, our principles and moral standards. What is left ………nothing. We are empty vessels!

    • Ferne Harasimiw says:

      Wonderful letter. Says it all without personnel attack. It should be sent to every lab, every president, every prime minister, every paper, every blog, on and on and on.I am proud of this letter above as if I were a friend of yours. Keep writing like this. Because I am too mad and want to yell and swear at them.

  10. Phillip Lewis says:

    Is there some other way to stop this? Anyone?

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