Shut Down Thailand’s Cruel Tiger Temple

Target: Preecha Rengsomboonsuk, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment

Goal: Protect Thailand’s endangered tigers from a cruel fate in Tiger Temple, a popular tourist attraction.

The Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua Forest monastery in Thailand, commonly known as the Tiger Temple, is a popular tourist attraction that allows tourists to play with tigers. The concept behind Tiger Temple is that money from the tourists is spent on tiger care at the center and overall tiger conservation in Thailand. However, reports by animal welfare and conservation groups have exposed Tiger Temple as an abusive and exploitative moneymaking scheme. The tigers at Tiger Temple are not well cared for and the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment should take action in protecting Thailand’s rare tigers by shutting down Tiger Temple.

There have been many instances of abuse and neglect at Tiger Temple. Undercover investigators have noted that the tigers are confined for 20 hours a day in small, inadequate cages. They are not fed any red meat, causing them to develop many health problems. Every afternoon, the tigers are put on public display so that tourists can touch and pose with the animals for photographs. During these sessions, the tigers are given no shade and are exposed to three hours of direct sunlight in high temperatures. It has been observed that staff would drag the tigers into appealing photographic positions or beat them into submission. It is also likely that the tigers have been drugged, as they usually appear listless and lethargic.

Tiger Temple claims to breed its tigers for conservation. However, the center does not have a breeding license, even though at least 10 cubs have been born there. Rather than operating as a rescue center, this breeding facility may be involved in the illegal tiger trade. Undercover investigators noted that at least seven tigers disappeared from Tiger Temple within 2 years without explanation. Evidence was later found to show that Tiger Temple has connections with a tiger farm in Laos. The exchange or sale of tigers across international borders is illegal and prohibited under Thai law. There are currently 115 tigers at Tiger Temple. Sign the petition below to urge the Thai government to shut down Tiger Temple and prevent further mistreatment and exploitation of wild animals.


Dear Mr. Rengsomboonsuk,

I would like to bring to your attention the mistreatment of tigers at Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua Forest Monastery, or Tiger Temple. This center is a popular tourist attraction that allows tourists to play and pose with tigers for a fee. As the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment in Thailand, you may have heard of the cruel and abusive nature surrounding Tiger Temple. I would like to urge you to rescue the tigers at the center and shut down the temple.

It has been reported that the 115 tigers at Tiger Temple are abused and mistreated on a daily basis. The tigers are confined for 20 hours a day in small cages. They are only fed a vegetarian diet, which causes many health problems for these strict carnivores. When the tigers are put on public display, they are often beaten into submission so that tourists can sit on them or pose with them. There have also been claims that the tigers are generally drugged, as they appear listless and lethargic. In addition to this abuse, Tiger Temple is making false claims of conservation efforts. The center does not have a breeding license, yet continues to breed tigers. Also, Tiger Temple has connections with a tiger farm in Laos. It is illegal to exchange or sell tigers across international borders.

Please further investigate the activities at Tiger Temple and prevent further mistreatment and exploitation of wild animals. In everyone’s best interest, Tiger Temple needs to be shut down.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: J. Patrick Fischer via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Tourists must be warned about what is really happening here so that they can refuse to visit and protest this mistreatment. This facility must be terminated.

  2. Lyndsay Norton says:

    You are disgusting

  3. patricia quiroz says:

    Compassion and respect for those beautiful animals is a human value, don’t losse them!!!!

  4. not good

  5. where is the petition to stop people eating horses as what MEaT??
    Our society is completely insane. What is going to stop the next step being people on the table – be it
    do you prefer blue eyes or green – blond or brunette on your plate? How about black, white or Chinese.
    Eating any animals is abhorrent and if we don’t stop and become vegan this could well be the next step.

  6. Roland Goettert says:

    Let the tigers free and imprison the people!

  7. Negin Motamed says:

    I protest torturing animals.

  8. kim gayler says:

    Boycott this hideous zoo. Wake up yo the pretence. As so called buddhists they should hang their heads shamefully. Get these creatures to sanctuary. I hate you evil people

  9. Jessica Bentley-Stevenson says:

    None of this is true. I’ve seen the conditions the tigers live in, I know the Monks, I have a family member who lived there for a very long time. There is honestly nothing but pure happiness and peace within that Temple. The tigers are taken care of as if they are one of them. They are not mistreated and abused. They don’t spend 20 hours a day in small cages, they get to rome around as they please and play in the lagoon, they are free and loving animals.
    Frankly you have no evidence of this cruelty that you deem to be the ‘truth’.
    These tigers are beautiful creatures okay. They are well taken care of at the Temple and all you people agreeing when you in fact have no idea, are quite stupid because you are all going to be the reason for them to be put in horrible living conditions.

    • Emma heward says:

      There is plenty of proof and many people who have complained and left bad reviews on trip advisor. You seem to be in the minority. There is video evidence online of them being mistreated.

    • So the tiger getting punched in the face is called looking after it then? View it on my Facebook page. Hayley McGill.I take it you have a connection or interest in this torture chamber otherwise you wouldn’t be telling blatant lies!

  10. James Hart says:

    This is a load of bullshit, you people are so dumb, you idiotic hippie fucks, this place is a place where you can walk by one of the greatest creatures.

    I know someone who has worked there and none of these things have happened, they were fed meat and treated like normal animals should be, this is better than them being hunted or killed or used as a rug in some poachers house, you stupid stupid idiotic people. I hope you all realise how dumb this is and how many people you will be hurting by doing this.

    go to hell all you dumb people who actually want this place gone.

  11. Sean de Silva says:

    It’s sad that they treat the tigers horribly, but I personally do not think that it should be shut down… The people ‘Taking care’ Of the tigers needs to get their shit together and actually take care of them, Treat them with more respect, and get a breeding license.

  12. Well if they love and care for them so much. Why don’t they send there time protecting them in the wild and take people in to the jungle and spot them. Not this way drugged and people all over you. These are wild animals not for them to make money out of in this way.

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