Save Primates and Forest Plants – Stop Bushmeat Hunting


Target: Elizabeth Bennett and Kristen Walker-Painemilla, Co-Chairs of the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force

Goal:  Stop bushmeat hunting in Africa to preserve the primate population and essential fruit and nut trees that the ecosystem depends upon.

“Bushmeat hunting” is the hunting of meat from wild animals for human food, and it’s transforming the rainforests throughout Africa. When humans kill gorillas and other primates for food, those animals can no longer disperse fruit and nut seeds essential to the ecosystem. We must support the efforts of the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force to preserve both primates and forest plants.

Although hunting for bushmeat from endangered primates is illegal, they are frequently used for food in Africa. Protein-rich foods are scarce and there are few taboos about eating primates in African cultures. Newly-built roads allow hunters to sell primate carcasses to city markets, which yield good profits.

According to Swedish ecologist Ola Olsson, “The seedling communities of the forest floors are really different in a hunted forest compared to a well-protected forest. In the long run, that’s going to make the hunted forest look quite different from what they do today.” Olsson and his colleagues surveyed plants and animals in the Nigerian Rainforest and found that the forests of over-hunted areas were lacking seedlings, such as bush mangoes, that rely on primates to spread their seeds.

Other animals, and even humans, depend upon these fruits for nutrition and economic sale. Another ecologist, Joanna Lambert, added that, “Without primates and other large-bodied mammals, forests are not regenerating in the way they’ve evolved to do over millions of years.”

Sign this petition to support the efforts of the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force and stop bushmeat hunting in Africa. With their help, we can increase fines and law enforcement for hunting and selling these meats, improving local access to other types of protein-rich foods.

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Dear Ms. Bennett, and Ms. Walker-Painemilla,

Thank you for all the work you have done to help stop bushmeat hunting through the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force. Recent studies have shown that bushmeat hunting not only destroys primate populations, but also the fruit and nut-bearing trees that depend upon primates to spread their seeds.

I am urging you to work with the African populations most involved in bushmeat hunting to help improve access to other protein-rich foods. If locals are able to access other humane sources of protein, they may be less likely to kill primates for food in the rain forests.


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Photo credit: Terese Hart via Flickr

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  2. Sage Miner-Kelley says:

    Hi my name is Sage and I go to Kearny DMD and I wanted to know if we can use the picture of the beaten ape we are doing a project for awareness of Bushmeat

  3. lily cicilia says:

    Please stop this! Don’t do this if you have heart

  4. lily cicilia says:

    Please stop hurt animal

  5. Gerlane Sousa says:

    Pelo fim da escravidão animal – stop animal slavery…

  6. salvem os animais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! não há felicidade em cima de desgraça alheia e um dia a vida traz a conta de todo mal que fizeste!!!!

  7. Usha Devi Nadesan says:

    Pls don’t hurt animals.they have feelings too.

  8. Was soll sowas als die Tiere wollen leben und genauso gut behandelt werden wir wir Menschen….sie sind auf uns Menschen angewiesen und sie sind da wen es ein schlecht geht und helfen manchmal eher wie ein Mensch.

  9. Jacilda Silva Oda says:

    A cada dia uma espécie de animais é aos poucos dizimados.
    Dos rios aos mares da Terra ao céu.
    Muito triste!! Mas felizmente tem muitas pessoas concientes da situação que lutam e ajudam amenizar tais situações de crueldades e descasos das Autoridades .

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